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"Anything for you~"
Basic Info
Name - Aurelia Du Blanc
Ring Name - Electrum
Age - 29 (31)
Hair Color - Blonde
Eye Color - Turquoise
Height - 6'2"
Weight - 203
Nationality - Paris, Île-de-France, France

Wrestling Info
Entrance music - "Under the Tongue" by Filter
Alignment - Heel
Fighting Style - Power
Type - Monster Heel
Basic Moveset - Slams, throws, strikes.
Strengths - Large, sturdy, powerful
Weaknesses - Slow, inexperienced

Finishing move/s - TBD

Personal Info
Personality: Aurelia is used to being in an office, not a ring. She comes with some proefessionalism and even a bit of shyness when she is by herself. She's quiet and studious, but inside of her, there is a deep desire for power and lust. She is also used to getting her own way and won't suffer people who think they can boss her around.

History: Aurelia comes from a rich family with a tradition in athletics. a multi sport star in highschool, she used her family's money an dinfluence to earn a business degree, expected to take over the family business. This life was fine. Aurelia was successful, but, there was always an underlying issue.

Aurelia has a younger sister, almost a decade younger than her, who is a spoiled brat. She gets everything she wants and her antics had caused Aurelia no amount of annoyance. Now that her sister has grown, she is no less a thorn in her side. Her antics (and fame) has led Aurelia to feel like she is wasting her life away being her younger sister's babysitter, chaperone, trainer, etc. So, she's decided to use her body, natural size and athletics, to get her own fame and power in a way that money never could.

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