The Ladies of LAW Calendar

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The Ladies of LAW Calendar

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This thread will function as a LAW calendar, featuring a different LAW wrestler (or team) each month with facts and details about them, as well as a brief RP conversation detailing the photoshoot and interview involved with each entry. Featured wrestlers are picked randomly each month from a list of those interested. PM me if you would like your character to be added to the running!

January: The British Bunnies
February: Katherine Hart
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Re: The Ladies of LAW Calendar

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The Interview
The stage was set in the LAW offices, as shooting had begun for the first edition of the Ladies of LAW calendar - and to ring in what would hopefully become a long-running tradition, the photographers and reporters of LAW Magazine had brought in not just one participant, but two. The two-sister tag team of Chelsea and Molly Forster, the British Bunnies, had agreed to the shoot - and now they stood in front of a backdrop depicting clear summer skies over an idyllic beach, with photographers setting up their cameras all around them. In keeping with the scene, they were dressed in color-coordinated bikinis, Chelsea’s black with blue stripes and Molly’s red with yellow. And, as typical of the two sisters, Molly was the more enthusiastic of the two.

She turned to Chelsea with a grin on her face, patting her on the shoulder while she leaned in against her side. ”I can’t believe it, we’re gonna be the first!”

”Eh, dun go droppin’ out of school, Moll,” Chelsea replied. Ye can’t juss go off gettin’ people ter look at ye prancin’ around in ye smalls forever, like. I mean, you’ve done a fair job o’ dat already…”

”Are you just jealous I got a job before you?” She giggled, playfully elbowing Chelsea’s side.

”Ay am not! An’ this ‘cosplay’ thin’ isn’t even a job anyway!”

”They still paid me for it!”


Given the two girls were arguing in English, most of the photographers had no idea what they were saying - let alone with Chelsea’s impenetrable accent. They looked at each other baffled, unsure what to say or do. Just as confused was LAW Magazine interviewer Takeda Ryoshi, who heard the conversation as he proceeded down the hall to the studio. He did, however, stop in his tracks as he saw the two slender yet toned bikini-clad blondes in front of him. Takeda had interviewed Chelsea before (through Molly’s interpretation, leaving her looking much nicer than she really was) for the magazine, but he’d never seen them like...this. ”...O-Oh.”

Molly recognized him, one way or another. She looked over at him, hopping up and waving her hand in the air. Effortlessly and naturally, her speech switched over to fluent Japanese. ”Oh! Ryoshi-san! Nice to see you again, how have you been?”

Takeda was unprepared to be met with such enthusiasm from his subjects; he didn’t expect Molly to have remembered him, especially when she was only there as a translator and not the subject of the interview. But he’d underestimated how happy Molly was to be a part of LAW, as well as how much she took the opportunity to strengthen her role in the company in stride. ”I...uh, I’ve been fine, thanks...I guess.”

Molly giggled, causing Chelsea to roll her eyes. ”It’s juss ‘is job, y’know.”

”I can still be nice! Alright, shall we begin?”

A director stood up from the back of the rows of crew members. ”Yeah, let’s get started. Chelsea, Molly, into position, like we’ve talked about. Lights, over there.”

Molly was quick to relay that to her sister, and they were soon in place for the shoot. Both girls were side by side, bent over forward at the waist to lean in toward the camera. Chelsea turned her head to the side with a smirk, placing one hand behind her head while she threw the other around Molly’s shoulder. Reflecting her more upbeat personality, Molly flashed the brightest grin she could, while one arm was wrapped around Chelsea’s waist to pull her in closer and her other arm shot up a peace sign. Soon after, the camera flashes started to go off.

”Good! Good. Real cute, Molly, hold that. Hey, Ryoshi, you getting this?”

”What? Oh-!” It was at that point that Takeda cleared his throat and wiped his glasses. He had been staring off vacuously toward the Forster sisters, and in the process he had forgotten he was supposed to be here to ask them a few questions to accompany their picture. Stepping in closer, he took out a pad and paper, turning to Molly. ”I know I asked your sister a lot last time…”

”Yep yep!”

”So, just to review what we can use here. Chelsea wanted to go into music before landing a career on the indie wrestling scene when she couldn’t get a job? And you were a professional cosplayer before she decided to train you?”

”That’s right!” Molly nodded to him.

”I also know that you mentioned being in Japan as an exchange student. You’d be closing in on the end of your school year by now, right? Do you plan on staying?”

”Originally, I was probably going back to England. But I love it here so much, and I’ve met so many friends...not to mention how much fun I’ve had here in LAW, and how much I feel my career can grow from here, I’d like to stay in Japan as long as I can. I’ve been looking into colleges in Tokyo, and if worst comes to worst I’m sure we could use the LAW dorms.”

”So, can you ask Chelsea about her hopes for the future?”

Molly turned to her sister, relaying the question in English. Soon after, Chelsea responded. ”Wha’, it’s not obvious, like? Wanna teach all deez bunch’a divvies a thin’ er two about ‘ow we play! I wanna crush a few ‘eads, and if I come away wi’ some shiny belt by de end o’ it, all de better!”

”She wants to prove that she’s a capable competitor, and to maybe win a championship,” Molly replied in Japanese.

”And you, Molly?”

”Well, I’m just happy to be here, so I want to keep that up!”

”Chelsea, I know you said that you considered your match against the Carnival Girls at We Are LAW 2020 the highlight of your career. Would you still say that?”

”Quite! I mean, not much ‘as changed. I ‘avent ‘ad too many matches since...probably because everyone’s too afraid a’ me, like!”

”She does,” Molly answered. ”We haven’t had a lot of matches since then, but it’s still a highlight anyway. It’s one for me, too! But if I had to pick my favorite moment, it would probably be Chelsea’s first match against Shaina Nakoto that kicked off the feud. She...went hard on her, I’ll admit. Maybe too hard. But when the other Carnival Girls showed up at the end, that was when I got to reveal that I was more than just a manager, and to show my true skills to the world. That was something I won’t forget! I mean, a lot of people booed us, but...still, it was something, right?”

