Yuzuki Shogo - The Hardcore Kickboxer

120lbs/54.5kg and below
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Yuzuki Shogo - The Hardcore Kickboxer

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Name: Yuzuki Shogo
Age: 18
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Violet
Height: 5'3
Weight: 118 lbs
Alignment: Tweener (Chaotic Neutral)
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Nationality: Japanese
Entrance music: Kick it - Lil NasX

Wrestling Information

Type: Kickboxer/Brawler, pro wrestling

Fighting Style: Yuzuki utilizes an effective combination of speed and agility to get in various strikes before her opponent has time to react. She definitely emphasizes the "kick" aspect of her kickboxing background, as her legs and feet are her deadliest weapons. She makes sure to attack in flurries of kicks, stomps, knees, and other fancy footwork while in combat. Punches remain a secondary means of attacking for Yuzuki, and she mainly uses them in between kicks to keep opponents constantly on the defense as she prepares her next roundhouse. While not particularly strong, Yuzuki is still able to pick up smaller opponents and perform basic grappling/wrestling maneuvers, provided they don't put up too much resistance. Yuzuki see's herself as an opportunist, and will pounce at any chance given to her by her opponents to continue her relentless assaults, and is not at all hesitant to using dirty tactics to create these openings.

Preferred attacks: quick and successive strikes mainly involving the legs and feet. Uses roundhouses and knees for stronger and more impactful strikes, while resorting to jabs and side kicks for quicker, and more frequent attacks.

Preferred matches: Anything, but especially loves hardcore/hardstyle matches where she can really do a number on her opponents. Hentai matches are a favorite as well.


Signature Moves:
Headkick Roundhouse
- Devastating kick meant to demobilize or at least stun an opponent temporarily until a more powerful finisher can be setup
Finishing moves:
- Combined be combined with subsequent headstom/headpunts assuming the opponent isn't knocked out already
Heel Stike
-will sometimes follow up with the curbstomp just to make sure they're really out

Hentai Finisher:
Modified Torture Rack - NSFW
- After an opponent has been immobilized, and assuming they are relatively light, Yuzuki will pick them and place them on her shoulder. She can then placate her opponents pussy/cock with one hand, while keeping the other hand on their neck so that way their body remains secured on her shoulders. After the opponents orgasm, Yuzuki then piledrives their body on the mat in an utterly embarrassing, humiliating, and public finisher.

Yuzuki is a quick thinker and will often improvise a variety of other moves depending on the match type, opponent, and specific situation.

Endurance: ★★★★ - Yuzuki can take punishment almost as well as she can dish it out. Her time in kickboxing training really conditioned her to take quite a few hits.
Endurance (Hentai): ★★★ - Can handle an orgasm or two.
Strength: ★★ - Can really only lift those under her body weight. May be able to lift a few pounds heavier if the opponent doesn't put up a fight.
Speed: ★★★★★ - The core of her strategy and technique. A small frame and an agile body make her a speedy target.
Defense: ★ - The best defense is a great offense. An opponent who can manage to break up Yuzuki's flurries of attacks will probably find her quite defenseless.
Technique: ★★★ - Her striking ability is masterful, however her range of wrestling moves remain rather limited.

Personal Information:


Yuzuki is convinced that she was placed on this planet for one purpose only: to fight - and that is exactly what she plans to do. Her whole life revolves around the ring, from what she eats, her sleep schedule, her training, everything is organized to turn her into a little fighting machine. With that mindset, Yuzuki is hesitant to hold back once she finds herself in a ring or cage. She gives everything she got to pummeling her opponent to her hearts desire, and making sure all her hard work and training pays off. Yuzuki loves a good crowd, and believes that an audience deserves to see a good show. Thus if she feels like a match was too easy, or ended unsatisfactorily, she might continue to punish her opponent until she believes the audience got what they payed for and she herself has been satisfied (this depends on match type and rules). Mercy is not in her vocabulary, and dishing out pain is her life's sole joy and pleasure. Combat is at time even a lustful endeavor for Yuzuki. She enjoys employing her sadistic desires in the hentai arena, where she can bathe in absolute euphoria after having shattered and humiliated her opponent. She detests weakness, and will often ridicule and/or punish opponents that she believes didn't put up a good enough fight. That being said, Yuzuki doesn't take losing too kindly, and sees it as a bad reflection of herself and a testament to failure. She will often seek revenge or rematches if she is beaten too badly.


Yuzuki comes from a privileged and affluent family - a background no one expects given her personality. From a young age though, her parents almost immediately noticed her pent up violent desires and tendency. She would often pick on other kids in grade school, and throw objects or fists at those who even slightly inconvenienced her. Not to mention the constant spats she had with her twin brother, Shinra. Her parents eventually decided that her brother had to be placed with her Uncle in a different part of town, leading to them not truly rekindling until their mutual admission into LAW.

At age 8, they decided to take her to a child psychiatrist who specialized in unruly treatment, but were quickly denied after Yuzuki punched him in the groin after their first session. In a last ditch attempt, her parents enrolled her in a top tier kickboxing classes at age 10 hopping that it would relieve some of her pent up tendencies.

Yuzuku immediately fell in love with the sport, and her violent tendencies at home and at school slowly dwindled down, but not for long. At age 17, she considered herself the top kickboxing champion in her age group and home region, but was denied any formal recognition after having excessively pummeled her opponent in the kickboxing finals despite referee interference.

Enraged at this snub, Yuzuki finally set out at age 18 in search of a league that would not only accept but embrace fighters of her caliber and style. LAW seemed like the perfect choice, and Yuzuki immediately enrolled in hopes of finally participating in true, unfiltered combat alongside her brother.

Appearence/Wrestling Attire:

*Will usually enter the ring with taped hands and feet instead of gloves*
Standard Outfit
Alternative Outfit
Hentai outfit - NSFW
Being Dominated - NSFW
LAW History

Record: 0-0-0




Incredibly Violent and Sexual Debut against Amano


Tag-Team: Shogo Twins
Allies: Shinra Shogo - Brother
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