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Q: Is there mixed wrestling at LAW?

A: Yes! The mixed division can be found under the wrestler's section, here. And official intergender matches take place here. Intergender interactions are also welcome in the promos section, backstage, other areas, or anywhere else outside the ring.

Q: I got my first character approved and I'd like to make another. Do they have to be approved, too?

A: No. Though if your subsequent character profiles are lacking, someone may bring it up to you.

Q: How many characters am I allowed to have?

A: As many as you can manage. Though I recommend not biting off more than you can chew. You may be asked to slow down/stop if you create far more characters than you can conceivably/actively use

Q: Can I use a character pic that someone else is using?

A: No. Using a reference image for a character follows a first-come, first-served policy. Do not use the same pic as or a pic very similar to one that another user is using. Use the reference checker thread to ask and see if anyone is using the pic you have in mind.

Q: Can I put my character in more than one match at once?

A: Yes, you can. Please try to make it into a cohesive story. Multiple matches started around the same time tend to not end around the same time. Different people post at different rates and different matches may be planned to last longer than others. So you can still fashion it into a cohesive story. Maybe your character worked two matches on the same night or something to that effect.

As mentioned on the Worldbuilding and Disclaimers page, you are in control of how your character's timeline is arranged. You determine the order in which their threads and matches occurred. Time in LAW canon does not have a one-to-one relationship with time in real life.

Q: My girl exists in an alternate canon/efed/wrestling promotion. Can I use her here and reference her rp's that happen elsewhere?

A: Disclaimer: if the images for the character you wanted to transfer/copy over are in use on LAW, take it up with the person currently using it. There is no obligation for someone who was using any given images/character to change their reference pics or forfeit their character just because another user on a different site was using her and wants to copy her over.

If the character and/or reference pics for the character are free, your girl can reference her past experiences and relationships outside of LAW. I'd like you to link some of the relevant stuff in her profile if possible so that everyone can follow along. But your girl is allowed to work this promotion and another one, or switch over to this one if you'd like. If another person, like an old rival/friend of hers comes too, and their relationship persists here, that's even better!

Q: Can my girl compete outside of her weight class?

A: Yes, yes she can. But please do try to be at least somewhat realistic. The difference in weight class should be pronounced in actual matches and skirmishes. A lightweight woman shouldn't be slamming a heavyweight up and down the ring. And a heavyweight shouldn't be able to very easily/rapidly pull off complex aerial maneuvers and get thrown around by lightweights.

Q: Can my girl switch between weight divisions?

A: I suppose so, but this should not be a common occurrence. If you have suitable reference pics, your girl can be moved over a class, especially if you make it into a story (maybe she has gym threads where she's training to lower her weight so she can pursue a different title, for example). If interested in switching classes, message a mod about it. When the change is approved, we will move her profile over to the new class.

Q: How to spoiler tags and bbcode work?

A: This explanation should help.
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