Roleplay Practices and Ideologies

General outline of the site rules and how roleplaying here works
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Roleplay Practices and Ideologies

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Let's say by now you've made your character, gotten them approved, and you're eager to get started with using them. What are some things you should bear in mind?

Well, what does your character want to do? Do they wish to hone their skills and rise through the ranks of LAW? Perhaps they want the notoriety that comes with the prestige of being one of the best. Perhaps they want that championship gold. Or maybe they're a deviant that was hoping to live through their fantasies by taking part in erotic matches?

There's any number of options from this point, so let's just outline good things to strive for whilst trying to rp in general.

Post to to the thread request topic. It'll help people find you and make them aware that you're looking for stories/matches with particular characters. Be sure to be descriptive in your post. Feel free to specify which character you're looking to use and what you had in mind for them
  • Once you've found someone to rp with, talk things out with them. Communication is the most vital part of any roleplay or roleplay forum, so consulting your rp partner about the details of the rp is crucial. Not every little detail needs to be planned out beforehand. I, myself, have a lot of fun just improvising. But it does pay to discuss the rp to make sure there's no confusion and to make sure you're both getting what you want out of it
  • Format. Matches typically begin with everyone involved making their entrance to the ring, usually with entrance music. And meeting before taking their place in the corner and coming out to fight each other at the sound of the bell. You don't always have to follow that forumula, it's just a rough template. What I will ask is that you include the characters facing off in the title of the thread. "Character X vs Character Y", you can put any additional text before or after. In the first post of the match, please write out the conditions for victory before you begin your turn. And at the end of the rp, please declare the victor.
  • Attention to detail while roleplaying. Detailing the events happening in the story is often welcome. Even doing something as simple as describing your character's facial expression, what was on their mind that day, gestures, and so forth, helps give people a clear idea of what's going on. It also helps convey the impact of moves when they land. Everyone has their own style and it's ok to avoid offering the most granular of details for the sake of keeping the story going, but extra details never hurt anyone.
  • Attempts. Traditionally, in most rp, all your character's actions towards another person's character should be described as attempts. This cannot be stressed enough. Your character should be trying to land moves on the other character in a match, and you should describe things this way until your opponent confirms that they are taking the move. This gives each of you a chance to counter/dodge/react the other's. Under no circumstances do you EVER take control of another person's character and force them to get hit by something.
  • Number of actions per turn. Generally, you should have your character aim to attempt, at most 2 or 3 actions/moves per post. Doing more than that can be going overboard, which can be unfun and counterproductive.
  • Selling. "Selling" is the colloquial term for reacting to the opponent's actions. The ability to sell is an intrinsic part of being a good roleplayer and having good matches. Selling is your way of making sure your opponent's moves matter and vice versa. Is your wrestler outright ignoring the opponent's moves while still attempting moves of their own? Did you wrestler get up immediately after taking a big move like a Powerbomb or a Springboard Forearm? If you're doing anything along those lines, chances are you're doing a very poor job of selling.
  • Consistency. If your girl gets injured, it would only make sense that no one see her in matches the week after said injury. If she's working with other wrestling promotions in additional to LAW, or has a second job in general, it would make sense that we don't see her involved in 4 different matches during the week. The moral of the story is that the circumstances of your character's stories should have consequences.
  • Calling things off. It's ok to call off a thread with another user. But if at all possible, do them the courtesy of talking it out and letting them know. Seeing a user randomly stop posting to a thread you have with them, and still actively post to other threads despite this, doesn't feel good at all. Communication is always first and foremost, even in situations where you don't want to continue a match or story
  • Communication was already referenced in the previous point, but again for emphasis. If you're ever confused about a move or an interaction, if you finished a match and you want to tell them you enjoyed it and want to turn it into a longer story with subsequent interactions, let them know. It really does go a long way. Get into the habit of talking to people. Talk to your rp buds. Talk to your mods. Talk to your admins. It only helps.
Alright, we covered a good chunk of favorable behavior. Let's discuss the types of things we want to avoid.
  • Powerplaying. This is a huge subject in and of itself. But it is a necessary discussion. If I'm reading through your match and you've completely countered every move your opponent's made for consecutive pages on end, you're powerplaying. If your character is completely impervious to %95 percent of what her opponent is doing, you're powerplaying. If your character can get up no sell a big move and immediately come back with one of their own, you're powerplaying. These types of situations are powerplaying in full on matches. It can be a different story if it's a backstage ambush or something of that vein. But even in a squash match, things being one sided to the point where one wrestler is outright ignored goes against the fundamentals of roleplay. And this extends beyond matches. If you're exclusively taking on only matches you've been told you can win while actively avoiding losses for an unreasonable amount of time (several months or longer), you're powerplaying. If you powerplay to the point where many users complain about you, I will take action.
  • Damage. Never tell the opponent how much damage they suffered from any given move. Always let your rp partner decide how much damage/staggering the opposing character sustained from a move. For example, "Rhonda balled her fist punched Samantha so hard in the mouth that her jaw flew across the ring" with no context is an awful move and goes against much of we've covered so far.
To accompany the previous two points, here's a useful infographic

  • Departure. It's not all that unc[/image]ommon for people to delete their accounts and/or leave forums for extended. This can be upsetting when it's done out of the blue with no explanation. Everyone should understand that this isn't a job and you're not required to post consistently or rp with anyone. Real life concerns will always take priority over internet stuff. But if you can help it at all, please give people a heads up if you know you'll be leaving.
I think that wraps up most everyone for this section.
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