Lamp's Lightbulbs (Requests & Plot Ideas)

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Lamp's Lightbulbs (Requests & Plot Ideas)

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It's about time I made a proper request thread for the forum, so... here it is.

Yeah... not much fanfare for this one, but yes, this is where I'm going to keep all my thread requests and story ideas for my characters. If anyone is interested in doing a plot or story idea from here just shoot me a message either here or on discord. And with that said...

Amano | Available
  • Currently been in an Amano mood, so I'm down for almost anything with her.
  • At the moment I'm fishing for some more lewd/humiliation matches to play up her risque in-ring persona, but I'm down for anything with her.

Haganehime | Available
  • At the moment I have no real plans for Himeko, as she's more of an auxiliary character, but potential rivalries and grudges against other fighters are welcomed!

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      Hangaku | Unavailable
      • Hangaku is pretty booked in terms of matches, so she's unavailable for the moment.

      Kurokage | Unavailable
      • Kuro is on break until I finish some other matches.

      Yukihiro | Unavailable
      • Similar to Hangaku, I'm putting a hold on Yuki stuff until I get some of his other things wrapped up.
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