”All right. Well, that should just about wrap things up. One last question, for the both of you. Can you each tell us one interesting fact about yourself?”

”I’m a big fan of anime, and I have been since I was young,” Molly said. ”I still try to keep up with every new release.” She looked over at Chelsea, and that was when a thought brewed in her head. She was about to relay the question to her again - but that was when Molly realized that since she was communicating in a language Chelsea didn’t speak, she could hide from her in plain sight. ”Actually...don’t tell Chelsea I said this. But her biggest frustration is how I’ve been more successful in life than her even though I’m younger. I was the first to get a job, and even now, I’m more popular in LAW. I’ve heard her gripe about that, but she doesn’t want anyone to know.” She added that with a wink at Takeda - one that made the interviewer gulp as his heart skipped a beat.

”Wha’s this about, Molly?” Chelsea added, turning back to her sister with a stink eye.

”Ohh, nothing. It’s nothing.”

”Hm. Wha’ever.”

”In any case, that concludes our shoot. Thanks for agreeing to make it out here today.”

”No problem!” Molly shot up a peace sign. ”And good luck!”
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 5’6
  • Weight: 116 lbs.
  • Finishing Move: Slingshot Meteora
  • Career Highlight: Facing the Carnival Girls at We Are LAW 2020
  • Career Aspirations: To prove herself capable, and to hold a championship at some point.
  • Secretly struggles with feelings of inadequacy being less popular than her sister.

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Re: The Ladies of LAW Calendar

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The Interview
As the photo studio was cleared, and the photographers got into place to set things up for the next shoot, Takeda Ryoshi rubbed his head. His thoughts still hadn't left his meeting with the British Bunnies, and he needed to grab a glass of icewater from the catering table to recenter himself, as well as cleanse his throat in preparation for the next interview he'd conduct. After he straightened himself, he reconvened with the lead photographer. "Alright, who do we have next?"

"Kat Hart, Mr. Ryoshi."

"Huh? The...the tag champion? She' this too?"

"She volunteered for it when your boss sent out the call, sir. She was actually one of the first."

"A-Ah, well..!" At this, Takeda had to go back for more water, if only to occupy his thoughts. His plan wouldn't end up working very well, considering this would leave him alone with his thoughts - and all he could think about was to be in the presence of Kat Hart herself! Her presence in the wrestling world was something that made him feel small - not to mention her physique and figure, which were both making Takeda feel light-headed at the thought of. Still, he had to be ready for when she arrived...
Having just finished posing for the cameras, Kat had stepped off the set with the lightest coat of perspiration accentuating every curve and muscle on her frame. Taking pictures with her belt and in and getting creative with the poses certainly helped her work up a light sweat. The harsh rays from the lighting equipment and the form-fitting slingkini certainly didn't help the tag champ keep a low profile, not that she ever tried to. Every head in the vicinity her way from the moment she had shown up to the photoshoot till the moment she had set foot off stage to meet interviewer Takeda Ryoshi.

The masked woman would casually walk to the man with a bit of a strut in her step and her championship belt over her shoulder.

"Mr. Ryoshi, right? Pleased to meet you! The agent told me you'd be interviewing me pretty much right after the photoshoot so I figured we just jump right into it. I generally try to be casual and personable with everyone that works for this company, from caterers to custodians. I hope you don't mind if I'm a little loose and candid with you." Kat would say as she reached for the man's hand and walked over a few steps to the nearest set of chairs. She'd sit down and pat the seat next to her in the hopes that Takeda would do the same.

As soon as Kat entered the studio, there was only one thing that crossed Takeda's mind. And that thought could be summed up with the word "wow." From the moment she stepped in, he had turned to her with rapt attention. A blush rose to his cheeks, and his glasses began to slip down his nose, but he couldn't be bothered to push them back into place. He was, after all, enthralled by the sight before him! He had never imagined, ever since he had signed up for the staff of LAW Magazine, that he would ever be this close to a star as big as Kat Hart. Let alone while she was...wearing so little.

Takeda was in such a daze that much of the photoshoot went by without him noticing, and he didn't realize how much time had passed until one of his coworkers bumped him on the shoulder. "Hey...Takeda? You okay?"

"Oh-! Oh, I...yeah, I'm fine." Takeda fixed his glasses and cleared his throat, looking up to see that the photoshoot had already ended. Had he really lost track of the time? But it was then he realized that not only was Kat stepping down from the stage...she was coming straight toward him! The blood rose in his face, and his heart thumped in his chest. What was he going to do now? He had to act professional about it. He was sent here as an interviewer, and he needed to do his job well. He just hoped that he hadn't already made himself look like a fool - or at least that Kat hadn't noticed. "Yeah, let's...sit down, shall we?"

Takeda sat down as indicated, flipping to a new page of his notepad and clearing his throat again. "Yes, it's...well, we really do appreciate your commitment to being open and available to us here at LAW, Ms. Hart. I understand that your fans are very important to you. Since this is going out to them, the fans-" Takeda almost felt jealous saying that, "is there anything in particular you would like them to know? This is your chance to tell them whatever you'd like. How you feel about them, what you want to know. That."

Takeda's more than whelmed state did not escape the notice of his co-workers, nor did it escape the eyes of Katherine. But a veteran like her knew that she ought not to call attention to it. Not while the man was working and doing what he could to bring a big scoop back to his editorial board and the press.

No, she'd try an help him push past it. At the very least, the legendary luchadora would do what she could to help. She led him to a seat and she gave the man the few seconds he needed to compose himself.

"Take your time, hun." Kat said as Ryoshi flipped through his notes.

