Eligible Title Contenders Spreadsheet

This section will be used to record relevant news related to championships, and to provide a reference of wrestlers able to challenge for titles.
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Eligible Title Contenders Spreadsheet

Unread post by Devilish53 »

Scrolling through the eligible contenders thread is a absolute nightmare. Reposts galore, the fact users are posting multiple times rather than editing their one-needed post, and goddamn some of y'all need to learn the name of actual belts.

Plus there's no system for looking for specific contenders for any belt, rather than doing a F3 search on every page.

Hence, I made this

Eligable Title Contenders Spreadsheet

I'll have my cheque in the mail. Y'all are welcome.

Note: I'll keep this updated as much as I can. Winner has editing access too. Hopefully this even encourages users who haven't posted their eligables to do so.

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Re: Eligible Title Contenders Spreadsheet

Unread post by winner3 »

In addition to @Devilish53's hard work in making this spreadsheet, there's also the match compendium which sports a table that you can use to find wrestlers that are eligible, as well as some of the matches they've been in.

The Spreadsheet conveys more relevant information. But I'm sharing this here on the off chance that some wrestlers in the compendium are not listed in the spreadsheet or the eligible contenders section. The more resources, the better. 🙌
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