Audrey H. Vs Amelie. R. - A Crown Made Of Sand

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Re: Audrey H. Vs Amelie. R. - A Crown Made Of Sand

Unread post by Devilish53 »

Amelie would have been happy to grind and hug against Audrey's front all day, but naturally the giant before her soon began to move for the top spot. There was a lot of fun to be had, but there was also the gratification of beating a woman of Amelie or Audrey's scale to be had as well!

Trying her best to casually resist, Amelie's nonchalant response to Audrey's hooking of her leg was casual to the point that she might as well have not even bothered. Stumbling with her hands wrapping tight around Audrey as if clinging on saved her, Amelie soon hit the canvas with a thud. Splashed by Audrey's heavy breasts and warm curves, Amelie wouldn't have even complained had she been knocked out there and then and the match rendered in Audrey's favour.

Naturally, she wasn't of course. For had she had such poor endurance, she'd never have made it through training!

"Ohhh..." She'd coo, feeling Audrey settle atop of her, with the big beauty fully blanketing her. The ooph from the initial collision with the ground quickly faded, and in its place, lay low moans from Amelie, who didn't seem at all flustered by the fact Audrey's figure was entirely atop of her.

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Re: Audrey H. Vs Amelie. R. - A Crown Made Of Sand

Unread post by PrinceArjuna332 »

Audrey managed to push Amelie down onto the mat, with her being on top of her. Chuckling as she remained nestled on top of the other woman, she would keep pressing herself against her, making use of her own body weight to keep the other woman under pressure. She cooed and purred, observing Amelie's face as she would then grind herself against her, feeling the other woman's tits flattening against hers.

"Do tell me if it's starting to feel uncomfortable to you..." Audrey cooed. She loved seeing the beautiful face of the other woman, and she wanted to hear more moans from her as she would keep grinding herself against her. The audience seemed to appreciate such a view, as evidenced by their raucous cheers and catcalls. "I hope that you'd enjoy my hospitality~"

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