Character Approval Process - Please Read If You're New To LAW!

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Character Approval Process - Please Read If You're New To LAW!

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Hello, there! This is a post dedicated to helping new users learn what bases they need to cover in order to get their first character approved on LAW and get started looking for roleplays and threads!

Why have an approval process? The process helps users and readers learn what a good baseline for writing character profiles on LAW is. It helps everyone get on the same page and helps promote practices that get us to create characters with clear stories, motivations, goals, and direction. Simply put, it helps users create good characters. And most importantly, it helps new users create a good first character so that they have a baseline to work off of when they create more characters in the future.

So what do you look for before you approve a profile? I have a few requirements. Let's go through them one at a time.

- Is all the basic info filled out? (i.e. age, height, weight) And was the character profile posted to the right roster?
To some readers, doing all this might seem obvious but it does get missed occasionally and that's okay. Hopefully, this reminder in this primer here helps more people be mindful of the right weight range to place their character into. If your character is female, you can see the weight classes for female wrestlers in the descriptions in this forum here. If your character is intended to be a rookie, a trainee trying to become a pro wrestler, or otherwise new to wrestling in general, please post them to the Young Lionesses/Lions section in that same link.

- Are the links to the images in the profile broken?
This one usually happens when a new user is unfamiliar with the board's bbcodes/how posting images works. There's an explanation post you can find here that should help. But if you've read through this and you've tried and you're still struggling, please post it anyways and then reach out to me. I can always edit the profile and get the images to render properly. Alternatively, feel free to ask around in our discord server if you've joined it. New members receive an automated PM from me when they join with an invite to our discord server. And tons of folks there are always happy to help.

- Does this character have an origin story? Who are they?
Another one that may seem obvious to most readers, but again, something that must be stated nonetheless. Character profiles that lack this are often the ones that have one or two lines in their entire details and history section that boil down to "I'm a wrestler". Every character has a story of who they are before they got into wrestling. And even if it's only a few sentences, explaining that story goes a very long way and it's something I'd like done before I approve a profile.

- Why did this character choose to become a wrestler?
This one I find skipped much more often, especially with new users. If you're going to roleplay as wrestlers in the largest international promotion in the world (LAW is not locked to just Japan! Users can have matches and threads in any major city!), you should absolutely explain how and why that character wanted to be a wrestler in the first place. As a writer, you have creative freedom to decide what your character's story is and why they want to wrestle, but I feel you still have to explain those things. And choosing not to is doing a disservice to you and your character.

- How did your character get signed to LAW? Why wrestle at LAW? And what do they want to accomplish in LAW and in pro wrestling?
Before I go into detail here, I want to stress again that as a writer you have creative freedom to decide these things. You could say your character got signed to LAW by doing well on a tryout. You could say they wrestled in the indies or at a wrestling school and got scouted by talent scouts from LAW, thus getting offered a LAW contract. You could say they applied directly for training at/with LAW and entered the Young Lioness Developmental Program. You could say they're a big star and wrestling in other promotions and were offered a job with LAW as they rose through the ranks in other wrestling leagues. It's entirely up to you as the character's writer.

Similarly, your character's goals with wrestling at LAW and in pro wrestling, in general, are also up to you. You could say they were inspired by other wrestlers, maybe a wrestler you've seen or read up on LAW, or by someone else that's important in your character's backstory. You could say they simply want to be the best in the world. You could say they're trying to prove that a character from their background or life circumstances can be a big name in wrestling. Again, it's entirely up to you. I only ask that you explain some sort of character motivation/direction when you create your character.

DISCLAIMER: Roleplay on LAW is for the most part rooted in realism. There is a fantasy section and a fantasy roster for all fantastical, mythological, or otherworldly characters and abilities. I want to stress that characters and backstories that are in whole or in, anything other than human is not allowed on the standard LAW roster. There are two be no portals, isekai elements, powers, superhuman abilities, otherworldly plot devices, or any such fantastical powers on the standard LAW roster. (For clarity, LAW character that happens to be based on an isekai protagonist is fine, a LAW character literally IS an isekai protagonist should be on the fantasy roster instead of the standard LAW roster/weight division). Please put all of that on the fantasy roster if that's what you're after or interested in.

- Closing thoughts
While I'm sure some folks may feel like this is a lot, satisfying all these requirements can and has been done in as little as two paragraphs between a character's personality and history sections in their profile. You don't have to write an essay to get your character approved. Of course, you're more than welcome to write ten paragraphs of backstory if you'd like. But please don't feel pressured to write more than you feel you need to. Again, the character approval process is supposed to be helpful to new users and ultimately to the community as a whole. LAW is a bit different from RP over instant messengers, where you might summarize a character in two sentences and then jump right into it. Of course, we don't look down on that at all, we simply operate a bit differently. And hopefully, this post helps users, especially newer users get a feel for creating characters on LAW.
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