Tag Team Turmoil (Semi-Open Thread)

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Tag Team Turmoil (Semi-Open Thread)

Unread post by Devilish53 »

Semi-open threads are open to all to join, after messaging me or xalex. This isn't so that we can decline people, it's so that we can keep the thread in working order and ensure everyone knows what sorta thing we're hoping for.
Essentially, use this thread as a platform for getting your tag out, in a way that simple tag team matches can't. There is no limit on the length of the post, but please keep it to one post at least at first, with no reactions to other teams until towards the end. Tag teams only, unless its one person on behalf of a team.

In the centre of the LAW ring, after what was a rather lively and boisterous first half of the weekly show, laid two heavy-framed beauties, clad in outfits that left near enough nothing to the imagination. In one half of the ring, stood a mammoth of a woman; her blonde locks withheld within that ponytail, as her figure was hidden but barely beneath her signature blue bikini. Towering over her companion, said companion would find herself with microphone equipped to hand. Considerably smaller, yet perhaps just a shade bustier, Anna had opted to deem herself the speaker for the self titled tag known as 'Natural Selection,' as today, the duo opted for something rather daring.

Albeit, if all went well, it would not just be of their own benefit!

"I know I know..!" Anna gleamed, a little embarrassing that she went so far as to be so bold, as to claim time for herself and Samus before the LAW masses. "Your...Ahem...Resident jobber here, I know...But this time, I'm out here for a reason other than to simply lose!" Her at-first nervous look replaced by growing confidence, perhaps more than anything from simply bumping shoulders with the behemoth to her side, Anna's free hand held just above her great bust as if to add volume to her voice, as she spoke again.

"And this time...it'll be a reason I'm sure you'll all find entertaining. Namely, getting this tag division truly rolling!" Fist raised high as if to cheer for herself, Anna attempted to stop herself from digressing the moment she began to, as she put all focus on getting her words out.

"So here me and Samus are. We may not be much in the world of tag...what with only one loss to our name...but that doesn't mean we don't have heart!"

"Heart enough that we are declaring ourselves...ahem...the spokeswomen for the tag division! Or maybe even commissioners...managers? I don't know...but anyway! For those teams in the back who've been dying for a chance to prove themselves, be it with a speech or otherwise, me and Samus invite you out now!"

Turning her figure to the ramp, Anna opened her free arm wide, as if literally inviting anyone and everyone to join her. Albeit, when said teams were having their moment in the spotlight, Anna and Samus would be sat in the very corner of the ring, to ensure none of the focus was on them.

"Come on out here, and show us all why you're the top tag in LAW!"

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Re: Tag Team Turmoil (Semi-Open Thread)

Unread post by Highfly »

The tag team in the ring didn't have to wait long before a couple familiar faces arrived. No music accompanied them as their appearance wasn't planned but as soon as the crowd saw The Thundergirls arrive with mics in hand they roared with approval at the sight of Alaina and Tina. They waited a moment for the cheers to die down, and the younger Tina was the first to speak, stepping up while patting her middleweight title belt. "Ya see ladies we are here to talk about title worth, and unlike anyone else this team has already proven that it can support the weight of a gold belt." Tina said with a smile as the crowd cheered again.

Alaina stepped up, grinning as she held a mic up as well. "We were off to a rocky start as a team thanks to some foul play, Tina's inexperience and my own ring rust. Now that I'm back and Tina has clearly blossomed, realizing only part of her potential while continuing to get even better I think it is quite a safe bet that The Thundergirls are quite clearly the team to beat." Alaina said before looking over at Tina again.

"I couldn't agree more love. I would love to invite anyone out there to prove us wrong. We will face any team any time they like. We aren't exactly hard to find or to get hold of." Tina added with a chuckle as she stood there with Alaina, the Amazon and tigress backing in the cheers of the crowd.

