Looking Back At A European Debut

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Looking Back At A European Debut

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Hey everyone! The writing amazon of wresting has come back and I found an old match tape I watched. When I first signed in Europe I was set to fight an older but prominent wrestler named Lisa Rampart in my debut. Lisa had talked quite a bit about how she would "overpower the upstart from across the pond" and the like. Even though we ended up being a tag team together when I first showed up she wasn't a fan of mine and I thought she was a flubbery cocky old lady. With all that in mind the stage was set for "Amazon" Alaina Sanders Vs. Lisa Rampart in London, England on January 13th, 2002! The match was short and I feel like the European women didn't respect any sort of reputation I built up at the start of my career back home. They all expected Lisa to quickly put me away but I ended up winning a one sided debut against an opponent the British press called a "clear favorite" to win. Things changed as far as my perception went in Europe after this one.

P.S- Gemma I know this one will be a tough one for you since she was someone ya loved to watch when I showed up on the European wrestling scene.

Lisa Rampart
Height- 5'11"
Weight- 189 lbs
Age- 38 years old
Hometown- London, England

"Amazon" Alaina Sanders
Height- 5'9''
Weight- 171 lbs
Age- 27 years old
Hometown- San Diego, California

"The crowd present was excited to see wrestling veteran and hometown grappler Lisa Rampart take on a sensation from the USA who wrestled in the USWW from 1997-2001. The rising star called herself the amazon and even though she was smaller than Lisa her physique was a sight to behold and she looked like she was carved out of rock. The two women began with a contest of strength and the crowd watched in surprise as Alaina forced her down to the mat overpowering the larger British powerhouse! Little did the audience know that this set the tone for the entire matchup. The women exchanged strikes, a contest which Alaina again won as she weathered the storm and sent Lisa to the mat on her back with a forearm smash to the chest. Alaina then went on a stretch where she looked to wear down Lisa. She would pull her up to her feet whipping her across the ring over and over wasting her opponents endurance while hammering her with clotheslines, dropkicks, shoulder blocks and even a couple running hip attacks. Lisa was in shock and her overconfidence led to her stuck in a hole as the amazon kept up, relentlessly. She heft Lisa up for a samoan drop and then ran to the ropes, hitting a springboard elbow drop and pin but Lisa kicked out at 1.9. Alaina kept up and hit her with a leg drop, headscissor hold and a deadlift fallaway slam before pinning the struggling Lisa for 2.25. Alaina pulled Lisa up for a scoop slam and she flexed her arms, strutting about to show off while Lisa was on the mat. As Lisa got up she attempted to lift Alaina, but Alaina blocked the attempt and slammed Lisa again adding a leg drop and flexing pose afterward. A grinning Alaina heard the crowd loudly booing her as she deadlift Lisa up, slapped her backside and slammed her a third time before splashing down on her for the 3 count pin to take the win in fast fashion as the match timer was right about 2:31."

The little summary really didn't mention how much the crowd hated me when I first showed up. I was a cocky woman from the USA who was just muscle and size no technique or skill. I heard a lot of hate since in the early 2000s women being super muscular wasn't a popular thing. However once they saw me in action, saw how hard I worked and caught me in my other attires like Wonder Woman, various game characters, etc they seemed to slowly accept me. I feel like it really took a full year of wrestling in Europe before the fans really embraced me there much longer than the immediate love I got in Mexico. My time in Japan was something in between where once I showed my in-ring prowess and picked up on more agility based attacks coupled with my power they really took a shining to me and that even took quite some time.

While my debuts all over the globe all went very well for me I recall my 2007 debut in Japan. That was one of the worst losses if not the worst loss of my career. I got my big butt humbled in that one. I am hoping before long to cover it just because it balances out the debut beating I gave Lisa although we formed a powerhouse tag team in Europe soon after my arrival. I hope you all liked this little jaunt down memory lane!

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