Shuten Sato

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Shuten Sato

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Shuten Sato (fake horns and ears, only wears them during wrestling promos)

Name: Shuten Sato
Nickname: The Oni from the mountain
Sex: Male
Age: 21(Younger than Saki)
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Purple
Height: 5’7
Weight: 140 lbs
Nationality: Japan
Alignment: Tweener(Act how he wants to)
Difficulty: Hard
Entrance Music:

Shuten Sato is a cute/handsome guy. Pale skin with some even saying has light purple, almost resembling silver tinged to it. Short purple hair and luscious purple eyes that many people have gotten lost in. He wears fake oni horns, ears, and fangs to give him more of a Oni look to him.

His figure is lean, feminine like with multiple muscles scattered all over his body.

Wrestling outfit: He wears an extremely long kimono without a sash, exposing his body underneath. The Kimono is bluish-purple, with red curved lines drawn throughout it. He takes it off before a match. He’s almost naked underneath it, a piece of seemingly soft but hard black material that covers his crotch and breasts, liked together by thin lines, going all the way up to his neck, connecting into a choker. Of the same material, he wears small pieces of it, tied to his toes and heels.

On his legs is the same black material as the rest of his body but covers the entirety of his lower thighs, knees to his calves. He is always carrying a small brown gourd filled with some type of liquid. The liquid inside is a very strong alcoholic beverage that can almost knock most unsuspecting people if they try to drink it.


Personality: Shuten is a type of person who only goes wherever his fancy takes him. He thinks and behaves as he pleases. And that includes matches. He could leave a match due to it being boring or has actually attacked someone in a match if he were to find them interesting, they were to offend him or do something that he doesn't tolerate.

Outside the ring, he’s a chill, nice and a relaxed person. Barely being affected by most things with him preferring not to overthink things. He finds most things interesting or fascinating due to living in the mountains for most of his life.

Only a few things can make him lose his chill personality. One of those things is that if someone touches his special drinking gourd.

He is okay to fight anyone, as long as they have a certain level of cuteness, beautiful or handsomeness to them, even those obviously are gonna destroy him and could pick him up with one arm. As long as he has his fun and doesn't be a total jobber during the match.

No one is really sure if it’s his real personality or if it’s due to him drinking all the time from his gourd. Which may or may not contain a special type of mixture of his own personal brew. He says it’s wine, however last time someone took a drink, Shuten offered, they were said to have gotten instantly drunk, woke up 10 miles away from their last location, barely any clothing on, multiple new tattoos and multiple reports of them.

He takes great offense if someone takes a drink off it without his permission, even if he knows when they drink it will be very likely they will get drunk.


Wrestling Information:
Strategy: Shuten doesn't really have a style, he prefers using any moves he finds useful and being smart about it. He uses his amazing flexibility to help perform(and escape) most holds and deal devastating moves when he sees the chance. He loves making his opponents scream, either in pain or pleasure.

When angered however it’s like a different side of his wrestling style. Normally he would take it slow to study and test his opponents. When angered however, he will go for more of an aggressive style.

With how he dresses, Shuten isn’t afraid of showing off his body. He is okay with just about wrestling any women and even some males(Though he said they have to be pretty). He is okay with pleasuring any spot on his opponent’s body, their sex, nipples, feet, armpits, stomach, anywhere as long as it will make them feel something sexual wise.

However, surprisingly there is something that he cannot handle. And that’s when someone is being sincere and praising him.

