An event that has wrestlers fighting all over Tokyo, trying to collect as many pins and submissions as possible by the end of the day/before the end of the event. Event organized by user Devilish53

For a full explanation, please check out the threads that spawned this idea, here and here
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Re: Signups/Kickoff

Unread post by LtLukas »

Here comes Lizzie Borden, the Waking Nightmare

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Re: Signups/Kickoff

Unread post by Dubski »

Roni "The Hitwoman" Mancini
Roni Mancini
She's a trained and talented hitwoman, looking for some mayhem and carnage to brighten up her life. Finding joy in just beating the snot out of a bunch of losers, this is right up her alley. Of course, even better, this is the perfect opportunity for Roni to rustle up some new business. Being a highly publicized event, The Hitwoman fully intends to shill her profession. And if anyone in this tournament wants someone taken out and has the money to spare? Well, they can go right to Roni Mancini and she will gladly make their dreams come true and take care of the poor girl who someone wants taken out.

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Re: Signups/Kickoff

Unread post by Devilish53 »

Quick Note

I should have put this in the original post, but it should be noted; I am not expecting massive threads for every encounter. Ideally, I'd like everyone to at least go for one encounter per time-block. In the right scenario, even a one page thread could work. But yeh, given the focus on creative use of hardcore weapons, it'd be a bit of stretch to ask everyone to do a nine page thread given realistically, a good shot could take a wrestler out in one, not to mention that later in the day, your girl is gonna be exhausted. By all means go for these long threads if you like, but it's not a must-do.
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Re: Signups/Kickoff

Unread post by LowDefinition »

I might be a bit late to the party but...
I'll place my girl Yuzuha Takamiya to fight in the Tokyo Brawl!
The rough yankee lightweight who's not afraid to fight against any wrestlers even ones who've outweights her and use weapons and get creative with it!

Note : May possibly have Kanata Yamamoto as an innocent bystander
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Re: Signups/Kickoff

Unread post by AlyAdmirer »

Assuming it's not too late to sign up, I'll throw in AJ Swann...

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Re: Signups/Kickoff

Unread post by SchierSchoch »

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Re: Signups/Kickoff

Unread post by GrapplerGoddess »

Ying Tao: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=3134

A crazed and viscous painter who is obsessed with turning beautiful girls as living canvases. Before joining LAW she acquired "volunteers" for her masterpieces by beating them down in the street and taking them back to her studio.

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Re: Signups/Kickoff

Unread post by Armada »

Stacy "Major" Hazard.

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Re: Signups/Kickoff

Unread post by Mkmd13 »

Signing Karbon up for this: viewtopic.php?f=65&t=3641&p=69648#p69648

Karbon Mannering: viewtopic.php?f=65&t=3641&p=69648#p69648
Long Shin: viewtopic.php?p=76011#p76011
Shenlong: viewtopic.php?f=65&t=3929&p=76106#p76106

Fantasy Wrestlers:

Long Shin: viewtopic.php?p=76009#p76009
Shenlong: viewtopic.php?f=55&t=3928&p=76105#p76105

Discord: NINtoolLICA#0952

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Re: Signups/Kickoff

Unread post by SleeperAgent94 »

Tracer signing Up to end her losing streak and prove how tough she really is!

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