Haley Thomas

120lbs/54.5kg and below
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Haley Thomas

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Name:Haley Thomas
hair: brown
height: 5'0"
weight: 119 lbs
nationality: American
Entrance music:none right now

Appearance: brown hair and green eyes hate when people say how cute her eyes are or how cute she is.
gym wear
bikini and hat
other bikini
style: high flyer

Combat powers: Can lift 200 lbs is stronger then she may look. knows hand to hand combat form basic military training. is decent with high flying moves but likes to mix between high flying and strength.

perfer matches: standard and smothers. she will do the lewder matches tho but will be afraid.

favor moves: bull dog. frog splashed, hurricannrana , pop up suplex. belly to belly suplex.

Signature moves: ready aim fire. Haley would rush at her foe and do a clothsline like move before wrapping her arm around her foe as they fall for a sort of headlock and would then would spin around where her opponents head is over her should and do a stunner on her foe.

Charlie down: Haley would jump up on her foes shoulders with her legs around the other girls head. she would fall back and go for a hurricanrana pin.

FInishing move:

wheres the evac. like the 619 from ray mystrerio

Bombs away: Haley would pull her opponent up for a power bomb only works on girls 200 lbs or lower.


speed: 7/10
hentai: 5/10


history: Haley was a military brat, she grew up in a military base and was force to go to the military. her farther was a First sergeant so he never had a whole lot of time raising his daughter who was abit of a out going girl. he dreamed of her joining the military and becoming a rank higher then he was like a major but haley had other ideas. she had a bit of an ego since back when she was growing up she was called cute and was really well liked by everyone in the base's she stayed in. When she was 16 she dated a guy who she thought was her dream man and her father approved of him since he was planing on joining the military. however when they went ot prom she knew she didn't want to lose her virginity right way. that was her plan but her boyfriend had other plans and would push and push before he had enough of trying to talk and would just take her by force. she was demoralized by that and went to therapy for 2 years. he ex boyfriend was arrested and not allowed to join the army but she sometimes hate how it was she was raped by the boy she liked because she was really cute. she would think about it for a few months through out her therapy and decided she would hate anyone that thinks they are great because they are cute. she would do some training determined not to be weak like she was before. after her recovery Haley would not join the army much to her fathers dismay but she would join a indie wrestling league when she was 18 and would do fairly well in it. so well that she caught the eye of a LAW Recruiter when she was 20. hearing how there was basically legal rape matches did made her double guess it but thought that if she could fight in a match like that and win it would help her tremendously with her fear of sex.

Personality. Haley is an outgoing person she likes to have fun and go out with friends. she made act like that still but there are times when a boy approaches her that she flinches and trembles a little. around girls shes more comfortable. she hates seeing a girl who is absorbed in how cute they are and at the praise the girl gets because of what happened to her and wants others to be safe and not so absorbed in them selves know how bad the world can be. she still likes to think of her self as cute but doesn't like to think to much on it.

Fun facts: she rode in a tanke once an even drove it. thankfully it was not armed.
she's glad she didn't join the military because she thought it would be annoying to travel all the time.
she allergic to nuts both the food and the people.

WIns loss draws: 4/1/0
Vs vs Avawin
vs Amber starcatcherwin
vs yokowin
vs harley Crimsonwin
vs Kaguya Saitolose

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