Avalie - Trainer/LAW Magazine Thread Requests

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Avalie - Trainer/LAW Magazine Thread Requests

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I'm making this specific thread for my character Avalie because she's not part of the wresters roster and as a fitness trainer and staff member interactions with her are a bit different from the usual feud building/backstage brawls/matches threads. She also writes in LAW Magazine so it opens other RP opportunities as well.

So what can you do with Avalie?

- You can officially hire her as a fitness trainer for one of your characters, the meeting can be rp'ed in a thread if you want (or IM if you think it isn't worth a thread), it can also be contacted via her twitter.

- You can have a work out/training thread with her, or just run into her at the gym and start chatting. You don't need to be one of her regular client or student to do so.

- You can suggest an interview for one of your characters, she is a columnist for LAW magazine and will be happy to have a chat and publish it as long as it is somewhat fitness/bodybuilding/weightlifting related. The interview doesn't have to be 100% focused on these topics, the conversation can drift a little.

- If you think that one of your characters is has been criminally overlooked in her "Iron Ladies of LAW" series of articles you can either contact me (PM or discord) to suggest a feature in the next instalment, or you can also have your character publicly voice her discontent and call her out on Avalie's twitter. Or both.

- Gym/backstage/outside LAW arguments, brawls, competitive encounter threads aren't a priority and I'll be more picky regarding suggestions but it is still within the realm of the possible. And finally, matches are very unlikely and won't happen without pre-existing threads (not just a few tweets or a short IM) that justify her exceptional presence in the ring.
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Re: Avalie - Trainer/LAW Magazine Thread Requests

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