Devilish's Devils

Here, you can post your collective roster so that your list of characters can be all in one place. Users are encouraged to link to their roster pages in their signatures.
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Devilish's Devils

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Always open to thread ideas. I do have a thread request thread now though, which I will be updating as often as I can. If the character you'd most like a thread with isn't on there however, I'd still likely be up for a thread or atleast discussing it.

Thread Request Thread

Also below is a link to a template for the profiles I used (if a simplified one). Feel free to have at it! Below is also templates for making threads!

Profile Template
Thread Templates

And finally, a list I made (and intend to keep updated) regarding artists and commissioning OC work!

Commission Artist Links

These girls are my main characters, and OC's (or if not, soon to be). These are characters I enjoy using all of the time, whether they be for matches, feuds, rivalries or other. These girls will have stories and arcs with payoffs and dynamic endings in mind.

These girls will come-and go. I will no longer be actively seeking out constant threads for all of them. I still intend to use them, and will often enough ask for threads, but don't be surprised if these girls go inactive for longer periods of time. Storyline wise, they are considered to be part-time wrestlers.

These girls are former wrestlers turned full time writers. They have little-to-no intention of ever returning to the ring. They are however available for public use (as writers) when writing LAW magazine threads.
The entire magazine writing staff.



Diana Accera, Eileen Sommers, Amelie Roux, Moira Pandela and Mizaki Tantka are all available for mixed matches/threads.
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Re: Devilish's Devils

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If by chance you're interested in what my girls are up to currently, then here you go!
Please note, I will no longer be tracking the activeness of my part-timers.

Karen Starring
Karen is finally meeting Athena Wonder, in a private request match!
Alongside facing Ducky Williams, in a smother bout of all places!
And finally coming head to head with Kat Hart once more, in their rematch!
Not to mention facing her first opponent of her Amazon Classic Open Challenge - Mari!
With a second Amazon Classic match, against Cyndi!

Silver and Jenny shake the room, in a bedroom crown match!
Whilst finally returning to the ring, in a rematch against Zarina Torres!
And a defence against former tag partner, Emerald, no less!
And not without fighting fellow giant Yuna, in a standard match!

Silver Starr
Silver Starr is making their debut at We Are LAW 2021, against Teal-Tastic!

In a diabolical hiatus!

Diana Accera
Diana and the debuting Delta are butting heads in standard fashion!
Whilst she wrangles with the giant Noi in the gym!

Amelie Roux
Amelie tries to one-up her step-sister, in a humiliation match against redheaded giant, Eli!
Whilst fighting Audrey Hunter on a beach no less!

Honoka Kobayashi
Nico and Honoka butt heads in standard fashion!

Eileen Sommers
Eileen takes on the giant, Origa!

Anna Harris
Anna and Dawn look to find who is the unluckiest, in a match with a punishment set for the loser!

Petra Adamos
Petra and April are going at it in standard fashion!
Whilst she faces Eve, in an oil match!
Alongside an oil match against her first official male foe, Daisuke!
Before finally suffering revenge, at the hands of the Queens!

Moira Pandela
Moira is completely outsized, as she faces the gigantic Melony in a smother match!
Moira looks to reclaim past glory in a smother match against Golden Storm!

Viviana Accera
Viviana and Gosu are sparring away in the gym!

Tara Kwan
Tara is oogling Ember Sykes, in the gym!
And finally, she's facing Lindsay in a hog tie match!
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