Kat got comfortable. She reclined only slightly, but kept her back straight. She bore the posture and air of someone deserving of her name, her notoriety, her belt. She listened carefully as Ryoshi posed his question.

"Let's see, anything I'd like the fans to know? That's a good, fair, open ended question. You've probably been doing this interview thing for a while, haven't you, Takeda?" Kat would ask him rhetorically with a wink. She'd lean forwards to offer a proper answer.

"Well first off, I want to thank the fans for supporting us as a company and us wrestlers to make things like this LAW Calendar possible! I believe you heard that I was one of the first to step up to participate. I find photoshoots like this empowering and I doing what I can to put myself at the front and center to represent this company and to be the face of LAW and my generation of wrestlers. I think all the women participating are doing something really cool and I look forward to continuing to do what I can to put this company on the map and to inspire more women to be fans of pro wrestling and to get into the business of becoming pro wrestlers, themselves. I want people to enjoy wrestling. And I want to inspire my competition to enjoy this sport and to continue pushing themselves, myself, and everyone to be the best they can be." Kat would finish up by nodding. She'd lift her index finger to motion that she had more to add.

"I hope you don't mind if I hijack your question real quick so that I can add just a little bit more. See, I've been at this a long time I've been wrestling at LAW a long time. I've gotten the 'Chatty Kathy' remark more than a few times. I don't mind, it's totally deserved but there is something I should point out."

"See, I've cut a ton of promos. More than a lot of women with my tenure. Anyone that's been closely following my career already knows about everything I just told you. From the fact that myself and the SWAT Cats are out to elevate these tag titles and our tag division by issuing open challenges and having our tag teams rise to the occasion, to the fact that myself and my tag partners Tracy and Aurora are working overtime with these events, the photoshoots, the autograph signings, the interviews, the new lines of merch, all because we want to continue being model champions and connect with the fans in every way possible. And that's on top of the time we spend training to stay at the top of our game."

"But I'd be doing you and the fans a disservice if I didn't tell you something in this interview that I haven't mentioned to the fans or in promos or at functions and events. So here's something that I'll share with you that I want the fans to know. Something that I haven't announced yet." Kat would adjust her slingkini. She was vigilant about her gesturing not accidentally causing a wardrobe malfunction.

"I, Katherine Hart, The Super Kitty, am fully dedicated to taking tag team wrestling at LAW to the next level. But one day, it'll be time to step into other divisions outside the tag division. We've all seen the promo package of all different kinds of LAW women and wrestlers talk about how they're gonna stake their claim to be the inaugural LAW World Openweight Champion. I had a promo in there, myself. But my ultimate goal is to go even beyond that. I'm going to prove to LAW and the world that I can cement an unshakeable legacy at this company. I'm going to become one of the all time greats and etch my name in history because The Super Kitty is officially announcing that she's going to become LAW's first Grand Slam Champion. That's right, I'm going to climb all the mountaintops. We started the tag division and we'll be aiming for the others. Someday I'm going to chase the heavyweight title, the world titles and whatever other belt I need to complete the quartet and go down in history as a Grand Slam Champ. Someone with a legacy that both fans and wrestlers alike can be proud of and follow." Kat would finish, while patting her belt, seemingly content to have gotten all that off her chest.

"So, Ryoshi. Any further questions?"

"T-Thanks," Takeda muttered curtly to Kat as he settled into his seat, taking out a pen and touching it to the clean page. He cleared his throat again, trying to focus himself, then looked back at Kat out of the corner of his eye, blushed hard again, and let his gaze linger. Anxiously, he tapped the tip of his pencil to the paper a few times. She was being awfully friendly with him, he thought to, he had to focus! He had an interview to conduct, and the company needed information they could use to accompany Kat's entry! Part of him wondered if anyone would be looking at that when it was placed beside her photo...but he still had a job to do!

"Ah, that's a really selfless endeavor from you, Ms. Hart," Takeda eventually continued as he cleared his throat again. He jotted down some notes on his pad; it certainly didn't hurt that the act of it was keeping his thoughts off of other matters. Just as he was about to ask the next question, however, Kat spoke up again, and his pencil hung in the air as he balanced it between his fingers, waiting on her word. His eyes went wide as she continued - and he bit down on his tongue as she fiddled with her swimsuit. As tempted as he was to stare, she was about to drop a bomb. And if he missed that, his superiors wouldn't be pleased.

Turning back to his notes, he wrote down what Kat had to say. "The...Grand Slam Champion! Impressive! That would be a big moment in history for LAW - but from the sounds of it, that's something you've got no qualms about doing! Now, we've talked about your aspirations for your career going forward, but what about looking back? What would you say was your favorite match in LAW so far? And which of your opponents was the biggest challenge?"

Some wrestlers might have grown cross with how easily Ryoshi became distracted. But Kat was sympathetic. She knew that interviewing fit female wrestlers in their prime, just after a calendar photoshoot couldn't have been easy for any man. Hart had hoped that her pension for carrying conversation would lend itself to making things easier for Ryoshi. She nodded as Ryoshi responded and flipped through his notes and jotted the Cliffs Notes of her response down. With her usual confident smile still beaming, she kept her back straight and her chest puffed out as she sat up on her chair, waiting to see if Ryoshi had more to say. And thankfully, he did!

Kat nodded contemplatively when she heard the man speak of looking towards the past. She'd recline and exhale deeply through her puckered lips. Not out of frustration or anything, but because something had just dawned on her. Kat would bring her free hand behind her head, her nearly naked breast was now on full view, unobscured by her arm. She looked up as she pondered Ryoshi's words.

"Yet another....very good question..."

"The way I've always gone about my career was to look ahead. Always forward. Never back. By planning my next move, digging deep, and working towards it, I could always produce results. For myself, for the fans, my colleagues. I really don't take much time to just reminisce. At least not casually, and not often. So really, I appreciate you asking, Ryoshi!." Kat would bring her hand from behind her head to her chin as she thought this through.