Prefered Moves:
Strikes: Limb targeting, kicks to the body, Basement kick, Atomic drop followed by a jumping splash, Shoot Kicks to the chest, Running knee, Leg Drop, Shin Breaker, Flying Clothesline, Big Boot, Wheel kick, Jumping Back Elbow, Baseball slide, Cross chop, Big Boot, Springboard kick, Stinger splash, Knee Drop,

Aerial: Cross Body, Diving elbow drop, Missile Dropkick, Springboard Hurricanrana, Suicide Dive, Diving double Foot stomp, Senton, Mushroom stomp, Splash, Diving Closeline, Diving leg drop, Diving hurricanrana, Diving Elbow Drop, Running Crossbody, Diving leg drop bulldog

Throws: Fallaway Slam, Brainbuster, Slingshot to the ropes, Package piledriver, DDT’s (Tornado, Jumping, snap, cradle, double arm) Suplex (Fisherman, Backdrop, Slingshot), Swinging Neckbreaker, Spinning facebuster, Bridging Fall-away Slam, Sitout Facebuster, Diving Bulldog, One-handed bulldog, Catapult, Double knee facebreaker, Samoan drop, Guillotine drop, Inverted stomp facebreaker,

Submission: Boston Crabs (single, regular, reverse), Cross ArmBreaker, Camel clutch, Leg trap Camel clutch, Grinding his foot on her opponent face on the ropes, Fujiwara armbar, Figure four leg lock,(mounted/or regular)Triangle armbar, Figure four necklock, Lotus Lock, Coji clutch, modified Chicken-Wing Crossface, Headscissors, The Sharpshooter, Bow and Arrow, Stump Puller, STF, Stretch Muffler,

Favorite moves: (Not finishers or Signatures but moves he usually uses in matches):
Favorite moves
Closeline to the corner than a Bulldog:
Slingshot suplex(Not Delayed):
Tornado DDT Variants:
Ring Rope:
Second turnbuckle:
Counter DDT:
Between ropes:
Corner Trap Dragon Screw:
Guillotine Drop:

Preferred Matches: Any match is fine with him though doesn't like anything bloody or with weapons. Though he likes Regular matches with hentai stuff allowed, Hentai matches, Kiss my foot match and “I quit” match.

Attitude To Hentai: “Hmmm sure~ Though they better be cute and interesting.”


Psychical Stats:
-Endurance: ★★★★ - Shuten has surprisingly high strong pain and pleasure tolerance. Even with his soft, delicate look, he can surprise anyone with how much he can endure and give right back.
-Strength: ★★★ - Shuten is strong for his size, though can’t do anything crazy.
-Speed: ★★★★ - Great speed in both striking and running, even if he doesn't like to run a lot.
-Defense: ★★ - Doesn't really block that much.
-Techniques: ★★★★ - Due to his style, he has many techniques he can use.

Wrestling Stats:
-Aerial: ★★ - While Shuten prefers to stay on the ground, he’s not afraid about going airborne against opponents.
-Power : ★★★★ - Has plenty of power techniques against foes, even if he isn’t the strongest user.
-Submissions: ★★★★ - He’s favorite way to win is by making his opponents tapping out. Has and knows plenty of submission holds. Is good at getting out of them as well.
- Strikes: ★★★★ - Hit’s fast and strong. Prefers using any part of his body to strike.
-Counters: ★★★ - Pretty okay at countering his opponents.
-Hentai: ★★★★ - Very knowledgeable with Hentai moves. Can endure plenty of pleasuring. The only thing stopping it from reaching 5 is that he can get lost in the pleasure.

Match Ending Moves

Signature moves
Spoiler title
Boston Crab Back Breaker
Spoiler title

Acts like he is about to do a Boston Crab but instead of doing that, he jumps with the legs still in his grasp.
Inverted Boston Crab:
Spoiler title

Grabs his opponents legs and tucks them into his armpit while they are on their back. He tries to turn them onto their stomach and once they do, he would lean down as far as he can go, stretching the legs towards the back off his opponent head.
Tornado Suplex
Spoiler title
Locks in a front face lock on his opponent from a turnbuckle and draps his opponent arm over his shoulder. He than jumps forward and swings around, but lands on his feet and using his momentum, suplex his opponent.
Tree of Woe Variants
Spoiler title:
Grabs his opponents and flips them upside down on a turnbuckle. The opponent's legs are then hooked under the top rope, leaving the opponent facing the Shuten. Shuten will then use one or maybe all of these moves on his upside down opponent.
Modified Surfboard Stretch
Spoiler title

Hooks his opponent's legs around his waist and secures them to his side. He than flips till his opponent is on their stomach. He scotches up with the legs trapped by his armpits and arms, and grabs his opponents arms. He than grabs back as much as the arms can go. If lost a grip on one arm, he would use both hands to grab the remaining arm and pull as much as he can.