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Re: Tag Team Turmoil (Semi-Open Thread)

Unread post by Caboose2.0 »

(Written by SubtleRoar)

Just as Tina's smarmy chuckle came to its terminus, a furious bull charge heralded the entrance of an all too familiar redhead. Clad in her traditional skull mask, spiked pads, cowskin jeans and bronze boots, She had been skulking around deep within the crowd throughout the entirety of Tina's long-winded speech, and finally decided it was time to emerge. Not too far behind, her cohort, Jen, bounded behind her with a sensual smirk stretching across her face as she, too made her grandiose appearance. Both women leapt overtop of the barricade separating the fans from the ring, standing near the outskirts of the filled arena while Jess snagged a mic from a nearby official.

"Yah see, Tina, that's a bigger load ah horse manure! I'm takin a look at yer scrawny waist, and I gotta tell yah, someone of yer diminutive stature wouldn't last ten seconds in the ring against a titanic twosome such as mahself and my lovely partner, here~" Shooting Jen a sensual wink, Jess promptly began to flex in an effort to brazenly display her taut, muscularly reinforced body.


(Written by Caboose2.0)

Jen smiled and clapped as Jess spoke. She thought the red head was so cool and hot! So, unable to keep her hands to herself, the slutty cowgirl would hug the woman from behind and start to grope her large rack. Jess was flexing at the time, too, which made her look even hotter to the super lewd, super sexy cow.

“Hehehehe! You tell em’ Jess! Ya’ll don’t stand a chance against tha two of us! We’re two of the toughest dames from the Lone Star State! So y’all better beware The Farmer's Daughters!!!” she’d shout while continuing to grope her teammate. “Here's some facts for all of y'all! We’re Texas tough! Dat means we’re three times tougher than ya’ll! FACT! And at least two times tougher than any other team! FACT! So…if we add our toughness together…we’re…um…five! Five times your level of toughness! FACT! Jen would say as she tried to use math to her and Jess’s benefit.

Sadly…Math wasn’t her strong suit. And that weakness showed as she tried to combine three and two. It was actually six times since Jen was multiplying, but it was the thought that counts. "And other than toughness! Jess's tits are a hundred times better than any of y'all's! That's a SUPER FACT! You doubt me? Check for yourself! Go ahead and fact check these tits!" the slutty cow declared as she stopped groping and started pointing at Jess's tits, instead.

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Re: Tag Team Turmoil (Semi-Open Thread)

Unread post by ADarlingDucky »

Things seemed to be heating up quite a bit at ringside, a few tag teams already gathered after the announcement made by Anna and Samus, with the teams gathering ringside quickly escalating things. This is how it usually went in LAW, so it was not very surprising that this had turned out much the same way, surely with much more chaos to follow in the coming moments. However, there was one team that were keen on leaping in and causing much more mischief themselves!

Appearing at the top of the ramp, the crowd let out a roar as a new duo soon made themselves noticed, as the Wings of Wrestling, the masked duo of Ducky and Swan, began to make their way down to the ring, mics in hand!
"Sorry to interrupt, but we heard that there was a discussion about tag teams, and the two of us figured that since the initial pitch was for the BEST team to come down, we might as well finally get out here."

"True, we're a bit late, but we finally made it out! But now the question on our minds is... what are the rest of you doing here?"

"I know that you'd all like to be included, but come on, in the ring, we're obviously the best! Plus, did you hear the crowd when we came out? Clearly, they're here to see us."

"So, we can wait until the tag belts come in to whip every other team here, or we can do it now, but at the end of the day, Swan and I are going to be standing tall no matter what!"

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Re: Tag Team Turmoil (Semi-Open Thread)

Unread post by Vcom7418 »

With the little, relatively friendly tag team showcase going on in the ring while Clara and Alice sat backstage, the two girls' eyes lit up, as they turned towards each other, saying:

"Let's go!!!", they would say to one another, rushing towards the gorilla position, as Clara quickly tried to put her mask on...

The duo would be out on the entrance ramp shortly after, the crowd popping quite good for the duo!

"Mwahahahahahahaha! Fools! No team here, none whatsoever, can stand to my might and that of my first general!", GASTER would exclaim to all the other teams in the ring as the duo made their way down the ramp:

"Wait...first gener----", Alice attempted to ask, confused, before her sister continued:

"We are undefeated! And we will remain as such until the end of time!", she finished, just as Alice, who rolled her eyes at Clara's roleplay, and the Shadow Lord herself, rolled into the ring...

