Crushing Light

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Crushing Light

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---> A joint collaboration profile with winner3 <---

Tag Team Name: Crushing Light

Team partners: Jem Holland&Jenner Sky
Match types: Tag Team Smother, 2v1 Smother, Possibly open too much request.
Jem Holland
Jenner Sky

Tag Team Profile: Jem and Jenner had met in a very interesting flirtatious smother match were Jem had dominated Jenner all the way to the win, despite that Jem and Jenner kept meeting up for training sessions until it was clear that was a more romantic interest with both fighters.

Some mouths later it was official that Jem and Jenner was a couple Jenner (23) been the oldest out the two she remained to be the submissive one in the relationship with Jem (20) been the younger one out the two but still the dominant force of a relationship this kind of gave then a yin-yang complexion and many aspects but both perfectly balanced together.

Jem Standalone Finishing Moves:
-Guillotine Choke with Body Scissors
-Scissor Kick
-Ceiling Hold/Romero Special

Jenner Standalone Finishing Moves:
-Rear Naked Choke
-Cross Leg Foot Choke
-Camel clutch sleeper hold combo

Tag Team Moves:

The Love-seat - Jenner will set they opponent up with a brutal camel clutch or dragon sleeper depending with move is more favorable at the time in order to let Jem take a seat on the opponent face smothering them until they are knocked out or submit.

Tag Team Finishers:

Bar Smother - Jenner and Jem will force their opponent to the ground so both girls can put then in them into a classic arm-bar exerting extreme force on the elbow joint of the opponent with both their arms if the opponent struggles or attempts to escape they will exert even more force.
Then Jem will place her bare foot on the opponent face along with Jenner to smooth them and to cut all air off from them until the opponent it completely out cold.

Tag Team History:This a very young new team who yet has to make its mark on the LAW world.

Tag Team Allies: None Yet.
Tag Team Enemies: None Yet.

Tag Wins:0
Tag Loses: 0
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