LAW Magazine Ratings Special With Jonathan, William, and Daniel (Part 1)

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LAW Magazine Ratings Special With Jonathan, William, and Daniel (Part 1)

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Author’s Note
I just want to thank everyone who submitted characters for this special and I have chosen the 30 wrestlers that the guys will rate based on wrestling skills. These won’t be based on my opinions! I personally like all of these characters and think they are written decently or great. I want to write the guys having their own opinions so I am not going to throw shade on any particular wrestlers. They are trainers and they will be impartial for the most part. This will be spilt up into six parts so this won’t be one long post. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy!
Jonathan Steele
William Ashworth
Daniel Starr
The cameras went live as Jonathan, William, and Daniel entered through a door looking presentable as they can be inside the small LAW studio room. There were four stools with red cushions to take a seat on as the three friends each took an empty stool and the last stool had a stack of photos on them. They were each handed some cups of water to have a drink on hand and they each sipped before setting their cups on the floor. Jonathan cleared his throat smiling at the camera as the entrance pop music ended.

“Hello everyone and welcome to a special hosted by LAW Magazine where me and my friends rate 30 chosen wrestlers based on their skills in the ring. I’m Jonathan Steele here with William Ashworth and Daniel Starr. Will and I have been trainers here at LAW for over a year and Daniel got hired a while ago so he’s a bit of the outsider in this group,” Jonathan greeted.

“That’s right. I haven’t seen LAW tapings aside from the matches and research we did for this special,” Daniel interjected.

“But I should note, in case our wives are watching, we didn’t watch hentai matches! They would most likely kill us,” William added.

“I’m not seeing anyone so I’m good,” Daniel stated with a chuckle.

“Regardless, we only watched the traditional matches of these individuals even if they happen to do hentai wrestling. We are not grading them on their hentai skills, but their wrestling skills. We will scale their skills from 1-5 stars just based on what we saw and what their move sets are like. We also looked into their interviews, promos, and backstories to get a grasp of who they are and what we will see,” Jonathan explained and then he gestured to the pictures. “These are in no particular order so we can get started. The first name we pick is….”

The first photo put up by Jonathan is “Amazon” Alania Sanders-Haines.

“Oh, Alania, someone you know Will,” Jonathan stated.

“An amazing human being. She helped me out at the gym and helped show me around the ropes. We even had a sparring session with her and she’s no joke. She hits hard and is serious about this sport which I like and can respect. So many great matches like her Texas Bullrope Match against Byrnhild and the recent triple threat match against Astrid and Katherine. Alania wants to do right for women’s wrestling and even when she does fully retire, she’ll still be in this business as probably a trainer and ambassador for LAW I bet. I rate 5/5 stars,” William explained.

“Definitely can see her legendary status in action. I only go based off the matches I watch and there’s no denying her. Her age doesn’t slow her down and she’s right on top of things. I really got nothing more to add since I don’t know her personally, but I’ll rate 4/5 stars,” Daniel continued.

“I can’t add nothing as her career speaks for itself and she proved she can mount a comeback for the ages. She continues as many legends do and I presume she’s a great mother for her family. Alania does it for them and I respect her. 4/5 stars,” Jonathan finished.

The next photo picked up is Thereisa Niedermeyer aka Cyber Widow as William just crossed his arms.

“Ain’t no way I’m being fair on this one so you can skip me,” William stated.

“She’s very ruthless and has a tendency to be more aggressive like she’s actively trying to injure her opponent. I think she’s personally dangerous for opponents, but I did notice she was losing a lot more so maybe there’s a little bit of karma for all of that. I’ll go 2 1/2/5 stars,” Daniel continued.

“I don’t like her at all, but I’ll give the credit where it is due that she had a good match against Astrid for the title, but it seemed everything went downhill from there. I’ll give her 3/5 stars,” Jonathan finished.

The third photo brought up is of the picture of Peggy McIntyre, one-half of Irish Oldschool.

“Oh, this lovely lass. Um….she’s still impressive even if her team hasn’t had the best records. She keeps her singles record nicely stacked and she made it to Apex so nobody can really take that away from her. I like her old school style so I’ll rate her 3 1/2 stars out of 5,” William explained.

“I think the old school style leaves a lot to be desired. Coming from someone who was born into a wrestling family, the slower style doesn’t fit as well as it did back then. Like, my father wouldn’t be able to keep up with the faster wrestlers if he didn’t retire when he did. Still, there is a certain charm to see wrestlers still rely on the roots of wrestling. Peggy does very good in the ring and I can see her going far as a singles competitor. Just keep it up. 3/5 stars,” Daniel continued.

“Yeah, she gets bad press for her tag team, but she proves she can make it as a singles star. I can see her getting enough wins to match up to Kyoko Akan as some type of underdog. I think Peggy still has a bright future and she’s still young herself. 3/5 stars,” Jonathan concluded.

The fourth photo picked up is Princess Elizabeth and all the guys had to groan a little bit.

“Classic case of thinking you’re ready before you are. She needs more training. 1/5 stars,” William explained.

“But I can tell she’s getting better as she goes. She did have Katima on the ropes for a little bit. We’ll at least give her props for improvement. 2/5 stars,” Daniel continued.

“Maybe if she used more heelish tactics, it could work as a character for her. 1/5 stars,” Jonathan finished.

The fifth photo coming up is Rylie Marshall and Jonathan smiled widely.

“I smell a proud soul,” William teased with a sly grin.

“You’re damn right I’m proud. I’m so happy for the woman she has become and now, she’s a champion. So great to see my training sink in with her creative pranks. She did awesome against Raina back at Martial LAW and I was cheering for her all the way. I also want to see her destroy Natalie and I’ll be ringside for that beating. I won’t be biased, but 3 1/2 stars for now since she’s progressing slowly right now,” Jonathan stated.

“Yeah, that was an awesome Hell in a Cell Match and she made me laugh at her Star Wars references. I want to meet her. 3/5 stars,” Daniel added.

“I definitely like her creativity and I feel that’s not used in wrestling enough. The fact she can use hardcore matches to make up her own combos makes her more unique than most on the roster. I hope there are big things for her as champion. 3 1/2 stars,” William finished.
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