Spoiler title
Package Piledriver
Spoiler title
He picks up his down opponent and slams them back down and goes for a pin. It can be used as a Hentai variant with him teasing and playing with his opponent's sex.
Banana Split:
Spoiler title
Opponent upside down
Opponent sitting
Shuten takes one leg in his arms, looping his legs around the other one and he split his opponent's like a banana. Can be used as a Hentai submission move as well.
Dragon Sleeper
Spoiler title:
Normal Dragon Sleeper
Transaction of doing a normal dragon sleeper to a hentai version by playing with his opponents nipples
Shuten stuffs his opponents face into hairless his armpit and plays with their nipples.
Rings of Saturn
Spoiler title

Will squeeze and pull on the opponent arms before eventually reaching and trying to grab their closet leg.
Lick or break (Boston Crab)
Spoiler title
Boston crab with his feet in his opponent’s face. Will keep on bending back till either the person feet is on the back off their head, the opponent taps out or kisses/licks his feet submissively and begs him to stop.
Stump Puller:
Spoiler title:
Spoiler title
Spoiler title:
Sits behind his opponent and traps their arms underneath him. He than grabs and pushes his opponents legs up as far as they can go. He can either than pulls them apart and splits them or turns on leg over the other leg knee and pulls on the upwards leg.

Special Finisher:
Figure Four Ring Post

Will use if he sees the chance. Depending on who he is facing and how much fun he is having, he will either drop it before it can reaches the count or will keep it up, losing the match but he get's his way at making his opponent scream. Will always try and use this move seriously when it can be legal. If possible will use his feet to maneuver towards his opponent’s sex and try to mess with it.
Hentai finisher:
Spoiler title
Figure Four
Spoiler title
Will focus mostly on using his feet to mess and play with his opponent's sex rather than doing damage. Randomly will pull and twist the legs for the pain and the move still has the same toughness to escape as a regular figure four.
Sleeper Hold:
Spoiler title
Traps his opponent in a sleeper hold but also uses his legs to trap his opponent's arms behind their back. He would than begin kissing and worshipping their neck and once his opponent is out of it, moves his hands down to play with their nipples.
Banana split:
Spoiler title
Will do a regular Banana Split with a additional bonus of kissing or licking his opponents thighs. If he can, he will free a hand to go towards his opponent's sex as well.


Not much is known about Shuten Sato. The best thing people could find out about him and his sister, Saki Sato, was that they grew up in a secluded village in a random mountain range in Japan. He traveled down to one of the cities out of boredom first before his sister followed him down. They said they instantly fell in love with everything around them during their teenage years.

They quickly joined a small time wrestling league due to finding a flyer about a tournament where anyone can join for a lot of money. Saki quickly joined the tournament first before she dragged him to join to get a better chance at winning. They met at the finals and had to wrestle against each other in the end. It was a tie before they got signed in that league.

Both were a strong tag team and good single competitors in the league. Soon after they joined multiple other leagues before slipping but kept in contact with each other to join different leagues. Eventually both talked about it and joined LAW at the same time, due to finding it the most fun so far.


Wrestling outfit
Wrestling outfit(1)
Spoiler title
Wrestling outfit (2)
No hat
Normal outfit
Spoiler title
Spoiler title
Spoiler title
Hentai wrestling outfit
One of his Hentai wrestling outfits. Will wear it randomly.
18+, Lewd


Family: Saki Sato(Twin sister/Older sister)






Likes: His special drink mix.
All new
The color purple

He is a collector of antiques and rarities. With his special drinking gourd is one of those things that has been in his family possessions for generations.
Caution: His drink is not meant for those that cannot handle alcohol. Extremely strong.
Due to drinking his special drink a lot, he can barely be effected by weaker alcoholic type drinks.
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