Clara GASTER vs Yuzuha Takamiya - Deathmatch

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Re: Clara GASTER vs Yuzuha Takamiya - Deathmatch

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"Go to hell."

Clara's response was simple, but fully summed up the situation for herself and Yuzuha. As she laid on the floor, holding her hurting spine, with Clara over her breathing heavily, the Brit fully understood the situation. Her foe only wished her harm... wished for her death even. And if she didn't adapt to that, she would get her wish.

Clara picked up a baseball bat, almost too easily. Every other time she picked up a weapon, she immediately wanted to throw it away... but now, Clara was fine with the idea of driving it on top of Yuzuha.

She struck at her spine, once, twice, thrice... before delivering a hard kick to her rival's spine as she sat up on top of her. Trapping her arms at her shoulders, Clara would place the bat under Yuzuha's head... and she would pull, trapping her in a variation of the Camel Clutch, turning the smaller woman into a C!

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