Intro to LAW/Getting Started

General outline of the site rules and how roleplaying here works
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Intro to LAW/Getting Started

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First and foremost, this is site functions as a play-by-post roleplaying forum. Aside from casual discourse, users of this site engage in roleplaying by creating characters for the roster section and using them in the ring and other sections of the site to play through stories revolving around pro wrestling and other things.

League of Anime Wrestling, or LAW for short is a fictional wrestling promotion stationed throughout Japan in which users' characters work vigorously towards their own goals, whatever they may be now or in the future. Their goals are dependent entirely on the users portraying them and playing as them. And it is by no means static. The general idea is that roleplaying is fun and if you take an interest in roleplaying and wrestling, sex, or anime, please consider joining and trying out the site.

In additional to the general board rules listed here, please refrain from doing things like spamming, selling things, or other such commercial/malicious activity on this site.

Once you've joined, feel free to participate by talking to other users or discussing topics in the discussion section. Before deciding to rp with others, please read through the the rest of this post, as well as the other posts in this section detailing information to roleplaying and this site.

Before you can get involved in roleplaying here, you'll need a character, someone to roleplay with, and an idea for a story you have in mind.

To make a character you can roleplay with, please post her in the roster section, under their corresponding section. If you are new to the site, before you can use them, you'll need to get approval. Myself or a mod will give your character post a "thanks" or simply reply to the post and say that they're approved after you've posted them. Getting approved isn't hard as long as you right a decent amount and have at least one reference picture. Use the Reference Checker Thread to ensure that the pic/character you want to use has not been taken. Once your character has been approved, your subsequent character profiles will not require approval unless you are told explicitly to add more to them. For a general idea of pertinent information to include for a character, here's a barebones template.

Age: (Your character should be 18 or older)
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Entrance music:
Alignment: (Heel/Face/Tweener/etc)
Fighting Style: (Striker/High Flyer/Grappler/etc.)
Finishing move/s:


These fields, plus a picture should be enough on their own. Use a paragraph or two for Personality and History. And remember that it's the League of Anime Wrestlers, so don't use a pic of real-life woman. Consider adding additional fields to give your character more depth as a wrestler and as a character. Perhaps they have personality quirks or a story that led them to find employment at LAW. Maybe talk about their wrestling style. Are they a high flyer? A powerhouse? A brawler? Do they have signature moves to accompany their finishers or attempt to set them up? Maybe you want to discuss their standard/commonly used moves? All these things are fun to consider when making your character and help others get a better feel for how you'd like them to operate and how you'd like to use them. Also, please consider adding fields for Match History, a character timeline to chronicle the events of their career at LAW, and a field for Championships/Accolades/Milestones.

Other users have graciously made more fleshed out, advanced templates publicly available. Here are a few examples: Contributed by user Devilish53, contributed by user d-lamp. There's no strict hard and fast template that you need to follow. But the information in the profile should be at least a couple paragraphs and at least cover the height/weight and other rudimentary categories covered in the barebones template above.

If you plan to have your girl wrestle, it might benefit you to become familiar with different wrestling moves. Consider looking up gifs or videos of moves to get a feel for which ones you think suit a wrestler you want to make for this site. As well as how you can have your wrestler interact with the moves of their opponent. Googling any of the moves listed in these links should yield good enough visuals of each move ... ng_attacks ... ing_throws ... ling_holds ... techniques

There are also resources available for finding images of girls to use. Trying looking around online

Finally, in order to put an image of your wrestler into your post, you'll have to use the img or image tag located in the bbcodes above the text box when you're typing your post. Posting this:

Code: Select all

should give you this


The last point I'll discuss is this link

It's just a point of a reference for height and weight. It is by no means absolute, but I would hope that it would curtail the occurrences ridiculous proportions. For example, someone trying to pass off a 4'9" woman as being 190 pounds. Because wrestlers are placed into weight divisions, here, it's pertinent. Speaking of which, try to bear that in mind with your character reference pics as well. Don't list a girl like this as being heavyweight. And don't list a girl like this as being lightweight. I will personally reject that character, myself. Or ask if I can move her into the appropriate category before approving.
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