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Re: Tag Team Turmoil (Semi-Open Thread)

Unread post by winner3 »

Natural Selection had taken the brave first step of addressing the LAW tag division. The pair showed initiative and leadership in their willingness to corral the other resident LAW tag teams. The undefeated (in singles competition) blonde bombshell, Samus stood menacingly as her smaller, more lovable, more vocal tag partner called out the fans as well as every tag team in the LAW locker room that night.

Much like each weight class and division at LAW, the tag teams would not be contained. There would come a time where every team in the league would need to vie for the right to be called the very best. The right to become LAW's tag champs! Any team that felt worthy was welcome to come forward. And no summit of this magnitude would be complete without LAW's premiere luchadora tag team: The SWAT Cats!
The SWAT Cats
The purple and green duo entered the arena and stood at the entrance ramp. Their presence was met with thunderous applause. Katherine Hart and Tracy Canon were all smiles and hugs, first with each other, and then with fans as they made their way down the ramp and towards the ring. Upon joining the entourage of tag teams, the production crew would hand both cat-themed girls mics with a sense of urgency.

"Ladies! Gentlemen! Other tag teams that we're gonna show up!" Tracy remarked as she looked around to see the competition they had in the vicinity. The audience reacted with approval and surprise. The showboat was quick to garner attention, not that they needed much more. Katherine was quick to cut in while many other wrestlers and fans were still focused on The Circus Cat's verbal jab.

"No no, not this time, Tracy." Kat said as she raised her microphone and wrapped an arm behind her partner's back and around her waist.

"We're gonna approach this a little differently...." The heavyweight's facial expression grew contemplative as she pieced together her next few words.

"You see, anyone - any team come out here and tell you that they're gonna be LAW's tag champs because they're the best. In some form or fashion, all you ladies have done exactly that. But the SWAT Cats - we're gonna approach things a bit differently. We could sit here and brag about our seniority. We could boast about being fan favorites or about having been undefeated for some time, but we're not going to do that."

"You see, I am to become a tag team champion at this company. And not just any old tag team champion. A tag champ alongside my best friend, my sister in arms, my PARTNER, Tracy Canon. Tracy's gonna kill me for this later, but I'm gonna air it out right here. Because these people need to know that our team's got heart. These ladies in this ring, the suits in the back. They need to know that The SWAT Cats have more heart, more drive, more will than all these other team's combined. Because Tracy and I don't fight alongside each other just because we love wrestling or because we love besting other teams in this ring. No no no."

"I have competed in tournaments and events at LAW. I have thrown down against Alaina Sanders. Against Erin Quinn. Against women that have actively been involved in the LAW title scene, but never for a title, myself. That's right. I have been actively avoiding championship tournaments and avoiding championships in general because before I get my hands on any gold at this company, I will make sure that I win gold alongside my protege and best friend because our bond simply means that much to me...."

A short pause for applause came almost immediately as Katherine's voice grew higher and Tracy tried to hide her face.

"So whether you've been around for a while and squared off with us, like the Thundergirls or the Imperial Russian Empire, or you're off to a hot start like the Wings of Wrestling or those two crazed petite girls that came out before us. Or whether you're the new kid on the block like the farmer's daughter, or yes, even if you're the nicest girl on the roster like Anna Harris...."

"The SWAT Cats will test their coordination, their teamwork, their bond against you. And we WILL overcome. We WILL succeed. And we WILL become the face of this division. Because Tracy Canon and Katherine Hart laser-focused on becoming THE definitive LAW Tag Team Champs!"

