"Amazon" Alaina Sanders

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"Amazon" Alaina Sanders

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*Below is a nice look at Alaina in her prime, at 5'9'' and 175lbs of a more ripped, lean figure she had through her initial 16 year wrestling run*


Alaina taking it to poor Asuka (Thanks to Dizzy for the picture!)

Alaina meets GASTER in the ring

Alaina forces Black Swan to submit to a sharpshooter!

Kat making Alaina tap out

Alaina after defeating the Ashford sisters

(Big THANK YOU to everyone for the above pictures as they helped to make them possible!)
Name: “Amazon” Alaina Sanders-Haines
Height: 5’9’’
Weight: 187lbs
Age: 45 (D.O.B 3/27/75)
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: USA
Alignment: Face
Attire: Tiger print or leopard print one piece swimsuits, kneepads and boots. Will wear a sports bra/briefs combo of the same

Personality: Alaina is cheerful, warm and outgoing. She knows she has been around the block and a known name in the world of wrestling however she does her best to stay humble. She always tries to go otu of her way for fans, and overlooked workers such as the stagehands who make the wrestling world go ‘round. Alaina treats opponents with respect unless they force her hand and bring out her nasty side which is very rare.

History: Alaina grew up in San Diego, and was a big wrestling fan growing up. She played many sports and was always active. She is an only child, and got along with her family growing up. She was a good student athlete, but was never able to fully commit to a career field when she began college. When she was in college trying to figure out what she wanted to do she came across a show for a tiny wrestling promotion. She went to the show and was hooked. She became a part time wrestler and her physical attributes were augmented by a quick learning of all things in the ring. Her talent, drive, charisma and looks all made her a very popular woman in the local scene. It was clear she was destined for bigger, better things. Shockingly even though they made it clear that were worried about her safety, mom and dad Sanders were on board with Alaina doing whatever it was that made her happy.

In short order, Alaina was signed on to a larger promotion in the USA when she graduated college at the age of 22. That was the start of a successful wrestling career that went from 1997 to 2012. She won major titles in the USA before spending a few years in Mexico, winning gold there. She spent a good deal of time in Japan after that again wearing gold around her waist. In 2011 she came back to the USA where her career began, winning one last title before retiring in 2012 at the age of 36, also getting married to friend and fellow wrestler Charlie Haines. While she stopped going to the gym twice a day for five days a week and once on Saturday with Sundays off, Alaina stayed in shape, never wanting to lose the nickname amazon even in retirement. In 2012 she and her husband Charlie became parents to twins Anna and Carl. Everything was great. They had a lot of money from her wrestling career and endorsements (some of which continued after her retirement such as a cosmetics company endorsement, and underarmor type company) and she made a few appearances on fitness shows.

However, in late 2016 Alaina felt it. The itch. The drive to compete. Even though her workout routine wasn’t what it used to be, Alaina was still build like an amazon loaded with athletic, firm muscular power. She could still wear a bikini at the beach and turn heads even if surrounded by women 20 years younger. She could still outperform gym rats that much younger without breaking much of a sweat. In her mind, she still had it. Was she as dominant as she was in her prime or as well built? No. Was she still a force to be reckoned with in the ring now, and someone to be feared once she shook off some of that ring rust? She was eager to say yes. Her arms are well built, powerful and sculpted. Her abs still look to be chiseled out of rock. Her legs are still thick and strong, even if there is a bit more jiggle on her backside and thighs.

Now, the amazon has her heart set on winning gold yet again with two new challenges: Training a promising rookie whom was a fan of hers, and still being the mom her kids need. A hefty challenge, but Alaina never backed down from anything before and wasn’t about to start.

While she was off to a rough start in LAW as a middleweight, Alaina decided to reinvent herself. She hit the gym and trained to rediscover a new touch. Bulking up from 167lbs to 187lbs, the amazon lost a bit of the flubber she got in retirement and added tons of power. While not as agile as she was in her 20s she is above and beyond in terms of strength and a lot of her old legendary grit as well as endurance that put her in women's wrestling halls of fame seem to have come back!

Fun Facts:
-Alaina loves seafood.
-She actually enjoys training, embracing the return to a non-stop physically demanding lifestyle.
-Her kids are everything to her, and the 5 year olds bring her much joy…. and headache.
-Tina isn’t just a fan of hers, Alaina looks at her like the sister she never had.

Strength: 9.5/10
Toughness: 10/10
Speed: 6/10
Endurance: 9/10
Technical: 8/10
Submission: 8.5/10
Strikes: 9/10

Wrestling Style: Power, but she is capable of landing heavy strikes, and applying submission holds.

