Sarah Luther - The Scourge of the British Isles

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Sarah Luther - The Scourge of the British Isles

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Personal Information
| Name:

Sarah Luther


Scourge of the British Isles

| Sex:


| Age


| Hair:


| Eyes:


| Height:


| Weight:


| Nationality:


| Alignment:


Wrestling Style
| Strategy:
Sarah is a vile woman who takes subtle joy in inflicting pain on people, mostly enjoys it the most when she feels them struggling in her grasp, trying to escape her grasp. Despite the unprofessional look, Sarah display plenty of technical prowess to transition between holds in order to keep her opponent locked against her. That being said, despite the fluidity of Sarah's movements, does not mean she doesn't know how to get down and dirty in a fight. Known to have pretty vicious kicks and knows how and where to hurt people the most, most commonly by the simple solution of stomping the head into the ground. Also has the vicious quirk of stomping on hands when given the chance.

But aside from all of the numerous physical weapons she has at her disposal, Sarah has no clear method behind her madness aside from pain. She erratically shifts between submissions, strikes, fighting like an animal with clawing and biting, she would do anything to another human being if it pleased her.

Along with the ability to dish out pain, Sarah has a high level of endurance to sustain herself in long bouts of violence that she prolongs in order to fully enjoy herself. To add into the vile nature of her, Sarah has no shred of honor or decency, freely attacking people when they least expect it or continuing to beat down on a defeated opponent just to emphasize her point of excessive violence.

| Favorite Match Types:

- KO, Submission, Brawls.
| Favorite Moves:

Submission Holds: Kimura Armbar, Figure Four, Ankle Lock, Cross Armbar, Crossface
Moves: Belly to Belly, German Suplex, Knee lifts, headbutts, stomps.
| The Sword Into The Stone |
Grabbing the wrists of an opponent on her stomach, Sarah pulls on it to lift them off of the ground before raising her foot and stomping the back of her opponent’s head back down into the ground.

| Super Knee |
Stiff Knee Strike to a kneeling opponent.

| S.T.O./Sarah Takes Over |

Standing side by side with an opponent, facing the same direction, Sarah wraps an arm behind her opponent's head before kicking her leg forward before sweeping it backwards to sweep out the legs of her opponent while falling forward to smash them front first into the mat! Inverted STO.

| Violation |
Taking an opponent's back, wrapping an arm around the neck and underhooking their left arm, Sarah will fight her opponent to the ground where she then wraps her legs around their waist. Occasionally transitions into Death of a Queen from this position, pulling up on the hooked arm to slip her head underneath and toss her body out. Chicken Wing Crossface.
| Slayer |
Running at a hunched over opponent, Sarah jumps into the air to deliver a stomp into the back of her opponent’s head to smash it down into the mat. Curbstomp

| Death of a Queen |
Wrapping her opponent’s arm behind her neck while she’s sitting on the mat, leaning into her opponent she wraps her hands around her opponent’s face to start wrenching back. Arm Trapped Crossface.

| Darkest Hour |
Hooking her arm on an opponent’s shoulder, Sarah lifts up her opponent to drive them back first into the mat. Falling Side Slam/Rock Bottom

| Black Heart |
Lifting her opponent up onto her shoulders after placing her head between their thighs from behind, Sarah reaches up to wrap her hands past the outsides of the legs to behind their head to fold them forward. Then she sits out while dropping them forward that forces them to crash in a tight ball onto their shoulders. Electric Chair Driver.
Physical Appearance




| History

- A sadistic and cruel young woman, Sarah hails from Britain where she entered the world of wrestling and started a reign of terror within the British Isles with vicious strikes and even more sadistic submissions. Many question the 'origins' of Sarah, her lack of a proper wrestling attire made many thing that she was a street fighter who either stumbled into a wrestling show or they needed another cute face and body for the show. Doesn't matter which way Sarah entered Pro Wrestling, none were save from her brand of violence. The violent woman battered and broke many women that tried to step into her ring and tried to take her down, and each of them violently failed. The only list that rivals how many heads she planted into the ground is only matched by the list of holds that she knows (claimed by herself and commentators of her matches). Having made a name for herself in the British Isles, Sarah’s matches became a hot spot for British fans to watch practically a car wreck. Ironically, this put a glass ceiling over Sarah as her matches were never anything close of a classic or a ‘must-see’ volume as she never had a proper rival to push her and draw out what was necessary.

That was, until her great chargin, she met her now tag partner, Angela Guillot.

The promotions that she found herself a regular in, British Anime Style, decided to participate in a cross promotion, cross country feud with a French promotion and there she was paired off to face France’s terror by the name of Angela Guillot. The two woman had similar attitudes that lined up almost perfectly and fans thought that it’d would be a great match. It was only the start of a brutal war between the two women who faced numerous of times, both of them trying to destroy the other. They faced off in every match type imaginable as they traded wins against each other although the other would immediately round bound shortly after, most matches ended in draws where both of them were left battered and bloodied. Their feud was the high light of both careers as both promotions would constantly pit the two against each other as they fought all over Britain and France. During this, Sarah found an unusual obsession Angela both in love with the carnage that Angela brought and utter determination to break her, which she never succeeded with, no matter what match they were in, no matter what room she locked them in, and not even on the streets.

But then, somewhere and someone decided on the crazy idea of, ‘if they are this great opponents, what kind of team they would be?’ and paired them off as partners rather than opponents?

Of course it was an American who came up with this madness, bringing the two terrors of Europe to America.

And that person unleashed the horror that was known as The Rebellion, Sarah and Angela destroyed women who were put before them as they partook in a brutal game of one-ups, seeing who could inflict the most pain and punishment onto their opponents. A lot of times, they be more willing to hurt each other rather than their opponents. But despite being in a tag team and winning several tag championships together, the tension between the two still existed and came to blows several times and fought against each other in several matches while tag champions. It didn’t matter who the two fought as single stars or tag stars, no one else matched their expectations quite like the other. This frustration carried over onto their personal lives, continuously bashing heads together was almost an every day occurrence.

Their dysfunctional tag team found themselves heading towards the East after a very successful run in the States, finding both of them signed to LAW to deliver their brand of sadism together to their new home, greener pastures were waiting for them. Waiting for them to be stained with the bloodied broken bodies.

| Personality

- Exceptionally cruel and sadistic in her matches, Sarah is a cold woman who hides her destructive urges behind a stoic face. However, the second she finds someone strong enough to resist her beatings or is particularly fun to crush, then her true nature is revealed. Sarah show no remorse in her moves, taking her time to enjoy with a grin as she beats on and contorts women. Matched with willingness to beat on and get beat on she finds herself in a lot violent fights, a lot of times enjoying herself at the expense of broken bodies at her feet.

Outside of the ring, she has a large appetite, despite the slender figure of hers she somehow finds a way to pack all that excess food somewhere in her body. She loves a good banquet or the local fast food chain. She loves to fill her stomach after a successful outing of devastation.

Along with the sadistic pleasure she partakes in the sexual pleasures from time to time, at first it was usually whoever she beat in the ring she would take back into some dark place to do her business of making them her toy. Rough and dirty was the way she liked it, making it clear that the 'love making' was not consensual. Nowadays she found someone who could take as well as give…frustratingly well.

| Trivia

| Achievements

| Record
- Wins
- Losses
- Draw


Rivals: Angela Guillot
Tag Partner: Angela Guillot (?)
Friends: Angela Guillot(?)
Enemies: Angela Guillot (?)
Crushes: Angela Guillot (?)
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