Allison Tumbleweed vs Vanessa I. Price

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Re: Allison Tumbleweed vs Vanessa I. Price

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The crowd collectively winced at the sound of Allison’s arm crashing into VIP’s chest! The fashionista bouncing off of the canvas before flopping back into a heap. The cowgirl meanwhile would think of what to do next. She couldn’t allow her opponent to recover while she has the momentum on her side. So quickly she would make her way back over to her and try to roll the blonde elitist over onto her belly.

If all went well, then the cowgirl would move down to one of VIP’s legs and take hold of it. Tying it against one of her own before falling forwards and onto her opponents back. Whereupon, the cowgirl would try to grab hold of the elitist’s chin and wrench it back as hard as she can! Locking her fellow blonde in a brutal STF submission hold! And while the cowgirl didn’t think that this would be enough to force a submission, it would definitely drain the fashionista!
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Re: Allison Tumbleweed vs Vanessa I. Price

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VIP was struggling when she was shoved over onto her front, now gritting her teeth in pain as she inhaled deeply to try and get air back into her lungs from that hard strike. Vanessa was becoming angry, even so early in this match, and was ready to tear this cowgirl apart. However, she felt her leg being tied up and her eyes shot wide open. It was clear to her exactly what Allison was attempting to try--Price's strength was her technical ability and her wealth of knowledge of submissions like these. And fortunately for her, she was still fresh in this match and wasn't rattled nearly enough to be locked into something like this.

So when Allison was dropping down to lock her hands and arms in, she shot a hand to the side of her head and pushed back against the girl's bicep, keeping her from locking it in as tight as she may have wanted. And with her other hand, she'd try to pull at those fingers under her chin, keeping herself from being pulled back as hard as Tumbleweed may have liked. She grunted and groaned in the hold--which while it hurt, she was able to keep it from being as devastating as Allison may have hoped.

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