Sakuhi Jones (Non-canon character)

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Sakuhi Jones (Non-canon character)

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Name: Sakuhi Jones
Nicknames: None
Age: 20
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'9
Weight: 162 Lbs
Sexuality: Straight (Relationship wise, anyway. She'll happily play around with other girls)
Birthday: January 31st

Boob size: DD

Quotes: "Let's have a good match!" "I'm gonna be just as good as my Ma!"

Even more casual~ NSFW
Reference image for her ring gear
Entrance music:

Alignment: Face

Hometown: Nerima, Japan

Fighting Style: Like her mother, Sakuhi is a brawler who focuses on her strength to beat on her opponent. She's great with strikes and throws, but is a bit of a novice with submissions.

Finishing moves:
Sister Strike
Signature moves:
Starshot Lariat
Dragon Stomps
Attitude to hentai: "Of course! Can't wait to have girls sucking on these things!"

Likes: Sports, her family, watching her Ma's old matches

Dislikes: Sitting still, stuck up people, bullies.

Personality: Sakuhi is the epitome of a tomboy, a loud, upbeat, and fun loving girl. She loves to joke around and make new friends, and is always one for some teasing banter. She can also be a bit of a hot head, and won't hesitate to punch or throw hands with someone who's asking for it.

Sakuhi was raised with the mindset that in a match, it's time to be mean. Her playfulness is still there, but she happily trash talks and beats up her opponents. That said, she almost always shakes hands after a match.

History: Sakuhi was born the daughter of the famous wrestler Skylar Jones, and grew up the oldest of two sisters. She was her Ma's biggest fan, and from the beginning, she knew she wanted to be a professional wrestler when she grew up. She would routinely practice moves on her sister, and would need constant lecturing from her other, more civilized Mom.

Sakuhi started wrestling in Elementary School, and by High School, was a multi time state champion. After she graduated, she was taken under the ring of a close family friend and someone her Ma herself had trained, her namesake, Sakura Tanahashi, who trained her in the style of professional wrestling. Sakuhi was put through vigorous training by Sakura, but became incredibly physically tough because of it. She would make her debut on the Japanese independant circuit, and be off to a fairly good start, having a positive record by the end of her rookie year, and being brought into LAW's Young Lioness

Meanwhile though, Skylar Jones was clinging to what was left of her career. After a brutal and humiliating loss to end a bitter rivalry with a fellow veteran, Sakuhi's other mother begged Skylar to retire, but Sky was hesitant. She could see how much her wife was worried about her and the health of her aging body, but letting go of the sport she'd loved for nearly thirty years was hard, especially when she would be going out on such a bad note. She wanted to have just one more match, but she didn't know who against... Until her daughter challenged her, and with a smile, Skylar accepted.

At the next Pay-Per-View, there would be a long and gruelling bout between mother and daughter, and after taking every bit of offense Skylar had left to give, Sakuhi was victorious, defeating her mother with her own finisher, the Joker Driver, and bringing her long career to an end. As a passing of the torch, Skylar passed on her ring gear to Sakuhi. It was the proudest day of her young life.

Filled with confidence after the win over her mother, Sakuhi would set her sights on the woman who had been Skylar's final bitter rival, Chichi Agawa. Wanting to avenge the humiliating loss Chichi had dealt to her mother at the end of their feud, Sakuhi challenged Chichi to a match, and after going to war, Sakuhi would emerge victorious over the veteran, ending the night with her sneaker pressed down on her chest.

Having defeated two accomplished veterans in a short period of time, the wrestling world took notice of Sakuhi Jones, and she would be offered a spot on LAW's main roster. With a giddy grin, Sakuhi accepted, excited to write her own legend in the company in which her Ma had written her's.



Fun facts:
-Her sister, Akemi, is younger then her by one year, but much smarter then her. She's currently in college studying archeology.
-She calls her finisher the Sister Strike because it's the same move she loved doing to her sister when they were children.
-She once won a hot dog eating contest at a carnival, and celebrated her victory by stepping on top of the table and pounding her chest, only to then throw up.
-She calls Skylar Ma and her other mom simply Mom.
-The identity of Sakuhi's other mom is top secret, but I will tell you, she's quite the beauty.
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