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Match Types

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You're free to have whatever match type you want here at LAW. Have anything from a backstage falls count anywhere brawl to a bed wrestling hentai ironman POW match. Feel free to get creative. The only requirement is that in the beginning of the match, you specify how victory is achieved. And at the end of the match, you declare a winner if there is one, or a draw if there isn't.

The purpose of this page is more so for those who aren't familiar with the different types of matches in wrestling. You can find a large list of matches discussed here ... atch_types

But this page will also highlight a few very common match types.

Standard Match: A one-on-one contest in which victory is decided by pin, submission, KO, count-out, or disqualification.

Tag match: Two or more wrestlers team up to take on an opposing team of equal number. Only one member of each team can be the active "legal" member while the rest of their team waits in the corner. When the active/legal wrestler tags one of their partners, they trade places with them in the corner. Victory conditions are the same as the ones in a standard match

Primer on Standard Singles and Tag Matches

Handicap Match: Usually a two-on-one match. A team with greater numbers takes on a team with fewer numbers. Functions the same as a tag match outside of this facet.

Hentai Match: A more erotic match. Victory is usually awarded by making the opponent climax.

Smother match: Victory is awarded by KO'ing the opponent with a smothering hold (i.e. breast smother).

POW (Prisoner of War) Match: The winner of the match is allowed to restrain the loser(with handcuffs, etc) and take after the match backstage or wherever, usually for the night or whatever time was agreed upon prior to the match. The winner does with the loser as they please.

These are just a few for now. Please do not feel limited by this list. Come up with your own stipulations as you see fit.
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