Fight the LAW 3 ☃️

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Fight the LAW 3 ☃️

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Hear ye, Hear ye! Anyone and everyone! We would like to invite you to one of LAW’s biggest, BADDEST and most stylish PPVs: Fight the LAW 3 @ Tuesday, February 6th, 2024!
BACKGROUND: What are PPVs and what’s the significance of Fight the LAW?

Pay-Per-View events are a stage for HYPE! These events are a place where you can execute any cool, sexy or fun idea your heart may desire. From the climax to a feud, to the birth of a faction, PPV matches bridge the wider LAW universe with the high points in users' storytelling.

There are two yearly PPVS: The Summer PPV We are LAW and the Winter PPV Fight the LAW. Between them, LAW also organizes its Supercard Events in concert with some blessed users who take precious time to launch their own events such as Vcom's Hades, Freestylepoet's Outmatched in Oil, Noob's annual LWS Tournament, and Devilish53's Wildcard Tag Event

Where We are LAW brings us the gigantic proportions of Wrestlemania or Wrestle Kingdom, FIGHT THE LAW brings in a whole new aspect: Travel. Fight the LAW events take place far from LAW's usual Japanese shores. Wrestlers travel around the world, to locales exotic to some and home to others. Local scenery lends spice both to matches and social threads.
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Fight the LAW 3 features two competing events: two weeks, two cards, and two themes. Wrestlers from each week compete to make their card the one to shine brightest. For each week, there will be a host to introduce the card, to hype YOUR matches, and to create a thematic bridge between the shows. Please keep in mind this competition is purely kayfabe fun; there will be no official winner.

So, where is week one?! Why: Europe! In the land-locked country of Austria, near the city of Innsbruck, we find ourselves in the mountains at Naturpark Karwendal. Ski slopes are plenty, and power-bombs echo through the Inn valley. Welcome to Ski resort heaven, where your character will wrestle in a freezing wind chill, near igloos and elegant ice constructs. The “Gorilla Position” and stage are a four-tower ice castle, where wrestlers emerge from within, over a snowy drawbridge and down a snowy ramp. Steel barricades wrap around ring-side. Packed bleachers surround the ring on three sides, while many more stand, perhaps with hot cocoa in their mittens. This snow-covered event exemplifies the scrappy, low-budget production of an indie show set in a quaint festival in a spare wilderness.

Now where is WEEK TWO?! From Japan to Austria, it's in Austria we shall remain. As we leave the Winter Festival behind, we seek to warm cold-nipped hands somewhere more urban. We come to Salzburg, one of the great cities of Austria, where culture is rich, fortresses are plenty and the sweet Sound of Music fills the air. Amid all this splendor, LAW’s PPV event will enjoy an equally bright venue: The Red Bull Arena, an outdoors and uncovered arena in the heart of this timeless city. Come evening, wrestlers will throw down in front of thirty thousand attendees, who wait to pop and jeer to one of the most highly produced wrestling events in the world. Welcome to the Rome of the North!
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Cool beans! Where do I sign-up? What are the requirements?
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Before submitting a request to join the card, discuss the thread with ALL participants. Event staff will verify the details of each thread with all users.

Once all participants have agreed on a match, ONE participant should sign up using this link: We will then use responses to this form to create the Fight the LAW card.

Please note that it is possible that not all match requests submitted will be accepted. Though subject to exceptions, these are the requirements for wrestlers participating in PPVs:
  • Wrestlers have 3 completed matches at the time of the PPV, OR the user has completed five matches altogether across their combined roster.
  • Users who have ongoing threads from PPVs or Supercards more than 1 year old may be asked to finish those commitments before being added to the card.
  • Users are limited to 2 PPV threads, not including title defense threads.
If you have an idea you feel strongly about for a wrestler that does not meet these criteria, we do sometimes make exceptions, so reach out to Malkavia or Taskmaster12 or Rymiscuius if you have a match idea that needs an exception. If we aren't able to fit your match into this PPV, we recommend submitting it in future supercards!

Important Changes from previous PPVs
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This Fight the LAW brings a few changes and unique challenges that are addressed here.
  • Any user with five completed matches can participate.
  • ALSO! To those who request two matches on the card, please note that we are prioritizing having more users take part on the card. This means that if we have a choice between a user's first PPV thread and another user's second PPV thread, the first will be given priority. We may ask you about which submission you'd prefer over the other. Feel free to express your preferences to: Taskmaster12, Malkavia or Rymiscuius via Site PM or Discord.
Thanks and Acknowledgments
This announcement has been written and brought to you by @Rymiscuius, with wishes from the event team that sincerely hope you’ll have something awesome cooked up this PPV. And to those who helped us by pitching ideas, soundboarding with us, and critiquing how we can improve each and every PPV: Your input is and continues to be invaluable. Thank you.
Please note that sign-ups for Fight the LAW will close by 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, January 30th to ensure ample time to execute the event. If you want to know the current confirmed card, please look below!

Astrid Ostberg vs Ambre Brault - Standard match
Elizabeth Graham vs Kusanali "The Saint of Seduction" - Ironwoman Hot Springs Hentai Match
Phoebe Justice vs Aella Midori - Bloodsport Match
"The Bomber" Tia Harris vs Ranko Honjo - Falls Count Anywhere Match
Tokime "Joker" Hidari vs. Nico "Goleador" Cardona - Frigid Hentai Submission Match
Drake Benton vs “Pretty Boy” Blake - Standard Match
Shimmerlace Snuggleblossom vs Nyarlathotep - Ice Fishing Match
Maria Lindberg vs Tiki Lowell: Elite Kickboxing Battle
Handa Kiyoko vs Carol Carter - Hardcore Match
Momo Yamamoto vs Catalina Vicente - Vat of Cocoa Match
Astrid Arvidsson - (Promo)
Bast vs. "Amazon" Alaina Sanders-Haines (c) - Standard Match for the LAW Heavyweight Title

Candice Edison vs Lyra Heart - No Holds Barred Match
Fubuki Azuma vs Kaia Ambrosia - Last Woman Standing Match
Yuki Kazikura vs Angelina Tarrant - Loser Leaves Town Cage Match
Wicke Sykes vs Harmonia Edelstein - Standard Match, Erotic Attacks Allowed
Christina Perez and Helen Andronike vs. "Golden Girl" Emma and Alanna Antoinette - Tagteam Match
Katarzyna Zawiślak vs Mindy Midnight - No Holds Barred Match
Akari Ito vs Charlotte Ravel - Standard Match
Noelle Silva vs Thereisa Niedermeyer - Standard Match
SWAT Cats Tag Team Open Challenge (Promo)
Annie Clark vs Rose Gold (c) - Standard Match for the Lightweight Championship
Alizeh Midori vs Kyoko Akan (c) - Standard Match for the Middleweight Championship
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Let our talk about the ball game
And the weather show we care
Like a sound we didn't notice
Until it stopped and left us there

With the traffic and our heartbeats beating in straight time
Let our hatred and affection march in the same line
Before we say goodnight

Oh protect our secret handshake once more, with feeling
Let the toast to absent members push through the ceiling
Before we say goodnight


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