Lari "Star" Yildiz

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Lari "Star" Yildiz

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Name: Lari Yildiz aka Lari Star
Age: 31
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Purple
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 182 lbs
Nationality: Russian/American
Alignment: Herself

Entrance Music: Friendly Apes - Atlas Genius

Wrestling information:

Strategy: Lari primarily relies on lewd holds and pleasuring her opponent to get them into place for a smother, then have fun with them.
Style: Hentai
Preferred attacks: Breast smother, body scissors, school girl pin, anything lewd.
Preferred matches: Bed, smother, hentai, and anything that sounds fun~

Endurance: 3/5
Strength: 2/5
Defense: 3/5
Speed: 2/5
Technique: 1/5 for normal matches, 4/5 for hentai

Lari Star
Belly Dancing

Outside of the ring, Lari is a fairly laid back and friendly, if spoiled, woman. She enjoys spending time by the pool, dancing, drinks, and spending time with her friends, and occasionally family. The oldest of four siblings, Lari has a more caring older sibling side that she shows around her siblings, and around some trusted friends. What she hates, above all other things, is being bored. She craves some kind of entertainment, and cannot stand it when deprived of amusement.

Lari is much the same inside the ring too, though far more amorous. When pitted against an opponent she finds cute, she'll quickly adopt a purring, sensual persona and leaps into the match hoping to find some excitement.


The product of a Persian banker and a Russian oil magnate, Lari was born in Russia but spent half of her life in the United States thanks to business trips. Always bored by the drab meetings and boring adults she spend so much time around, Lari found herself craving stimulus of some kind from a young age, developing a near-addiction to it. This addiction to stimulus resulted in her becoming a very popular older sister to her younger siblings as they were born, since Lari knew all the best games and shows.

After college, Lari became a model but found the life excruciatingly boring. That's when she found her real calling, hentai matches. Joining a minor league just for the fun of it, Lari soon found herself enamoured and bounced around until she joined LAW. She has no desire to win a title or belt, she just wants to keep having fun and getting paid for it.

Fun Facts
-Lari is the eldest of six siblings.


Number of matches:
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