As Kat finished up, Tracy hugged her from behind. The redhead was holding back cheers, but she staved them off to raise her partner's hand. Fire and life returned to the eyes of the SWAT Cats, and Katherine's promo echoed resolve and passion that resonated with the both of them, as well as many of the fans in attendance - and hopefully, it put all these other teams on clear notice.
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Re: Tag Team Turmoil (Semi-Open Thread)

Unread post by TheManVan »

There was all this talk about tag teams and yet the most feared duo in LAW had yet to make their appearance. The Rebellion's theme song began to play as the arena was on edge for the women with violent tendencies that were only matched by their foul attitudes as they appeared in the audience down the rows as the fans were sure to saw out of their way, the two women had foul attitudes that they were not hesitant to unleash on anyone who got in their way. The two of them were not going to grace the other tag teams with their dreadful presences, that would incline that they were equals.


There was no one in the gathering held their respect in such a topic.

"You women talk about accolades and intangible reasons to why you lot deserve to be called Champions. That your hard work and effort will pay off in the end as you stand above everyone with those belts above your heads. Smiles and fanfare waiting for you like some kind of dream. But this isn't a fairy tale, this isn't a dream." she sneered out.

"This is a nightmare. Where WE conquer all. You can talk about being here before others, you can make a list of who've you beaten, and you can talk all you want about how these vermin love you! But WE have beaten those who came before us. Any list of victories that any of you have, WE have dozens. And WE have taken heroes in America and Europe and put them into the ground."

Her and Angela were never known to be the best of friends, but after battling each other across the globe, she knew exactly how her partner felt. Those Championship Belts belonged to them. They set out to plunder and pillage Japan of all of it's glory and they were going to start with LAW.

"Angela and I may never see eye to eye. But we're damn certain that we're not going to let any you think that those titles belong to you. They belong to us. And we have no problem putting each and every one of you into the dirt to prove it."

(From Jalter)

Angela wasn't exactly sure what this whole affair was about, if it was as Sarah had suggested that the tag teams was just blowing smoke and pretending to be hot shit then of course Angela figured that someone shoudl go down there and teach them a lesson or two, but it didn't seem like that was the only reason. If it had to do with titles or crap, Angela was never one to care too much about it, but heck. Champs made more money, and more money meant that maybe she could get something fancy, like a new bike.

Of course, the crowd knew them on sound alone, they were infamous at this point. The heel tag team that had spread terror whenever they stepped into the ring together. Of course, there was no need to speak as she walked out with Sarah, her tag partner handled the talk at first as Angela simply stood behind her, her side turned towards the rest as she had a cigarette in her mouth, resting on her lips as she let the smoke trail up in front of her face.

Her rival and tag partner was quick to start to chat it out, talking about how none of them deserved what they were talking about, how they were just fodder ready for the taking. Angela took a deep inhale of her deatstick as she would then turn to face the crowd and walk up right next to Sarah. " Yeah." Angela spoke out as she would then flick away the lit fag towards the crowd, hitting a poor bloke in the forehead which had him recoil in surprise.

" First of, if I recall correctly your middle weight champion got whopped by us, along with one of your best heavyweights. As I see it, you're all in for one thing. An inferno. Cause hell has come for you in the form of Rebellion." Angela spoke out as she would look over towards Sarah, giving her tag partner a pat on the shoulder, before she would step back and bring out another cigarette and light it up. Saying what was left to be said before finishing off the statement of the Rebellion.
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Re: Tag Team Turmoil (Semi-Open Thread)

Unread post by Luncha_Libre »

Backstage, Holly Matheson and Gemma Faraday were readying themselves for a photo shoot. The buxom British Bombshells weren't the most distinguished group on the roster, but they'd been hustling hard to get their names out there, to make certain that the fans knew who they were, and that tag team wrestling was a dedicated factor in LAW's burgeoning operation. With the two of them sitting around backstage, however, they didn't look quite professional. Gemma Faraday was glued to her phone, retweeting messages of support from her fans. Holly Matheson was talking with her partner, the masked luchador Blanco Sombre, about their plans for the night. However, when Anna and Samus took to the ring and picked up a mic to call out the tag division, both women shot to attention. Gemma dropped her phone. Holly planted a palm over Blanco's face, pushing him away. They listened in rapt attention to the first teams to come out and make their presence known.

