Alyssa Monroe vs Himiko

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Re: Alyssa Monroe vs Himiko

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Alyssa had to get back up to her feet but it seemed as if Himiko wasn't in any rush to attack either. Shaking her head the Brutish Brawler would bring herself up to her knees and then let out a huff, forcing herself to rise to her feet as she would then roll her shoulders. Throwing a bit of a glare over at Himiko.

Raising her fists up she would start to walk closer and closer towards Himiko and then try and approach as the fellow blonde got up to her feet. She would move in as she had just released the ropes and then try and step in to deliver a harsh right hook right to the jaw of Himiko!

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Re: Alyssa Monroe vs Himiko

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Alyssa came closer towards Himiko. The woman glared back the her watching Alyssa as she came closer. She didn't just rushed at her so Himiko was carefule to look for an opening.

The opening she was looking for came as Alyssa unleashed a right hook at her jaw. As a response the blond woman would attempt to side step the attack and then Knee her opponent into her guts to make her bend over. She was ready to end it here but Himiko had to wear her opponent down a bit more.

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