[Falls Count Anywhere Match] Lily Menage vs Cassandra Johnsom - Some would call it fate

Official Women's Wrestling matches take place here. There are multiple LAW Arenas throughout Japan, each offering different shows/rings
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[Falls Count Anywhere Match] Lily Menage vs Cassandra Johnsom - Some would call it fate

Unread post by skip-stop »

Continued from here.

Match type: falls count anywhere
Victory conditions: pinfall, submission, knockout
Special conditions: victory can be achieved anywhere; anything goes

"Actually, you surprised me," Victoria said, adjusting her glasses.

Lily was in no hurry to answer these words. Instead, she reached for the toes of her left foot, stretching. Although in fact, the brunette was forced to admit that today she surprised not only Victoria, but herself too. Therefore, the words of her manager were fair, because a person who does not experience emotions is practically incapable of being surprised.

"This whole situation was strange," Lily finally said, finishing her warm-up and getting to her feet, "at first this woman started talking to me as if she didn't notice that I didn't feel anything, then she suggested that my match might be canceled and as a result everything turned out exactly that way, perhaps because of the absurdity of this situation, I agreed to it."

The manager raised her left eyebrow slightly. In fact, she and Lily spent quite a bit of time together because Victoria was forced to pay attention to the more popular members of her team. However, the manager has learned well how much Lily likes order in certain things. That was the reason why she was surprised when Lily said she didn't mind another opponent.

"I think I understand what you're talking about," Victoria nodded, "and I hope you find what you're looking for."

Lily looked away, not knowing what to say. So instead of answering, she took her cloak and fastened it around her neck. Such situations were not something she was used to. Her life consisted of a fairly strict set of things and she did not like when this little stability was violated. Lily silently left the locker room.

Heading down the long corridor, she tried to put all unnecessary thoughts out of her head. But this time it wasn't so easy. By a funny coincidence, Cassie wasn't the first one who didn't seem to notice Lily's complete lack of emotion. But this blonde was clearly weirder than the Japanese woman Lily met in the park.

The Englishwoman entered the waiting room and stopped in front of the curtains. It's time for her to pull herself together. Regardless of the circumstances, she was ready for the match. Entering the ring, she always sought only to win. And this day will not be an exception. Lily threw a large hood over her head.

Entrance Music

The lights in the hall went out completely, and her music began. The Englishwoman came out from behind the curtains and stood absolutely motionless for several seconds. Thanks to her completely black cloak, she was almost invisible. With the first words of the song, the Black Crow began to descend the ramp. Now it was possible to see her silhouette. The cameras began to click from different angles, and short flashes from time to time illuminated a mysterious figure in a cloak of large crow feathers.

Lily climbed into the ring and headed straight to the center. The light returned to the hall, and now everyone could see her. Crow feathers covered the Englishwoman from head to toe, and a large hood hid her face. When the chorus started, Lily took off her cloak and threw it outside the ring. The Englishwoman put one hand behind her back, and the other stretched out to the side. With her head held high, she turned around her axis, showing the audience her refined appearance and grace. The hall was filled with applause. The Black Raven looked at them with empty eyes. When the music ended, the Englishwoman made a short bow, accepting the last applause.

With a brief nod to the referee, the Black Crow headed for her corner. Lily leaned back and crossed her arms under her voluminous breasts. Her heart was beating calmly. The brunette wasn't going to let the circumstances affect her. Ahead of her was a match with difficult conditions. And that's why she was going to give her best one hundred percent, regardless of who exactly her opponent was.

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Re: [Falls Count Anywhere Match] Lily Menage vs Cassandra Johnsom - Some would call it fate

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"Okay Cassie, Calm down, You have an important match today", Cassie was in her Locker Room looking at the Card from that night as she finished getting ready in the Locker Room, A Garota seemed quite excited for the fight she was going to have, even though it was a Falls Count Anywhere Match, where she could have the risk of her opponent using Objects or rather, "Weapons", Blonde was ready for anything.

Cassie after finishing getting ready in the Locker Room, Blondie received a call from a friend of hers saying that she would be rooting for Cassie to win the fight, Cassie just laughed lightly, where then Cassie walked down the hallway that would go to the Arena Entrance , She waited for her Entrance Music to play over the Arena speakers, Loira ended up singing a part of her entrance song: "Para pa para pa para"
Cassie's Voice was heard over the Arena Speakers, until Cassie's Entrace Song finally played with just a Guitar and Drums, until when the other instruments entered, Cassie appeared in the Arena with a Jump, She felt bright yellow lights around the Arena, while a Spotlight with Orange Colors pointed at the Girl, She was greeting some fans until she reached the Ring, where she entered jumping over all the Ropes, Cassie would go to a Ring Corner, where she would jump to the Second Rope and Taunt Crowd, so after that, Cassie would get off the ropes and look at her opponent while her theme song was decreasing: "Well, I hope we have a good match.", she said smiling at Lily then.
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