Brandi Bunny vs Zarina Torres

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Re: Brandi Bunny vs Zarina Torres

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As Zarina hit the mat from the suplex, Brandi sat up, grinning and lifting a hand to her mouth as she begin to giggle, sounding like she was as pleased as punch with herself for pulling off such a big and impressive move.

"That was fun, Za-Za! But...I want to have even more fun with you!"

Up to her feet the blonde bunny scurried, and once she was standing she quickly took off towards the ropes. Her body slammed into them and she bounced off, flying back towards the fallen Zarina...and as she reached her, Brandi leaped up into the air, trying to come falling down onto Zarina with a great big body splash!
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Re: Brandi Bunny vs Zarina Torres

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Zarina slammed the mat with a massive thud, leaving the Brazilian woman downed and very winded, groaning as she tried to catch her breath, Brandi popping up and teasing her as she continued to run this match, poor Zarina taking a backseat! But she wasn't able to catch her breath much at all before she found the bunny woman rushing towards her yet again, this time leaping up after bouncing off the ropes and coming slamming down on the floored Brazilian with a massive body splash!

"AUGH!" Zarina let out a grunt as Brandi landed hard on her, squashing the air out of the Brazilian wrestler as their busty figures collided, the black haired gal struggling underneath her after being squashed!

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