Favorite Moves: Scoop slams, clotheslines, backdrops, suplexes, back breakers
Signature Moves: Military Press/Gorilla Press Slams, Jacknife
Finishers: Amabomb (A jacknife powerbomb with extra lift/height for more impact)
Amabuster (Muscle buster held and transitioned into a jumping brain buster)

-Charlie Haines (husband, and former wrestler): Charlie is the love of her life, and the two are fortunate enough to have a great life together.
-Anna and Carl Haines (Twin children): Alaina loves her kids more than anything.... even if they manage to drive her crazy.
-“Tigress” Tina Armstrong (Fangirl protege and tag partner in the team Thundergirls): Tina is like a surrogate daughter/younger sister she never had.
-Daniel Haines (Nephew/strength coach): Danny is a well meaning young man and thankfully respectful. Alaina is happy to have his help during her comeback
-Diana Acera/Viviana Acera: Alaina is close friends with both sisters, being a former rival of Diana and meeting Viviana more recently. Alaina and Vivana are also heavyweights and look forward to squaring off.
Katherine Hart: Alaina is close friends with Katherine and views her as a sort of heir apparent in the ring.
Samuela Healtway: She likes Samuela a lot and is impressed by the young woman, envious as she seems to be the wrestler Alaina just can't beat!

-Natasha Rustovik
-Valentina Vladinova
-Karen Starring
-Sienna Smith
-Katherine Hart
-Dana Ashford

LAW Record: 34-11-2

1) Win via pinfall Vs. Alice Brown
2) Loss via pinfall Vs. Sienna Smith
3) Win via pinfall Vs. Sienna Smith
4) Loss vis pinfall Vs. Tamago Oshiro
5) Draw via double KO Vs. Alexia
6) Loss via submission Vs. Dixie Clements
7) Win via pinfall Vs. Mighty Yukiko
8) Loss via submission Vs. Natasha Rustovik
9) Loss via pinfall Vs. Samuela Healthway
10) Win via submissionVs. Hana
11) Win via pinfall Vs. Dixie Clements
12) Win via pinfall Vs. Natasha Rustovik
13) Win via submission Vs. Linda Banks
14) Win via pinfall Vs. Taylor Renee
15) Win via pinall Vs. Valentina Vladinova (Heavyweight Tournament Qualifying Match)
16) Loss via pinfall Vs. Kerstin
17) Win via pinfall Vs. Reiko Hinomoto
18) Win via submission Vs. Adriana Scarlet
19) Win via pinfall Vs.Michelle Stratesburg (Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinal)
20) Win Vs. Katherine Hart
21) Win via submission Vs. Audrey Hunter
22) Win via pinfall Vs. Anna Ivers (Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal)
23) Win via knockout Vs. Arlise Christaens
24) Win Vs. Black Swan
25) Win via pinfall Vs. Gemma Faraday
26) Win via pinfall Vs. Dixie Clements
27) Loss Vs. Linda Halloween (Heavyweight Title Tournament Final)
28) Loss via submission Vs. Kat in submission oil match
29) Win via pinfall Vs. Hiromi
30) Loss via pinfall Vs. Dana Ashford
31) Win via pinfall Vs. Misaki Toyoda
31) Win via pinfall Vs. Anelu Anao'i
32) Loss via pinfall Vs. Rainbow Mika
33) Win via pinfall Vs. Michelle Bennett
34) Win via pinfall Vs.Beth Smith
35) Win via pinfall Vs. Sienna Smith
36) Win via pinfall Vs. Toni and Mara Ashford tornado handicap match
37) Win via submission Vs. Natasha Rostovik
38) Draw via interference Vs. Gemma Faraday
39) Win via submission Vs. Aoko
40) Win in House of Horror Match Vs. GASTER and Asuka
41) Loss via submission Vs. Sampson
42) Win via pinfall Vs. Victoria Faraday
43) Win via pinfall Vs. Karen Starring
44) Win via submission Vs. Sasuke
45) Vs. Arianne *
46) Win via pinfall Vs. Alizeh Midori
47) Win via pinfall Vs. Toni Ashford

LAW Accomplishments:
None…. yet.
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Re: "Amazon" Alaina Sanders

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Added a picture of Alaina in blue 2-piece training gear to offer up a visual of what she appeared like during her first wrestling stint that lasted about 15 or 16 years. At that time she was 5'9'' and a leaner 165 lbs.

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