"The Lynx"

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"The Lynx"

Unread post by DeviousAnon » Mon Jan 07, 2019 7:29 am

"Hiya! How ya doin'? Hope we can have a awesome time, Nya!"

Name: Unknown, only known by close people
Alias: "Lynx"
Age: 19
Weight: 117Ibs, surprisingly thinking she's fat.
Appearance (W/O mask):Image
("A cute swimsuit, my favourite!) (placeholder)
Nationality: 1/2 Canadian ("G'day eh! Hehehe~") 1/2 Mexican
Alignment: Tweener (leaning face)
Entrance music: "neutron dance!"

Uniform: a black, form fitting two piece uniform. The top half resembling a conservative swimsuit top then a actual athletic top. Holding snugly to her upper body and showing off her toned upper body. Her lower half covered by what could possibly be considered a bikini bottom one size too small for her ("it is not Nya!"), showcasing a lot of firm "cheekage" and showcasing her equally toned lower half. A small fake black fluffy tail installed just at the top of the beginning of her gluteus, further giving her a feline appearance. Thought the uniform, various thin flaming pink lines trailed across her costume, pronouncing her curves and giving a more playful tone to her dark uniform. And too top it off, plain pure white stockings that travel from the lower part of her thighs and end just before the heels at her feet.

An amusing feature of her ears and tail, while fake, seems to match with whatever Lynx would be feeling at the time, like a real cats, often time making her over reactions even more flamboyant and getting her into trouble, but the tail has its uses, used occasionally as mild distractions, or possible tripping, but on rare occasions though, she doesn't like risking her outfit like that to much.

The mask: matching her uniform, it was equally black in colour. Covering half of her face starting about an inch upon her hairline and reaching to about the tip of her nose, wrapping snugly around her head, held aloft by strings wrapped around the back of her head. Pink flares added encircling the eyes, trailing off into pink flames. To black cat ears stand cutely atop the mask, completing her cat ensemble.

Born as the only child to the wrestling legend, the famous the lionessa, it was only natural Felila would have a natural and early draw to the world of wrestling. Her mother was like her hero, always there for her, and for the many fans who adored her, Her mother was the embodiment if everything Lynx would want to be when she grew up. her world revolved around the sport, having been brought to many of her mothers matches around the globe, and when stripping enough participating along with her mother in her training, wanting too one day be just like her! She did all she could to improve, taking many acrobatic, gymnastic, even ballet for a While to improve her skill and body. For her interests were such a out of place one for a girl like her, she was often teased for it, but like her mom, she never backed down! Taking everything with a smile and a skip in her step! Eventually, through years of training, her mother saw fit to begin training her in the art of wrestling, her motherly pride booming at such determination from her daughter, quickly become ping extremely adept, giving it her all, it wasn't too long before she would find herself in her first match, choosing to don a similar mask to the one her mom wore, she viewed to uphold her legacy as her daughter! She easily took on the competition, her skill was almost on par to her mothers when she was her age, her smaller size seemed more of An advantage then disadvantage for the girl.
Though, one day, her mother would suddenly get the chance if a lifetime, begin offered the chance to partake in one if the worlds most famous wrestling federations, LAW! Due to a growing financial burden, and the family trait if always going all out for the crowd, her mother accepted, and would soon leave Felila on her own, to uphold the reign if her family back home. Though lonely, her interests leaving her with very little connections with anyone her age, she held on for as long as she could! Eventually, through her great skill and upbeat attitude, and the name her mother was making for herself in the ranks of LAW, the same people who came for her mom would soon offer her the same deal, this was it, her chance in the big leagues, and to show her mother how far she had come., she accepted immediately and would find herself in the first jet to the nearest law felicity p, Edgar to show her stuff to the world, and maybe even face her mother, eager to show her how far her little kitten has come!

Many would say Lynx is a cap spitting image of her mother when she was young, like a young lion cub she was spritely, playful and full of positivity and energy! She always wished to make light of any situation, and never would back down from what she thought was right! But it doesn't mean she wouldn't try to take risks and have fun now and then! Bubbly, cheery and a all around happy girl, but deep down. Lay a more somber woman, one that despite her best efforts, always seemed to compare herself to her mother, always trying to be like her and live up too her name, as she was really the only person she grew up close too. Her identity was as precious to her as her life, and her pride as big as a lions, she can be easily flustered or beaten too submission if the right buttons were pressed, but to stay true to her name, she would go down swinging!

Like any luchadora, her mask is incredibly important too her, made by her mother and given too her on her very first match. symbolizing what she is as both a person and as a wrestler, it's almost like an extension of her body. If anything were to threaten her mask, ether damage or removal, the kitten would get increasingly panicked and flustered, never wanting it to come off her body. Almost as if it was also a tool for her to keep herself collected and maybe keep something darker at bay.

The Lynx is definitely a more technical fighter, her unimpressive and small stature would leave her somewhat lacking in the strength department, though her very toned body was nothing too scoff at, built for the long haul her plan is always to use momentum and leverage to overwhelm opponents, doing unique throws and effective lock ups and submissions to keep opponents at bay, though always she would do a playful spin on things, often times doing or acting tamed provocative things during matches, loving the attention and flustering opponents.

Strength: 2/5. her small frame built for stamina not strength, she can only toss around people similar to her size. Middleweights would be diifcult, heavyweights nearly impossible.
Speed: 4.5/5. her energy shines her, able to zip around opponents and with cat like reflexes react to incoming moves very quickly. Her greatest asset.
endurance: 3.5/5. though not a push over, her small body can only give out and take so much, even while built for stamina her body can be worn down with enough time, regardless of her determination.
Agility: 4/5. Her nimble frame is capable of very flexible and coordinated movements, often being what allows her to gain an edge in matches.
Technicality: 3.5/5 no luchadora is without great technical knowledge, being very capable of tying opponents in knots, her smaller farme does pose some challenge for more stronger and knowledgeable foes.

Signature:The predator pounce! ("A kittens gotta leap!")
When an opponent is running towards her, turning her back, Lynx will preform a quick half-backflip towards her opponent, hitting them in the face with her lower toned abs in a sort of upside down splash, before knocking them backwards off there feet and crashing to the ground with Lynx on top, from there she would sit up, facing towards the opponents legs and plant her rear on the opponents neck/face. Then reach down in grab their legs before tucking them under her arms and leaning back, being her opponent as far as she can, for the pin or submission!

Finisher: The cats claws! ("For big meanies!")
Initially p, the Lynx would go for a simple sharpshooter, tucking in her opponents legs while sitting in their lower back, before The Lynx would reach over with her free arm and begin twisting the foot behind her opponents stretched leg, in a makeshift ankle lock, digging her nails into their foot, then she would begin to sit further back in the shooter, planting her butt on the side of the opponents face, before worming her legs into a complex position, squishing her opponents arms between her calves and thighs to trap them, before settling her feet under her opponents head, squishing them on the other side of their face with her bare feet!
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Re: Felila Persian "The Lynx"

Unread post by DeviousAnon » Thu Jan 10, 2019 3:26 am

Match results

The Lynx vs Ashley Daniels - victory by K.O.
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