LAW Twitter - Explanation

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LAW Twitter - Explanation

Unread post by winner3 »

If you follow pro wrestling, you know that like in most sports, wrestlers and athletes engage in banter and commentary on Twitter. So I thought it'd be cool to emulate that here on LAW since this section is called LAW social media. Doesn't have to function exactly like twitter but I figure it can be pretty fun.

Rules are pretty simple.
  • Create a thread for your wrestler's Twitter Page in this section of the site. You can post simple text using your character's username/handle. There's also fun little sites online that let you generate realistic fake tweets that work nicely if you want to make it more kayfabe/realistic. Like so
    Link: so the one I used for this:
  • Post to other character's thread or profile, either in character or with your LAW username as a "fan" trying to interact with them. Maybe your scroll past someone's profile and see them badmouth your girl (in canon/kayfabe of course) and reply in character to retort. Smack talk, shooting the breeze, silly commentary. Just like the LAW chatroom, this can be used for idle banter, just in a slightly more modern social media-esque way where you can visit individual character profiles and in a way that's slightly more organized and character-focused. You can use this to set up matches, feuds and establish dynamics between other characters and even between characters within your own roster
Credit for this idea goes to user @Devilish53
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Re: LAW Twitter - Explanation

Unread post by TickTock »

This is a really good idea, and I like how it's implemented/set up. Good work!
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Re: LAW Twitter - Explanation

Unread post by Devilish53 »

Additional idea - When characters make broad tweets (E.G. Karen challenging/calling out three fighters in a single tweet) it might be a good idea to tag the users involved so they see it.

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Re: LAW Twitter - Explanation

Unread post by CaptainL »

For anyone who wants to do DMs too, I've found another site for that.

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