USPW Highlight Match: “The March Hare” Chelsea Forster w/ George Forunato vs. Abby Mars

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USPW Highlight Match: “The March Hare” Chelsea Forster w/ George Forunato vs. Abby Mars

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Author’s Note
This is a match that is on USPW’s second night of their U.K. tour and this show took place in Liverpool, England. This is actually a new gimmick for Chelsea as @RedShinigami and @CaptainL have let me take it for a test drive to bring to you all today. Full credit goes to them for The March Hare gimmick. This is also her first match back after her Street Fight with Finella Edelstein at We Are LAW 5. I hope you all enjoy her debut match and her return to USPW.

(Coming out right as Jester left the ring on the north side, a woman with long green hair wearing a black shirt saying “Cruel and Beautiful” in dark purple lettering, black trunks, and dark green boots with black laces. She carried a microphone with her as the Liverpool crowd stared at her in confusion.)

“So, this is the bunny’s hometown, eh?” The woman asked as the crowd cheered at the mention of The British Bunnies before the woman sneered. “Hello? Did I say you all could cheer or make noise? I’m not done speaking. Honestly, I just came here for some revenge and then I’m booking my flight back to America to get out of this filth-infested town.”

(The crowd booed the woman heavily as she came down the ramp trash talking the locals and then got to the ring ropes heading inside.)

“That blowhard got what came to him and it sets the stage for a real motherfucking wrestler to take control! Who’s not a real wrestler is that British carrot-chewing, celebrity-fucking, weeaboo you all love so much!” The woman exclaimed as more boos poured from the crowd.

(The crowd chanted “YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!” as Abby flipped every single one of them off before beating her mic across a top rope to get feedback looping out to the crowd.)

“The name’s Abby fucking Mars! Molly Forster, you got away scot free by escaping to that fish port called Japan, but now that you are back, you and me got unfinished business. I became your first victory and you and that sister made me a rage of fire ready to burn your sorry asses. So, let’s not keep me waiting and let’s get down to what I came to settle. Bring it on, bunny bimbo!” Abby exclaimed as she threw down her mic and began running the ropes mocking the Liverpool crowd.

(The crowd waited for some type of response from Molly or even her older sister that they hadn’t seen yet tonight. Abby yelled “Come on, cosplayer! I got a costume change into a hospital gown waiting for ya!” as the crowd continued piling on boos towards her, but she blew a raspberry at them saying “Fuck you all!” Abby shot up double middle fingers as she took off her shirt throwing outside before looking at the entrance stage again.)

[media] [/media]

(Abby stared in confusion at theme as she didn’t hear the normal singles theme for either Molly or Chelsea as a man came out instead which the fans lost their mind seeing George Fortunato smiled a bright set of white teeth ripping his hat to his home country. He wore a red showman’s jacket with a buttoned-up bronze vest underneath with each button being a different symbol (black star, red diamond, brown coin, red diamond), a white regal drape with a gold trim over the shoulders, a white ascot, white gloves, long white pants with colored diamonds down the legs, black and white jester shoes with a red trim, and a bronze top hat modeled after a birdcage. He raised his cane to the crowd and had a microphone of his own as his theme music stopped suddenly.)
George Forunato
“Bet ya weren’t expectin’ me, sweetie! Now, I’m way more of a lover than I am a fighter so I’m not here to stick up as a replacement. However, Molly is already booked up with something so she won’t be coming anywhere near you tonight. I know that’s not what you want, but that’s disappointment for ya,” George stated as the crowd cheered loudly while Abby balled up her fists.

“What the fuck?! Who are you to deny me revenge?!” Abby screamed as she picked up her mic and looked at George with fury red eyes.

“No need to get all chipped, sweetie. I got just the thing for you. There is another Liverpool resident here tonight for ya,” George announced as the crowd cheered wildly knowing the other half of their beloved bunnies. “She is coming off a very extended journey of recovery and is back in tip-top hoppity hoppity shape. Hehehehe…I kid around a lot so you’ll have to excuse the corny humor. Anyway, ladies and gents of Liverpool, allow me, George Fortunato, to welcome you the lady of the hour, the most marvelous bunny in all of Wonderland, the apple of my eye, the major attraction of the Mad Tea Party, she is debuting tonight as The March Hare, Chelsea Forster!” George announced as he shoved his cane up high shooting off a stream of glitter forming a small bunny head with ears.

[media] [/media]

(A floating mirror hung from the ceiling glistening in the lights as the crowd cheered wildly welcoming back one half of the British Bunnies as they saw a full flag of the Britain Union Jack standing up the ramp. The flag deflated onto the back as a blonde ponytail could be seen clearly along with a red bunny headband. Chelsea Forster turned around brightly smiling as her body was covered in the flag and she raised a white pink-striped glove to George before he bowed his head to kiss it. Upon closer inspection, Chelsea wore a tiny white top hat with a red band around the middle and a pink flower attached to it, a red bow tie, a white collared buttoned-up bra, a sleeveless red jacket, a red skirt with white trim and gold belt hanging off her left side, one long red sock with a white trim and one white pink-stripped sock both covered by white boots with pink bindings and red laces tied. As Chelsea walked down the ramp with George holding up his cane in the air, Chelsea extended the flag as red and blue pyro went off from the stage behind them.)
Chelsea Forster
(Chelsea continued down the ramp glaring down Abby obviously hearing comments as she took off the flag raising it high showing off patriotism for England. She draped it on the top rope before climbing the lower left corner as George raised his cane pointing to his hare and Chelsea hopped in taking off her top hat and grabbing her skirt to bow as Abby laughed in her face. USPW referee Melly Jackson ran down the ramp and decided to officiate the match coming in to hold back both women while George stepped down to ringside.)

