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The Ref With A Secret

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Name: Kerry Archer
Age: 28
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Height: 5"5
Weight: 155lbs
Nationality: English

Alignment: Referee (Heel)

Tactics and style: Kerry aims to be fair and honest though she does have a tendency to bend the rules as she sees fit especially to favour people she likes moreover their opponents.

Preferred match: hentai, oil pit, cage fight, kickboxing, thou is open to be requested to any match style.

Favored moves: Rulebreaker, Kerry will actively choose to break rules in order to help a fighter she likes.

Finisher moves: The Three Count, She will ensure a hold or a pin is in place and will simply count down to three to see if the fighters are done and then she can announce a winner if possible.

Personality: A happy-go-lucky look to her job but she does take it seriously thou it may not look like it for the most part she is running by her emotions which can cause a conflict of interest to any of the matches she over-watches.

Past: Kerry has trained as a full medic and has a major interest in full-contact sports she had to find work as college was costing a lot of money thou lucky for her there were job openings at LAW, she had been a major fan of the network and wanted to get in as one of the medical team but instead she found her self watching amazing fighters fight their hearts out and making the hard calls to each fight, a dream job for her.

Her Job.
Watching female fighters
Travelling around the world
Nightlife parties
EDM music

Classical music
Been alone

Her looks:
She is barefoot but will wear foot/shin guards combo on her legs, along with MMA gloves (Hard-strike brand) Along with a tight black thing and then just her striped referee shirt.

Standard referee outfit:
>Secret Objectives<
The is a special condition that can gain Kerry to enter a match as a fighter.

Secret Outfit:
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