The Harbingers

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The Harbingers

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The Harbingers
Team members: (From left to right) Candice Edison, Bernadette Nobel, Annabelle Valentine

Preferred matches: Trio, Tag, Tornado, Handicap, Backstage Brawl

Tag moves:

Blitzkrieg: A combination attack from Bernadette and Candice. Bernadette will run up to the ropes while holding the victim by the waist from the behind and Candice will mount the turnbuckle. Candice will then leap off to smash the victim in the face with a dropkick and Bernadette will use the momentum from her kick to throw the victim back for a German Suplex!
Explosive love: A combination attack from Annabelle and Bernadette. On Bernie's command Annabelle will hoist the victim onto her shoulder and charge to ram them into the turnbuckle! After making a hot tag Bernie will leap into the ring while the victim is still limp from impact and slam them with a German Suplex!
Love Bolt: A combination attack from Annabelle and Candice. Annabelle will sit the victim up on her shoulders for a powerbomb position while standing near her team's corner facing away from it. Candice will then leap off the turnbuckle and plant her boots on the victim's face, pushing them forward while Annabelle uses the momentum to fall forward so that when the victim hits the mat they will simultaneously be hit with a powerbomb and a diving stomp to the face!
Team Finisher:

The End Times: A devastating finishing move that makes use of all three Harbingers. Annabelle and Candice will hold the victim up by their arms, leaving them hanging limply facing Bernadette. The leader then steps forward and hooks their dangling legs over her shoulders before all three of them haul upwards to flip the victim over and fall onto their front!
Team dynamic:

The Harbingers are a collection of three very dangerous women, whose wild personalities are kept in check by the leadership of Bernadette. When they fight Bernadette makes sure to utilise each members special talents to ensure victory. Annabelle uses her amazing strength to squeeze the fight out of their opponents and keep them still for her partners to attack, Bernadette plows the fight out of them with her devastating tosses and slams, and Candice zips around the ring at lightning speed to beat them down with vicious strikes.

The general strategy of the Harbingers is to have Candice and Annabelle be the active women for the first half of the match with Bernadette staying by ringside to give them instructions and run interference if she needs to. Then later on when their opponents have been suitably weakened by Candice and Annabelle's efforts Bernadette will step in and finish them off with one of her match-ending slams. Though this is just a general road map and the trio is more than capable of improvising if needs be, and throughout the match they are more than happy to fight dirty and sabotage or gang up on their opponents to gain an advantage where one might not be in a fair fight.

On paper the three of them are near unstoppable as a unit, but in reality they have a fatal flaw. The three of them are known and feared for their wild personalities, but this means that sometimes despite Bernadette's best efforts her partners are difficult to control. Annabelle at the end of the day wrestles for the sake of her desire to hug and squeeze anything cute, so if an opponent she thinks is cute is currently in the ring it will be hard to get her to make a tag, and Candice is easily swayed by her emotions so she will completely disregard any strategy Bernadette may have for her if she is egged on enough by her opponent.

Team History:

Before joining LAW and becoming the Harbingers Annabelle, Bernadette and Candice were all a part of the same wrestling company in the USA, though the three were not together as a group yet. Instead Bernadette and Candice were locked in a quite intense rivalry, often paired up against each other since they were both promising young talents of opposing alignments that made their debut at around the same time. Their rivalry was initially skewed in Bernadette's favour since they were equally matched in wrestling skill but Bernadette was willing to bend the rules to gain an unfair advantage, but as time went on Candice would tire of this dynamic and would slowly give in to her anger and become a heel herself. However before their feud could come to a proper conclusion Candice would leave America for reasons unknown to anyone but her.

It was only after her future team mate Candice had left their company forever that Annabelle would approach Bernadette and request to work out with her, an ice-breaker that would eventually lead to the two becoming training partners and friends. Once the two had grown close enough Annabelle would reveal her true intentions and ask if Bernadette wanted to form a tag-team, but since Bernadette had little interest in teaming up she would refuse the offer outright.

A while later Bernadette would find out that her former rival Candice had joined LAW and was making waves there as a feared heel, and not long later she would actually receive an offer herself. Eager to see her rival again Bernadette would instantly accept, and after saying goodbye to Annabelle and promising to stay in touch she would leave for Japan. Only their farewell was not as permanent as she had thought, as Annabelle hadn't given up on teaming up with Bernadette so her obsessive personality would see her following the woman to Japan and living with her!

Once Bernadette was officially a member of LAW she would immediately seek out Candice, while bringing Annabelle along for security just in case given the Greenette's tendency for violence. Upon their first encounter Candice would be hostile, but Bernie managed to talk her down and get her to hear her out about forming a team to become the best heels in LAW and take the company by storm! At first Candice refused outright, but Bernadette refused to take no for an answer and after loosening her up by treating her to a few drinks Candice would eventually agree, and with Annabelle listening in on the conversation the whole time there was no way she wasn't going to get involved and pestered the two of them into letting her join!

Thus the Harbingers were formed

Team Trivia:
-On top of meeting up for matches and training in the gym the three of them are quite close and spend a lot of time together.
-The three of them have a movie night on Saturdays, a tradition that began when Candice found out that the others had never watched Moana.
-Annabelle is naturally a very affectionate person and tends to shower her teammates in hugs and kisses when they celebrate, this frustrates her teammates who thinks it undermines their heel image, but they know they can't actually stop her.
-All of their surnames are taken from historical figures with names relevant to their themes.

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