The Pom-Pom Punchers!

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The Pom-Pom Punchers!

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Name: Pom-Pom Punchers
Alignment: Chaotic Good!
Cheryl Williams and Amber Skye
Fighting style:The Punchers are athletic and eager, Amber is the more aggressive of the two with the striking power to boot behind her speed and skill. Cheryl is the faster and more technical who likes to put the moves on her opponent to wear down no for Amber to help pick off for the finish. The two also rely heavily on each other in there tag team moves hoping to wear down an opponent they don't think they can beat one on one.


Amber and Cheryl would like tell you they see just two average girls. But they would be lying, truth be told they always felt above average. They were pretty, they were athletic they were liked, and most importantly, they had someone to lean on when they needed it. Though they were born in different places they met in high school and were inseparable almost instantly, helping each other with school work and after school activities that not too long after they were the co-captains of the cheerleading squad. This of course invoked jealousy from some other girls, what they had to work for came easy to the two of them and they didn't like it, so in there senior year they goaded the two into a wrestling match with two known wrestlers that were her family and friends taking advantage of Amber's known temper when pushed when Cheryl would follow simply to aid her friend. Into went badly...for the veteran wrestlers, while they controlled most of the match Amber and Cheryl both surprised the hell out of them and won with a roll up, to a standing ovation from the fans in attendance and to there own shock, they were hooked immediately.

Taking some extra time after there cheerleading practice to go over moves and even trying to implement there own tricks into modifiying move the two started to find there own niche in wrestling, though they found it a bit more challenging then most things but to them that was the best part. They didn't get it in there first try or there second, sometimes they wouldn't get it on there third or fourth but they were keeping at it. Wasting no time, taking to wrestling when they graduated they kept there cheerleading stunt as a gimmick, bringing out the Pom-Pom Punchers! It wasn't too long afterwards they found themselves in LAW's crosshairs and were given contracts not too long after, whatever came next they were eager to face it together and put a little pep in everyone's step while they were at it.

Team Finishers

-Pom Pom Pow: Amber pulls her opponent up on a fireman's carry position as Cheryl goes to the top rope. Taking a second for a taunt Cheryl jumps down bringing her knee down on there opponents head just as Amber drills them down to the mat.

Big Finish: Cheryl locks in a sharpshooter as Amber applies a Ring of Saturn.
Solo Stats
Name: Amber Skye - (controlled by me)
Nickname: The Rumblin Rocket
Height: 5'7
Weight: 134
Age: 20
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

General stats
Endurance 3 - Amber is about average when it comes to taking damage. Though she isn't exactly good at adjusting to it as much mostly thanks to her attitude.
Strength 3.5 - Amber is more powerful then she looks and generally this is where she shines.
Speed 4 - Amber's speed and agility have been honed through tons of work as a cheerleader allowing her to move quick and evade when needed.
Defense 2 - Amber isn't very adverse to defense and when she's trying to attack she isn't relying on counters.

Personality: Amber is pretty friendly and cheerful of the two of them. Though she is also the more assertive of them and the easiest to provoke to action. This also comes with a massive ego for all her friendless and a temper that lets her lose her cool especially when she doesn't have anyone to calm her down.


Rocket of Saturn: Rings of Saturn

Rumbling collision: Amber lifts her opponent up and drops them with the big ending!

Name: Cheryl Williams (controlled by Fairy Dragon)
Nickname: Bouncin Bombshell
Height: 5'7
Weight: 131
Age: 20
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

Personality: Like Amber, Cheryl is friendly and confident. Unlike Amber Cheryl doesn't have her temper and isn't nearly as easy to provoke. That isn't to say that she doesn't have a mean streak but it's buried much deeper and harder to get. She's very rational and tries to plan around anything if ignoring gets in her way rather then go for direct confrontation.

General stats
Endurance: 5 - Cheryl is capable of taking slot of punishment and fighting through it, she isn't someone who's easy to make quit.
Strength: 2.5 - Cheryl is no powerhouse, though she can hit pretty hard when she has to fight her power isn't going to win her the day
Speed: 4.5 - Cheryl has an incredible amount of speed and and knows how to use that to her advantage.
Defense: 3 - Cheryl is very aware of her surroundings so she has pretty solid defense.


Bombshell Blitz: Cheryl drops her opponent with a Cross Rhodes

Countdown: With some theatrics Cheryl takes to the skies with a Phoenix splash onto her downed opponent.

Match record
Win vs the Jeager sisters
Win vs The Adorable Cuties
Win vs The Model Wrestlers
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Re: The Pom-Pom Punchers!

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1. Cheryl and Amber make there big first appearance to the LAW-ful audience. Unlike most big appreances they have seen it goes off without a hitch.
Result: promo goes off without issue.
2. The punchers make there debut agaisnt a pair of cute sisters!
Result: Amber gets the pin and the Punchers win there debut match.
3. The Punchers meet the Adorable not themselves
Result: Cheryl and Amber double facesit there opponents for the win.
4. Cheryl has her first solo outing agaisnt the 'hitwomen'!
Result: Cheryl loses by submission but is saved from having her arm broken by Amber.
5. The Punchers meet the Models in a battle of supremacy.
Result: The Punchers pick up there third consecutive win over the models by isolating Misty and pinning new her with there tag finisher!
6 The Punchers take on another and daughter combo who really get on there nerves!
Result: Another win for the Punchers as they continue to work there way to the top of the tag team division.
7. Cheryl has a second outing as as solo competitor with Melanie Reeves.
Result: a dominant victory for Cheryl who out fucks her opponent then makes her tap!
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