Melly kept both women apart as Abby fluffed out her green hair and Chelsea passed over her top hat to George as the bell rang. Abby ran up to Chelsea punching her into the corner kicking her down in a seated position, but George stuck his cane in the ring getting Abby to back off. Abby spit out at him as the referee scolded her action as Abby grabbed Chelsea by the blonde hair. She whipped Chelsea south as Chelsea hung onto the top rope sticking her tongue out at Abby. Abby came at her, but Chelsea ducked a punch hitting a Roundhouse Kick sending Abby out south to the floor. Chelsea then ran the north ropes before hitting a Suicide Dive getting the cheers from her hometown as she got doing a bow. The ref started the count as Chelsea gets Abby back in the ring at 3 and rolls in herself kicking down Abby over to the lower left corner. Chelsea uses the top rope to stomp a mud hole into her opponent as the ref kept an eye on her.

The crowd chanted “LET’S GO CHELSEA! LET’S GO CHELSEA! LET’S GO CHELSEA!” as that only motivated her kicks more before the ref told her back it off. Chelsea grabbed Abby up, but Abby raked the eyes getting another warning from the ref as Chelsea backed off holding her eyes. Abby held her hands up before running to hit a back elbow to the head knocking Chelsea down. Abby gets Chelsea up hitting a Headbutt to Chelsea whipping her into the north ropes before Abby hits a Running Neckbreaker landing Chelsea hard on the back. Abby holds down the shoulders and looks at the ref.

“1…2…” The ref counted, but Chelsea kicked out after 2!

Abby punched the head multiple times before locking in a chin lock getting the crowd to boo the usual jobber as Abby screamed insults in Chelsea’s ear. Chelsea gritted her teeth keeping her hands still as the crowd supported her and she balled up her fists banging the canvas. Chelsea slipped out and launched right foot into the mouth of Abby. Abby backed off into the north ropes as Chelsea got her in a Snap German Suplex making Abby go up on her knees. Chelsea ran the ropes hitting the Shining Wizard on Abby! Chelsea hooked the left leg and called for the pin.

“1….2…” The ref counted, but Abby kicked out at 2.5!

Abby pushed Chelsea off as George riled the crowd up for more cheers towards Chelsea as the March Hare got up. Chelsea then raised her right fist in the air shouting “Bring it behin’ me, Liverpool!” The crowd chanted as they clapped along and Chelsea winded her right fist back more and more before walking to Abby and punching the face and then a left and right and left and right and left and right. Chelsea shouted “WHO’S WAY?!” and the fans shouted “LIVERPOOL!” before Chelsea hit a back elbow knocking down Abby, who held her face as her green hair shadowed her. Chelsea gets Abby up and whips her into the upper left corner, but Abby grabs the top rope hopping over Chelsea before hitting a Corner Lariat. Chelsea comes out to a Bulldog into the canvas before Abby locks her in an Armbar. Chelsea screamed as her left arm was wrenched tightly in Abby’s grasp as the ref asked if she was done, but Chelsea shook her head.

Chelsea brought her right leg towards the bottom west rope as the ref saw it trying to get Abby to break it counting to 3 before Abby released. George waved his cane at the ropes as Abby waved him off before grabbing Chelsea by the blonde hair getting her on the west bottom rope jumping to slam both feet in the back. Chelsea coughed holding her throat as her headband nearly fell off her face as Abby kicked the accessory out of the ring. Chelsea hung onto the rope as Abby drags her into the middle by her feet turning her over grabbing both boots. Abby smirks sending three devastating kicks to the stomach causing further hurt to Chelsea. Chelsea held her rib cage as she gritted her teeth in pain while Abby played to the boos of the Liverpool crowd. Abby gets Chelsea up by the blonde hair before picking her up in a Running Powerslam hooking both legs.

“1…2…” The ref counted, but Chelsea powered out at 2.6!

Abby growled in frustration as she got Chelsea up bending her over hooking both arms looking for some other powerful move, but Chelsea headbutted the gut as Abby backed away holding her belly. Chelsea then ran the south end ropes hitting her new signature, The March Hare Crossing (Running Double Knee Strike), to the face of Abby blasting her on the canvas. Chelsea got the momentum back getting Abby up kicking her in the gut and hitting the Stunner to a thunderous ovation! Abby goes back holding her chin as Chelsea crawled over to hook both legs.
“Welcome to the Tea Party! Have yourself a seat!” Spud screamed.

“1…2…3!” The ref counted as Chelsea screamed in victory!

“Here is your winner, “The March Hare” Chelsea Forster!”

(Chelsea gets up getting her hand raised by Melly as the ref left to attend to Abby. George gets in the ring as both man and woman hug with Chelsea jumping in George’s arms and legs wrapped around him. After ending the hug, George fetched Chelsea’s headband and handed back her bunny ears which she accepted.)

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