We Are LAW 6

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We Are LAW 6

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Hello everyone! Once again, PPV season is upon us :)

For those that are unaware, we typically do two yearly LAW PPV events: We Are LAW and Fight The LAW. I’m thrilled to announce that the We Are LAW 6 Pay-Per-View is set to debut on Friday, July 28.

What are PPVs and what's the significance of We Are LAW?

Pay-Per-View events are major wrestling shows meant to highlight narrative milestones in ongoing storylines such as the climaxes of feuds, the birth of rivalries, title defense matches, the dissolution of factions, as well as matches that are simply “bigger” for whatever reason than your standard match. From an rp standpoint, PPV matches are often ones that you want to stand out and matter for the involved characters. PPVs also offer an excellent stage for fun, cool, hot matches you might like to place under the spotlight of an event, even if that match is independent of a larger story. As with all events, the ultimate goal is to build hype, engage each other in awesome matches and an interconnected world, and above all to have fun.

We Are LAW is LAW's biggest PPV, comparable to events like WWE’s Wrestlemania, AEW’s Double or Nothing, and NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom.

Awesome, how do I sign up? What are the requirements?

If you are interested in having your match on the card, OR if you have a non-match thread you would like to take place as part of the PPV, first make sure to discuss the thread with ALL participants involved. We will be checking the characters and stipulations for proposed matches with everyone involved, so make sure everyone is on board before you sign up.

Once all participants have agreed on a match, characters, and stipulations, have ONE match participant submit a form using this link: https://forms.gle/L2pqEHXq4A7K2jHw8 We will then use responses to this form to create the We Are LAW card.

One of our goals on LAW has been to make PPV events smaller while incorporating a larger number of events such as supercards. Please note that it is possible that not all match requests submitted will be accepted. In general, we recommend the following guidelines for wrestlers participating in PPVs:
  • Wrestlers have 3 completed matches at the time of the PPV.
  • Users who have ongoing threads from PPVs or events more than 1 year old may be asked to finish those commitments before being added to the card
  • Users are limited to 2 ppv threads, not including title defense threads
If you have an idea you feel strongly about for a wrestler that does not meet these criteria, we do sometimes make exceptions, so reach out to myself or Taskmaster12 if you have a match idea that would require an exception to the above rules. If we aren't able to fit your match into this PPV, we strongly recommend submitting it in future supercards!

Changes from previous PPVs

This We Are LAW will have a few significant changes from previous PPVs
  • First, there will be no undercard for this event. There will only be one card, where all matches on that card are treated like main card matches in previous PPVs.
  • For this event, we will be rolling out a new role on the site — Event Support. Currently, the team members for this role are Taskmaster12 and me. This means that if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas for the event, you should contact one of us either via private message on the site or via DM on the Discord server.
Good luck and have fun! I look forward to seeing some extraordinary matches. Please note that sign ups for We Are LAW will close at 11:59pm (23:59) EST on Thursday, July 27 to give us time to roll out the event. Below you will find the currently planned card for the event.

Match Ups
Angie Defoe, Piper Sherwood, & Robin Mendez vs Kat Hart, Grace Moore, & Newbie Nuo -
Trios Elimination Match for the Fate of The LAW Loser's Championship
Barbara vs Kokomi vs Alice - Triple Threat Match with Hentai Allowed
Chika Igarashi vs Persephone Kamenis - Oil Smother Match
Christina Perez vs Alanna Antoinette - "I Apologize" Match
Clara GASTER vs Nerissa Labong - Humiliation Endurance Oil Hentai Match
Eiji Matsumoto interviews Darina Daybreak
Generations (Tiki Lowell + Ivy Aster) vs Valkyrie Troupe (Megumi Mutoh + Chigusa Yuuki) - Elimination Tag Match
Grace Kenning vs Toshiko Ito - Standard Match
Idol Dragons Vs Irish Old school - Tornado Tagteam Match for the (unofficial) WOWW Title
Kaelyn Thea Williams vs Renee "Renegade” Steinhauser - Bikini Submission Match
Kaguya Shinjuin vs Shimmerlace - Hardcore Bitchmaker Match
Katarzyna Zawislak vs Alizeh Midori - Standard Match, Graduation Match for Katarzyna
Lyra Heartfield vs Helena DuBois - Steel Cage Match
Oscar Orelash vs Tracy Cannon - Best of 3 Match
Rianne Evans vs Helen Andronike - K.O. Match
Satsuki Hayano vs Angelina Tarrant - Hentai Submission Match
Superstar Harmonia Edelstein vs Aella Midori - Last Woman Standing Hentai No-DQ Match
Upper Echelon vs "Masked Tigress" Luíza Ishikawa - Handicap Match
Gil "Arma-Gil-O" vs Rosy Reyes (c) - Hentai Match for the LAW Hentai Championship
Kennedy Lee vs "Amazon" Alaina-Sanders-Haines (c) - Standard Match for the LAW Heavyweight Championship
Morgan Frey vs Rose Gold (c) - Mercy Match for the LAW Lightweight Championship
W Y V E R N vs Kyoko Akan (c) - Standard Match for the LAW Middleweight Championship
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