"My favorite matches? My biggest challenges? I've wrestled women of all shapes and sizes at this company. If I had to say what my biggest challenge is, I'd have to say it's the target on my back that's only grown bigger the longer I've wrestled here. What I mean is, from the moment I signed with LAW, everyone expected me to do great things. I was being called a prospective future champion from day 1. And I don't mean that as a 'suffering from success', 'woe is me' self pity party. I mean that I had women gunning for me literally from day 1. I've been attacked in the ring, like any other wrestler. But I've also been attacked, jumped, and ambushed backstage, in the locker room, in the parking lot, in the gym, at the laundromat a few blocks down, even in My. Own. Home." Kat would lean forward. She spoke a bit more seriously.

"And I've generally not been the one standing tall. When I've been stabbed in the back or swung at from behind. If it didn't bother me, I'd joke about it. I'd probably be a terrible Lawless Champion. Everyone and their mother wants a piece of me. I try to be genuine with everyone. But somehow it's earned me just as many enemies as it has allies. And the fact that I can't seem to go a month without a woman who's making a name for herself trying to go for my throat, even if meant jumping me in the locker room for street cred at LAW? I find that to be my biggest challenge."

Her smile would return to her face moments after she let that last blurb sit out there. Kat would attempt to transition to the other part of Takeda's question.

"As for my favorite match? I don't mean to punk out and avoid giving you a straight answer. But it really is hard to pick just one. I've enjoyed lots of matches and rivalries. Even some of the arduous one. Even against some ladies who've outright tried to steal matches from me. I can respect women like Dana Ashford and Natasha Rostovik as long as they don't cross certain lines. If I had to write out a list of my favorite matches, it would have to include my match against Ducky Williams, she's got a spark in her. There's really something to her rise to popularity at LAW. That list would include my matches against The Imperial Russian Empire. One of LAW's earliest tag team rivalries. They're character, the both of them. Natasha and Valentina. But I think in their own sort of whacky, cartoony way, they mean well. Even if they're bent on bending the rules. I've enjoyed my matches with Alaina Sanders. We have a rivalry going on. We're one and one. You won't find wrestlers as tough and strong as her. If you ask me, she's every bit the bodybuilder that she is a wrestler. I've given up trying to go toe to toe with her in power. I won't outmuscle her, but I can certainly outwrestle her. And I proved that in my second match against Alaina. Wrestling Silvers Abreau is always fun. Ah there I go being all indecisive when it comes to the sentimental things and memories, hehehe! It really is hard for me to choose just one, heheheh." Kat would giggle genuinely. Despite her difficulty with answering, she very much did seem to be enjoying the interview!

Takeda blushed a little harder as he heard Kat compliment him on his questions. He didn't see himself as being exactly the pinnacle of journalists, and he was just asking the kinds of questions because he thought that his employers would appreciate them. Really, it was to Kat's credit that she was able to put forth such in-depth and insightful responses. As he waited on her response, he looked back at her, his eyes briefly resting on her curves and causing his cheeks to flare up hotter and brighter. It was a moment later, as Kat began to speak, that he realized he needed to get to work, and he frantically began scribbling down everything he could hear from her that he felt was relevant. She had a lot to say, after all, and he needed to be there to catch it.

As he jotted down notes, Takeda occasionally nodded, mentioning the odd "alright" or "yeah" to confirm what he was hearing. He paused for a moment as he heard Kat thank him, and something stirred in the pit of his stomach, enough to make his penmanship waver to the point where the note he was writing would prove indecipherable. Kat Hart, the one and only Super Kitty...was really speaking to him personally. That alone meant something.

But as she went on to discuss the hardships she'd faced in LAW, he stopped to consider what he was hearing. He had always seen Kat as a top competitor in her division and beyond, and as someone who wouldn't have anything to fear. Yet, now he saw that she had to fight her way to the top, against all kinds of competition and without a break - and she'd still come out on top. That...was something he had to admire.

"Thank you very much, Ms. Hart. Yeah, we'll definitely have a lot to talk about there...but your dedication really shows. It's no wonder so many people, in LAW and beyond, look up to you. You've shown yourself to be a true inspirational figure we can all count on, and for that...I at LAW Magazine salute you." He grinned, writing down similar notes as she continued to list her favorite opponents. Once he had gotten that down, Takeda looked back up. "Well, we've talked about Kat Hart, the wrestler. If you don't mind...I'd like to know a little more about Kat Hart, the person. In your spare time, what's something you enjoy doing? Or just any fact about you you'd like to share?"

True to her word, the busty, beautiful, talented luchadora had gone out of her way to make a connection here. Most wrestlers would regard paparazzi, journalist, and other wrestling news workers as simple news outlets. A platform to get their message out there. A tool to push their reputation and their image. A means to an end. Yet as Kat sat with Ryoshi and waxed poetic about her memories in the ring and in the business, she had done so in a way that showed her love for the business and the people in it. She had done so in a way that showed that she cared about Ryoshi's efforts in showing up and conducting this interview just as much as she cared about the details of this Q&A becoming public for the fans.

Kat had made wholehearted attempts to give Ryoshi material he could use that would impress the higher ups and the fans. And in doing so, The Super Kitty was able to get across to the man what it was about her that earned her the "Super" moniker. Why her signature mask and valiant personality earned her legions of fans throughout her storied career. How her signature mask, in-ring talents and technical ability, along with her toned, defined curvaceous frame helped round her out as the complete package for a wrestler that was poised to succeed. And how it didn't seem to go to her head, but rather the opposite! Kat sought to inspire others to express their love of the sport in whatever way they knew how. It was all coming together in this interview. And Ryoshi's reaction, his grin and his genuine praise, was all a testament to that!

The man's salute had Kat grinning from ear to ear. She'd place a hand on his shoulder and answer him.

