Best of Five Smother Match: Jenner Sky vs Jem Holland!

Official Women's Wrestling matches take place here. There are multiple LAW Arenas throughout Japan, each offering different shows/rings
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Re: Best of Five Smother Match: Jenner Sky vs Jem Holland!

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In this back and forth pacing late in the match, Jem had finally had the chance to begin stringing holds together on Jenner the same way Jenner had done to her! The judo girl was all kinds of tough, but the buxom, naked streamer was able to take advantage of Jenner's attraction to her by focusing on Jenner's weak points! After wearing Jenner down, Jem could finally set her up for a hold that could end things properly! Jem smiled mischievously as she secured Jenner's arms and legs and rocked back to hoist her into the air!

"Sorry, Jenner! You can try to pay me back later, I promise!" Jem would tease as she bent her cute foe's spine and force her head into the blonde streamer's shapely chest! As the fleshy prison of Jem's chest began to wear away at Jenner, Jem kept her opponent's chin and head secure between her breasts with one hand. She slipped her free hand into Jenner's gi and felt up the martial artist's boobs. Jem made sure to continue working Jenner over however she could, stimulating the girl into a docile, unmoving state! When the ref moved in to check on Sky, she had already been motionless for over 20 seconds, leading many to believe it was all over!

Jenner's hand was raised once with no response! It fell lifelessly to the canvas as the first arm check was made! With Jenner looking down and out, Jem would pull Jenner's head up and lock lips with her, making out with her biggest fan and thrusting her tongue into the Judo girl's mouth as Sky's hand fell a second time! And then finally for the third and last time!

The referee would urge Jem to let go! She'd call for the bell and Jem would release Jenner, allowing her foe to fall into her arms! She'd cuddle a semi-conscious Jenner in her arms, kissing Jenner's neck and cheek to slowly wake her!

"Did you enjoy your nap?" Jem would whisper/giggle to Jenner as the announcements were made and her victory was awarded 3 falls to Jenner's 2!
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Re: Best of Five Smother Match: Jenner Sky vs Jem Holland!

Unread post by LawHell »

Jenner was bound and held tightly it felt like her spine was on fire but over moments the pain would wear off as she would slowly become out cold just feeling something in her Gi before becoming completely unaware of what was going on to her in the ring as the ref would do the last and final arm drop.

Soon Jenner rag like body was put down to the floor only to be pulled into the naked gamer girl body who had started to kiss her all over, it was not until the kisses had got to her neck Jenner would start to feel what was going on as she would slowly wake up in the arms of Jem thou was happy to see her, thou the Judo fighter had looked around catching the monitor with it showing Jem knocking her out causing Jenner to let out a sigh for a moment been a bit upset on losing the match."hmm. I guess it was ok thou did you twist my nipple or something?!"

She asked if a more of a pouting tone to her voice but as she was been loved on by Jem she would a moment later lock her lips with Jem's, she wanted to be angry and push Jem away but the soon washed away as she realized she now had a chance to be with her and more then just friends, this made her so much happier honestly losing the match did not bother her anymore as she was now with someone who cared.

Soon Jenner would slowly try to get up but was pushed back down to the floor by the ref "sorry Jenner but Jem needs to do her victory poses before you both can go." Jenner would look up at Jem and grin "is there where I'm finding my self with you standing in me with a foot in my mouth as you pose?" Jenner asked as she pulled off her belt handing it to her opponent also opening her Gi too exposing her chest for her too thou she would blow a cheeky kiss towards Jem and lick her lips playfully as she found her self somewhat turned on from the match but most of all at the sight of Jem who was founded to be the dominant one in their relationship in life ahead of them both, together.

The fans would cheer for both fighters as the match would come to a grand finish revealing Jem to be the winner over the judo babe as they counted to take photos but also where happy that both fighters were ok and not hurt.

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