Blizzard's Growl - Yuki inue

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Blizzard's Growl - Yuki inue

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♡♡ General Info♡♡
Name: Yuki Inue
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Race: Wolf Girl (Inu)
Sexuality: Lesbian
Attitude Towards Hentai: “Hmph! Get ready to lose, loser!”

Personality: She’s rambunctious, stubborn and typically hard to control, her wild like nature tends to make her run everywhere and talk to many people. When she is feeling challenged, she will typically always challenge them to a POW match with the idea that she would be able to take them back with her and teach them a lesson. A part of that idea of challenging people is because she also has a strong desire to be known as the Alpha and to prove her strength to everyone regardless of how large they are.

Granted, despite her stubbornness, she is pretty honor bound. When she loses, she will accept the loss full-heartedly and give in to the person she deems as Alpha for a while until she can take the title of Alpha back from them which means beating them in any format. Which usually means that she will tend to challenge that same person she had lost to over and over again. This has led to her having to serve someone for a whole month one time because she kept losing over and over again. She lives similar to the rules of the wolf in terms of you respect whoever is Alpha, and serve the Alpha until you yourself are strong enough to take over.

Backstory: N/A (WIP)

♡♡ Appearance ♡♡
Height: 5’3
Weight: 145lbs
Bust: Ecup
Scars: None
Tattoos: None

♡♡ Wrestling Info ♡♡
Nickname: Blizzard’s Growl
Baby face, heel or tweener: Tweener
Style of wrestling: Fast paced and rabid. Usually overwhelming her opponent not just by movement speed, but by performing many attacks in a combo format. She takes fighting very seriously so she is not afraid to go for low blows either if it means taking/keeping her self-proclaimed title of Alpha
Theme song:
(First song)
Strength: 7/10
Agility: 9/10
Technical: 7/10
Endurance: 4/10 (she has a lot of stamina but doesn’t conserve well)
Will: 8/10
Defense: 3/10

-Enhanced strength - Can pick up most creatures up to 10ft tall
- Enhanced Senses - Can hear and smell others much better, allowing her to locate most anyone if they ever hide themselves. She could even fight someone based on her sense of smell and hearing alone.
- Claws - Her fingers tips can grow sharp like wolf claws

- She relies a bit too heavily on her enhanced senses, if their dulled, she's left a little helpless
- Sensitive to pleasure. It's difficult for her to contain pleasure once she feels it.
- Sensitive tail - Tends to make her feel weak from pleasure when others grab and play with her fluffy tail

Wood splitter:
♡♡ Outfits ♡♡

Wrestling Outfit(s):
Hentai Outfit(s):
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