"That means everything to me. To hear that praise you, from fans, from others who strive to give back to pro wrestling and to LAW. Really, Takeda. Thank you." Hart would say as she made she contact with the interviewer to bring her point home.

"You've earned props from me, as well! You're interviewing all the ladies that LAW's got lined up for this photoshoot, right? I have to imagine that this is a workload in it's own right. And that not everyone is this cooperative or insightful. So if it helps you and if it impressed the bigwigs back at the office, I'm happy to help just by being myself!" Kat would told her head to the side slightly and grin with her teeth on display and her eyes closed. She'd lean back in her chair in preparation for the next question.

"Let's see, facts about me? You wanna get to know Kat Hart the person, not just Kat Hart the wrestler. I appreciate how you phrased that. You can imagine how many wrestlers are out to unmask me and how many folks want to know what The Super Kitty is like beneath the mask...." Kat would close her eyes and bring her index finger to under her chin as she thought this one through.

"Well here's a fun one! I think if you follow me really closely, you might know this one already. But if you've only seen me at LAW, you likely wouldn't know this but...." Kat would lean forwards. She'd curl her fingers to beckon Ryoshi to to come closer. Kat looked left and right to make sure no one was listening in. For a moment, she forgot how much the poor guy struggled around bodacious and attractive women. She'd curl her hand around his ear to whisper to him. Her blonde hair would brush against the side of his face as she let him in on a secret.

" a sucker for most snack. My favorites are Oreos." Kat would lean back and snicker a bit before she continued.

"I once had a grueling match at the place I was working at before LAW. Falls count anywhere, started backstage. My opponent- my goodness, this woman literally came in with a referee following her and she struck me from behind to start the match. And what was I doing? I was in front of a vending machine, buying a pack of oreos." Kat said while she looked into the distance and nodded as she recalled this bittersweet memory.

"I already put the money in and everything..... fun match, it was haha. Aside from that, I do like to work out, just in general. I dabble in basketball and rugby. I looooove eating out at different food places. Tracy gets on me all the time for there never having leftovers to take home when I take my galpals out for some food." She finished, seemingly assuming a more casual and chill attitude than the larger than life aura that she was giving off with her response to the previous question.

With how much Kat had been revealing in her interview, indeed, many of the crew members on hand were wondering what they'd do with all this information. Takeda was trying to get as much down as he could, but his...proclivities were an open secret at LAW Magazine, and no one would have been surprised if he was too distracted to take note of one thing or another. Some of the other photographers had started taking notes as well, and the camera crew whispered to one another about if they'd be able to film some of this and use it as a DVD extra or the like. Either way, this was proving to be an enlightening discussion.

Takeda certainly didn't mind that he had so much to work with. Even he hadn't expected to learn this much about Kat. He also certainly didn't mind how close the luchadora was willing to be to him - and as she leaned in and placed a hand on his shoulder, Takeda went tense, his muscles locking up as the hairs on the back of his neck stood up and his face went red. A few crew members rolled their eyes, as though they had seen this many times before and weren't surprised by it at all. But Takeda had only ever dreamed of being so up close and personal with Kat Hart...especially as she beckoned him to lean even closer, and whispered in his ear.

His skin trembled as her hair brushed his cheek, and his heart thumped in his chest so hard he could practically hear it. As entertaining as Kat's story would have been, he was far more focused on the feelings welling up inside him from the pit of his stomach, the feelings that left his head hazy.

It was only a moment later that Takeda realized that his two points of pride were directly at odds with one another, and that he needed to focus on what Kat was telling him rather than where he had found himself! He gulped, sitting up straighter as he tried to shake the cobwebs out of his head, but by that point Kat was already halfway through her story. Frantic, Takeda jotted down a hasty line in his notepad. "Your opponent, uh...hit you with a vending machine?" he muttered, then cleared his throat. "No, never mind. I'll...message you later just to make sure I had that right. Anyway...t-thank you, Ms. Hart. Truly, you've been a pleasure to have, and you've given us more than enough to do you justice in our feature. Unless you have anything else to add, I think that about does it for me..."

Indeed the notes from this interview as well as the candid shots from cameras and the crew on the set would make for a great segment in a DVD or a documentary style video on LAW backstage or maybe even in a biopic for Kat someday. Kat's name held weight at LAW and within the world of pro wrestling in general. Meeting her and learning just how endearing and open she could be with fans, interviewers, and folks backstage always seemed to surprise the people. Katherine loved that. She loved feeling like people could connect with her despite her accomplishments and notoriety. She was a wrestler of the people, a woman of the people, and the ability to sit and be open with people like Takeda helped people feel like they could aspire to achieve their dreams in the world of pro wrestling. Finding out just how down to earth Kat Hart was, in her mind, how she could be seen as an everywoman, as someone that everyone could hope to be like. To some, this demeanor from Kat gave the opposite impression, leading many to believe she was larger than life - a ray of excellence and hope in an arduous and niche sport.

"Heheh, no problem at all! I'm sure the cameras got most of the audio but you can always message me to ask for any finer details, Ryoshi!" Kat would laugh off the matter. She knew exactly what was going on. How Takeda's heart must have been aflutter. Kat would pat Ryoshi on the back. She'd stand up and bend over to bring her head eye-level with him. Her title belt hung off her shoulder. Her massive orbs bounced for just a split second before her thin slingkini began to hold them in place. Kat winked at Ryoshi.

"I know this job isn't easy on you. But I think you're doing great work. Keep it up, okay? Let me know whenever you need a new scoop." Kat would say this as a supportive gesture to Takeda. She'd rise up and stretch her back and roll her shoulders before she took off to leave the set.

"You take care now, Ryoshi!" Hart would say, raising her index and middle fingers to wave. The Super Kitty seemed happy to have participated in the LAW Magazine photoshoot and the follow-up interview. It seemed she had found yet another supporter and friend backstage in Takeda Ryoshi.