Then, finally, Gemma realized what they needed to do. Gemma shot up straight, grabbing Holly by the arm and yanking her to her feet. The production team seemed shocked, the two young women not exaclty being the sort to be up to heading to ringside and make big claims. Still, they went. Gemma was already in her ring gear, dressing in her skimpy steampunk attire for everything from in-ring work to grocery shopping. Holly, meanwhile, peeled off her tight black stockings, then peeled off her long black supergirl graphic tee, allowing her ample breasts to come popping out. Blanco Sombre helped her to squeeze into her white wrestling singlet, while Gemma secured a pair of live microphones, ready to charge the arena!

When ready, Gemma and Holly would wait in the gorilla position until they had an opening. Then, they would explode onto the entrance ramp! The crowd cheered as the familiar young faces emerged onto the entrance ramp. Gemma and Holly greeted those cheers with wide smiles and enthusiastic waves, a mic in each woman's hand. Gemma reached out with her free hand, flexing her bicep. Holly reached out in kind, the two women flexing their arms into a heart shape intertwined with one another.

"Don't let us sit this one out, now!" Gemma said, "You can't have women's tag team wrestling without the British Bomshells, now!" Gemma smiled wide for the fans, drawing a cheer from their many admirers.

"That's right, luv!" Holly said, giving the fans a wink. "An' I can't think of any better team to represent women's tag team wrestling than the two of us!"

"Too true, Holly!" Gemma agreed. "I hear a lot of these gels braggin' about never bein' defeated, 'bout never having lost, but that's not what makes you tough!"

"No it is not!" Holly agreed. "Bein' tough is about getting taken down ... and then getting right back up again! And nobody in all of professional wrestling, British, LAW or otherwise, has proven as willing to get back up again as the British Bombshells!"

"Sometimes beaten," Gemma said, "never defeated!"

"So true, luv! So if you ladies think you can step up and prove yourselves the top of the tag team division, you're welcome to try and take the two of us down. You won't break us, no matter how many have tried- we're just too tough, loves!"

"Right on!" Gemma agreed, stepping forward and encouraging the fan cheers that were emerging along with Holly. "So come along- try to prove you're as tough as the two of us, ready to take anything and everything the world can dish out, and come right back to the ring swingin!" After that, Gemma spiked her mic into the entrance ramp. She got on her haunches, leaning forward and challenging anyone to come in and attack. Holly responded by stepping back, taking a low stance like her partner, but keeping her mic in hand in case she needed to say anything for the fans. The crowd cheered as the British Bombshells challenged anyone to come forward, inviting whatever swings might come their way on the entrance ramp!
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Re: Tag Team Turmoil (Semi-Open Thread)

Unread post by PrinceArjuna332 »

"Noisy bunches, aren't they?" Megumi asked her best friend, Chigusa, as they listened to the shindig currently happening in the arena.

"Well, it's supposed to be a huge deal, so... why not?" Chigusa said, nudging at Megumi, who then shrugged.

Both former Wrestle Angels and best friends decided that they might as well make their presence known as entrance theme of Megumi Mutoh was played. Both beauties made their way down the ramp, and the two of them were in their wrestling outfits. Due to how high-profiled these two were, the crowd filled the arena with thunderous cheers.
Both the members of the team Valkyrie Troupe then stopped at the ramp. Megumi was holding a microphone, and she decided to do a little bit of teasing to the crowd by bringing the device to her mouth, and was about to say something before stopping herself. And then, she said, "So, this is the part where the two of us ramble about why we're the best and stuff, right? I mean... well, it's kind of hard to deny, considering that it's me," she said, once again letting her own boastful side resurface.

"Don't forget me too~" Chigusa said cheerfully, leaning to the microphone that Megumi was holding.

But they were not here to make a comedy routine, so Megumi then took a serious expression as she continued, "So, it's good that some girls are claiming to be the most worthy of being the tag-team champions. Yeah, I can understand that. It's good for competition. But..." She held out a finger. "Just so you know... you can't be the best if you're not us. You can't claim to be the most worthy of the title if you can't fight on our level. So, please don't forget what to expect if you are aiming to be the best tag-team, because that's spot taken~"

Just as quickly as they came, both Megumi and Chigusa made a quick retreat back to backstage before other teams could confront them. This wasn't their first time doing this kind of promo, so they thought this should be enough for now. If they wanted to prove their worth, then they could do it in the ring.