"R-Right...right! You've been a big help, thank you!" The blush hadn't left Takeda's face even after he straightened himself from his seat, watching Kat make her way out of the studio. His gaze, indeed, lingered on the Super Kitty's ample curves, and his thoughts came in a haze; he didn't notice what one of the photographers tried to say to him about who they'd be calling in next. But as much as he'd been expecting to be lost in taking in all there was to see about Kat, there was one thing that stood out at the forefront of his mind - the person she was. He'd signed up to this thinking he could use the experience to build his resume, give some insight into LAW's featured talent, and, yes, to get close to some gorgeous women, but for this particular interview, there was more at play here. If there was one thing to take away from this meeting, it was that Takeda truly knew who he was dealing with. Kat Hart wasn't just a pretty face, nor was she just a talented wrestler. Kat's status went far beyond that. She was an icon, as determined to prove herself as someone the fans could depend on as much as she would prove herself as one of the Tag Team Champions. Takeda was left thinking of that as he looked down at his hastily-written notes, and he smiled wider. He could say now he truly appreciated all there was to know about Kat Hart.

February 2021: Katherine Hart

  • Age: 28
  • Height: 5’8
  • Weight: 175 lbs.
  • Finishing Move: Queen of Harts
  • Career Highlight: Living up to her projected success and becoming Tag Team Champion despite the adversity she faced along the way.
  • Career Aspirations: To become LAW's first Grand Slam Champion.
  • Once had an opponent attack her while she was getting Oreos from a vending machine.

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Re: The Ladies of LAW Calendar

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The Interview
An air of tension had come over the LAW Magazine studio. It had only been a day since their ill-fated attempt to get a shot of Ava Rose and Satomi Mii together for the Ladies of LAW Calendar had ended in a brawl, leaving the March entry to be hastily rescheduled. The camera crew set up their equipment around a backdrop, some of them grumbling with frustration that they had to set everything up twice, while others were placing bets on who would have won the fight, especially with rumors of the two girls being put up against each other at the next pay-per-view event.

Chief among those present were two of the most established names behind LAW Magazine - reporter Nanako Sen and interviewer Takeda Ryoshi. The former had overseen the project; the latter was conducting interviews with each of the women involved to obtain the sort of information their fans would be most curious about. Right now, however, Nana was pacing back and forth, as Takeda stood off to the side, his notepad in hand.

”You...did hear back from Elm, right?” Takeda asked.

”She called back to confirm this morning,” came Nana’s reply. ”I thought I already told you that...but, then again, you probably weren’t listening.”

”H-Hey, now-!” Takeda looked back over at her. ”I do my job here just fine!” He glanced over at the door, awaiting the arrival of his next interviewee.

Elm deciding to show up and making a grand entrance as always... shows up fifteen minutes and kicking the studio door down with her foot to announce her arrival. "I'm here everyone now who ready to take photos of the baddest Milf in LAW..." stomping her foot on the broken door and placing her hand on her shapely hip posing already for everyone to see, before stepping off the door and into the room.

"So who gonna be talking to yours truly? I even out on my sexy night club outfit for everyone" Elm yells out wearing tight blue short shorts, blue sandals and black crop top showing off her figure. Looking at the two people standing in front of her looking down at them, a big grin on her face seeing how they look "so Your going to be doing the interview?"

"Gah-!" Takeda had the good fortune to look back over at the door at the very minute it opened - and when it opened, it did so explosively, taking the interviewer off guard! He slipped and fell off his feet, rubbing his head as he shook himself on the floor, but a moment later he turned his attention back toward Elm - only to be stricken this time not by the force of her entrance, but by her curvy yet toned frame, her tight outfit doing little to hide the contours of her body! "O-Oh, man..." he muttered, his face flushing a bright red as he fiddled anxiously with his glasses. It took him a moment to remember where he was before he cleared his throat and got back to his feet. "Er, right. Let's get started, then..."

Nana's response showed more composure, but her face still lit up with a wide, bright smile as she stepped closer to Elm. "Ah, you look lovely as ever, my dear!" She gestured toward the backdrop, with the cameras set up all around it. "Don't mind Ryoshi-san, he's...well, he has his habits! But please, do take your position and give us your best pose! Put forth the face you want to show the world!"

Takeda cleared his throat as he stepped up by Nana's side. "I'm going to take things from here, thanks..." he said. He looked up at Elm as she was striking a pose - only for the sight to make him blush harder. "Ah, um..." He flipped to a clean page in his notebook, tapping his pen to the surface. "First of all, Mrs. Ederne...I understand that you've never been one to interact with the press much. Any reason for that? And any reason you agreed to this particular opportunity?"

Elm laughs at the two and their funny antics more so to Takeda then Nana who seems all business no play compared to Takeda business and play. "Like what you see don't ya huh big boy... it hard to look this nice with this figure." Flexing her arm again in front of the man face.

Following the instructions given to her by Nana getting into position and turns showing off her firm thick rear, in her tight shorts and muscles by flexing her arms for them to see. A big confident look on her face before being asked to answer Takeda question. " well I really had a lot of bad run ins with the media when I was first starting our my career... lot of stuff in the closest hush hush. But with this I decided that everyone should be able to see how good I look" letting out a loud laugh and smacking Takeda on the back with her hand.

"U-Uhh..." There was no question now that Elm knew what she was doing. Takeda certainly saw that - in fact, he had quite a view in front of him! He blushed harder as Elm flexed her muscles and struck a pose, taking in the sight. "Well, we can definitely see you have an...uh, an impressive physique," Takeda noted. He looked down at his notepad, where he would have checked what he was to ask next, only to realize that in a daze he had just been doodling circles absentmindedly on the paper. Looking back up, he shut the book, turning his attention back to Elm.

At least, he tried to keep his attention on Elm - and one would think that someone like Takeda wouldn't have any trouble keeping his eyes on her. But he had gotten so lost in the moment that he didn't see it coming as Elm's hand smacked his back, causing a jolt of surprise to run through his body. Takeda jumped up, rubbing at his back. "Gah-! So, then, uh..." He paused a moment to think of something good to say. "So, on that note of starting your career. What do you think of your time in LAW? Anything you would describe as a personal highlight? A match or an accomplishment you value in particular?"

Elm frowns a bit hearing that qurstion... thinking over her time at LAW and what she done so far which hasn't been much to some compared to others. "Well if you count losing to Alaina as something big of value.." she says in a annoyed tone still smarting from that loss, which she clearly thinks she could have won.

Giving Takeda a look leaning closer to the man even giving him a small show due to her crop top being so short her cleavage is showing in front of his face. "Naughty boys like you should be punished for making me think of past losses you know... but it fine for now.." giving him a small wink and smacking the man on the rear end just for fun. "Anything else you would like to ask me, or would you prefer more poses"

"Ah, well..." Takeda jotted down some more notes in his book. "Mrs. Sanders is a well-respected veteran of the ring. I'm sure many would consider it an honor just to share the ring with her...ahh?" In the middle of their conversation, Elm came closer to the reporter, and given the differences in size between the two of them, her chest was practically level with his face - something that made him blush harder. With how closely the fabric of Elm's top hugged her curves, he could see straight down her cleavage. And of course, Elm didn't make it any easier in how she went on to tease him about it...

Takeda's whole face went red, his glasses fogging up with rapid breaths as he looked back at Elm. Somehow, the thought of being punished by her...didn't sound all that bad. ", actually, please do go on-" It was then that he caught himself, and he straightened his back, clearing his throat. "I mean...anyway. Never mind that. I understand that you've had to balance wrestling with raising a does that work for you?"

Elm frowns at the mention of Miss Sanders again but decides to play it cool since Takeda is being very respectful, but him being easy to tease makes it worth while when mentioning her. "Well I wouldn't know to be honest you see I was young when I had my daughter... So I wanted to give her a life that I knew at the time wouldn't been able to give her." Her hands tightening at recalling this memory turning around so that the reporter doesn't see the sad angry look on her face.

"Anyway that what happened and my story.. and in my world it is not a honor or anything stepping in the ring with her." Elm tells the reporter, deciding to tease him again for bringing up bad memories "Miss Nana could I do this for a pose" She ask reaching down and picking Takeda up over her head for a military press hold.

"I see..." Takeda looked between his pad of paper and at Elm, and his strokes against the notepad grew slower. He thought over the words he had heard from her, and his thoughts slowed. This was more serious than he had expected to hear from Elm, and he couldn't help but be touched by it. Deep in his chest, he felt a warm sensation take hold, and when he next addressed Elm, his voice was soft and measured, in stark contrast to his flustered stammering from earlier. "That's very noble of you. You did everything you could for your daughter...I'm sure that she'd be thankful to have someone like you in her life."

He looked back up at Elm with a smile - only for the heavyweight's next move to take him by surprise. "Wait, what-!? HEY-!" he shouted, suddenly finding himself suspended six feet off the ground! The color drained from his face and he let out a scream; it felt like at any moment he could be thrown to certain doom! His body locked up in fear, trembling nervously as he stared in stunned silence - and Nana laughed, clapping her hands for Elm's display! "Yes, that's perfect!" she said, signaling to the cameras to start shooting. "Hold that, we'll use that for our page! Ahh, a marvelous display of strength! It shows your power in the heavyweight division!"

"That right it does pure power here in these babies of mines" Elm laughs able to even press Takeda above her head for Nana to get good photos of. Slowly starting to let herself loose and enjoy the photo shoot minus that one question, but she is enjoying herself and Takeda... well she has her eye on him now...

Slowly lowering the poor reporter down to the floor, in the most flirty and teasing way possible. By making him slide down her firm busty body face first before resting her arm on his head. "Is there anything else hmm or do you wanna be my little test dummy while I do more poses for the camera."

Takeda was trembling, frozen in place as Elm hoisted him into the air. If she dropped him now, he knew it was going to hurt - and it was a long way down, too. Something in him wanted to scream, but he was too afraid to, and he could only let out a few hoarse gasps. The camera crew was beginning to laugh and jeer at him, and a few were snapping photos of their own. Never in his life had he imagined that his job would come to this. Worse yet, Nana wasn't stopping it - in fact, she was laughing too!

But just then, he began to sink lower, slipping down along Elm's body. As he slowly went down, he could feel every inch of her - her toned muscles, her ample curves, and her soft, heaving breasts, and if he wasn't already blushing from the spectacle Elm had made of him, he was definitely blushing now! Eventually he came to the ground below her, crumpled in a stammering heap as his face glowed a vivid red. His heart was pounding in his chest with excitement. Takeda was a journalist, and he held himself to some standards of integrity. He'd never admit it...but he wanted to do that again.

Nana chuckled, leaning in closer to Elm with a sly grin on her face. She was having perhaps too much fun at her coworker's expense, but it was making for the perfect shot - and it amused her more than it should have. Besides, having been rubbed up so closely against a woman like Elm, she couldn't exactly blame him for reacting the way he did. "I don't know if you'll get much more out of him right now," Nana said. "But please, do go on and do what you will with him. In the meantime, there's a question I'd like to ask you, Ms. Ederne, do you have any further aspirations for your future in LAW?"

Elm nods eagerly at being told she can do anything with Takeda. Leaning down sticking her rear out for a sexy pose again, making sure her breasts are hanging right in front of his face. "Well you hear that... your going to be my training dummy while I do these photos..." Giving the man a small wink, wrapping her arms around the back of his head, before pressing him face first into her cleavage.