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Re: Tag Team Turmoil (Semi-Open Thread)

Unread post by Devilish53 »

Watching all the while, not even bothering to whisper to Samus given she was completely lost in the speeches of each and every set of beauties that came in, it was only as Megumi and Chigusa made their hefty pace to the back that Anna finally broke her statue-like pose.

"W..Woa...what a outcome...turnout..even.." She'd smile, one growing as the seconds passed, as she registered the fact that her and Samus had just somewhat summoned every major tag within the world of LAW.

Eyes soon enough rolling around the ring, fully taking in each and every tag team before her, Anna could barely comprehend the competition. First to join her and Samus were perhaps the only tag within LAW the duo had a prior run in with; with Alaina and Tina still standing tall and mighty as Anna shared a grin with the duo who held a win over Natural Selection.

Following on came the curvy duo of Jen and Jess; two women who practically filled the ring with their busts alone, and whom obviously shared something between one another beyond a simple tag partnership. Given the words of Jessica, and the energy of Jen, it was hard not to feel a little fear when gazing upon the duo. They effectively looked to be a upgraded version of Natural Selection themselves...

Before that fear could have built and spurred a reaction from Anna though, another team filled to the brim with energy, in the form of two masked clad beauties, joined the group rapidly amassing in the ring. And not unlike the four women before, confidence was abound in the Wings of Wrestling. Finally opting to break the silence that had begun after she finished her challenge, Anna stepped forward with mouth agape, clearly finding some issue with that teasing of every other team, before yet another duo emerged from backstage!

Mouth staying agape as she swung around her head, it seemed every form of duo was intent on joining them. First, serious, hardy amazonian women. Then, busty cowgirls, soon after with luchadores joining. And now, Shadow Lords and first generals!

"Just..what is..."

Almost rolling her eyes as she was interrupted again, this time seemingly by the Wings of Wrestling with their curves turned up past maximum, Tracey and Kat would be given quite the scowl by the increasingly wary Anna, as the Swat Cats soon joined the rabble inside the ring. Any effort by Anna to continue her roar at the Shadow Lord and First General, whom interrupted a roar at the Wings Of Wrestling and so on, would be utterly diminished, as Kat went on something of a hefty tirade in effort to cement themselves as the prime tag. When the duo were finally done, with a hefty boob-hug from Tracey to Kat as their sign off, Anna didn't even bother as to open her mouth again, before the massive group turned a shade more massive.

And with it, a little darker.

With the positive mood somewhat wrenched and torn by the arrival of the Rebellion, Anna found herself stepping just a little backwards, almost hiding one half of her frame behind the hulking Samus, as Angela and Sarah showed no interest in making friends. Sparking a more hostile environment, with Anna's eyes even rolling around the ring to see if the chances of a fight were indeed rising, the penultimate duo for the evening would break that awkward silence left by Angela's roar, with quite the entrance.

The ramp almost setting a flame, two curvy beauties and then some appeared atop the ramp with grins that filled the arena. Watching as the British Bombshells gave their own variant of a challenge, one both cocky yet positive, Anna's eyes would stay latched to the duo as they stayed atop the ramp, seemingly uninterested in joining the masses in the ring nor in participating directly in the violence that was becoming more and more likely. Curiously looking around to see if anyone would indeed take up their offer, or perhaps outright leave the ring to face them, the final team for the evening emerged.

With a perfect balance of confidence yet humbleness, the teams in-ring would but watch as with a flash, the Valkryie Troupe both laid down their own response, and left. And Anna, was left with mouth agape.

Something about the Troupe said that they'd be the final team for the evening. The ring was certainly filled enough. And with the Shadow Lord and her first general outside the ring, and the British Bombshells at the very top, the LAW arena right now as the picture perfect summary of the tag division.

Regardless of what went on here, Anna figured that the tag division had its main competitors laid out before the world.

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