Standing straight up... literally lifting Takeda off his feet keeping a strong hold on his head. "So my aspirations is to win the openweight and heavyweight belt.", saying that with pride in her voice. "But I want to enjoy my time in the company that is my biggest goal of all..." before letting Takeda go before he passes out due to the lack of air.

If Takeda thought that he was lucky to be this up close and personal with Elm had nothing on now! He was still light-headed and dizzy from where he had been lifted over the heavyweight's head, not to mention having slid down along her body slowly and tightly enough to feel all the hills and valleys of her form against his skin. As such, he didn't see it coming as Elm lifted him again - and shoved him face-first into her chest!

A few laughs and wolf-whistles went out from the camera crew, and flashes went off from many a camera, seeking to get a good view of the action. Takeda's face was pressed up into the crevices of Elm's chest, and he could feel the heat rising to his cheeks, both from the stifling embrace of the breast smother, and from the excitement rising in his body at such an experience! He never expected Elm to be quite so forward...but he didn't mind it either!

Nana, meanwhile, tapped her pen to her pad of paper as she wrote down Elm's response. "Thank you, thank you! It's my pleasure to, Ms. Ederne, we should have just about everything we need. I'd just like to ask one last question...can you tell us one thing about yourself you would like your fans to know?" Meanwhile, as Takeda was released from her grasp, he sank back on his knees, his head spinning. He stared off into space, barely able to form a coherent thought after what he'd experienced.

Nodding to herself thinking over what she is going to say to answer that last question, debating on saying something really cool... but worried it might come off super lame... "umm I really don't know what to say.." She says in a more quiet tone, her head turned to the side as her cheeks turn red blushing in embarrassment in front of everyone. Twiddling her fingers still thinking before snaapoing her finger.

"I want my fans to know that I will be on top soon. Nobody is going to stop the Mastodon again ever... till I'm champion, till then thanks for all your support...", taking a deep breath after saying that even doing a small bow as well. "That ... fine right were good ya.."

"Oh, don't worry, Ms. Ederne," Nanako said with a pleasant smile. "There's no pressure here, it's all in the interests of making sure we have the sort of information in our calendar that our fans will want to know. It can be anything at all." She took a step back, giving Elm some space to compose her thoughts.

Nana could tell that she was having a hard time thinking of something. Despite all the bravado and confidence she had shown over the rest of this interview, from how she talked to how she dressed and carried herself, Elm was now showing a uniquely vulnerable side of her, one that Nana hadn't seen from her before. She adjusted her glasses, looking down the bridge of her nose. She wouldn't publish any of this, or publicize what she had seen, but at the same time she couldn't help but feel a sense of giddiness overtake her. To Nana, this was a unique opportunity to see the real woman behind the Mastodon, the side that no fan would ever see. This was a rare privilege, and one she wouldn't forget any time soon.

Elm's response was nevertheless one that seemed more in keeping with her proud and boastful image. Nana nodded to her, recording her response in her notes. "So I see! A fine response if I've ever heard one, yes indeed! I'll make sure it's recounted to the letter! Until then..." She took a short bow toward Elm. "Yes, I think that should conclude things! Thanks as always for your participation, it truly does make things that much easier. It's been a pleasure to deal with you. Right, Takeda?" She turned to her coworker, who was lying in a heap on the ground, blubbering incoherently. As Nana nudged him with her foot, however, he sprung back to his feet. "R-Right! Right...well, yeah! Thanks again for all your help, heh..."

Elm takes a deep breath before giving both reporters a big smile and grin, actually enjoying herself during the interview and photo shoot. Walking up to both of them and in one quick motion grabs both of them in her arms hugging them tightly, giving them a extra squeeze for good measure. "...No thank you it was fun to do and I had a blast doing it, thank you both for giving me a chance for this..."

Before leaving Elm turns around grabbing Takeda by the arm "as for you... I be seeing you later... give me a call alright" placing her number in his pocket, before giving him a deep kiss on the lips with a added bit of tongue. "See you later" with a smug look on her face and switching her hips from side to side as she leaves.

"Ah-!" Nana chuckled a little as she felt Elm's tight embrace, blushing softly. But as much as she might have been surprised by the Mastodon's sudden show of kindness, she was still handling the matter better than Takeda - who, feeling his body pressed against the soft, firm side of Elm's body, immediately began trembling, his face going red as he mumbled incoherently. "Oh, uh, uh...ah...thank you..." Meanwhile, the photographers moved in closer, bringing the cameras up next to the action. Seeing Elm arm in arm with their interviewers would make for the perfect shot!

After Elm broke the hug, however, she would give Takeda far more than he had bargained for! He was still looking off into the distance with his head in a haze, with no idea of what was about to happen to him. The thought of being so close to Elm hadn't left him yet - but it would soon be replaced by one of a connection even stronger and even more passionate. Elm, it seemed, had caught on to him - and she pulled him in close, planting a kiss firmly on his mouth! All the color seemed to drain away from Takeda's face in that moment. He could hardly believe this was really happening - but he wasn't complaining, either!

As Elm let him go, Takeda's legs gave out from under him, and he slipped to sit on the ground, his head spinning. The last few moments had been a blur for him, and he still couldn't believe what had happened. All he could do was watch through unblinking eyes as Elm turned and walked off through the door, on her way.

"Well, now," Nana said, clapping her hands. "She was certainly a welcome guest, wasn't she? I'm glad she could be of help to us...and as for you, Takeda, it looks like you've got a date~"

"...I do?"

March 2021: Elm Ederne

  • Age: 32
  • Height: 6'5
  • Weight: 215 lbs.
  • Finishing Move: Ice Prison (Modified Cattle Mutilation)
  • Career Highlight: Facing Alaina Sanders in the ring.
  • Career Aspirations: To win the LAW Heavyweight and World Openweight Championships, and to enjoy her time in the company.
  • "I will be on top soon. Nobody is going to stop the Mastodon again, ever...'till I'm champion. 'till then, thanks for all your support."

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