Martial LAW

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Re: Martial LAW

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Completely! I confirm the previous post

the challenges of my characters!

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Re: Martial LAW

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Nashi Dragneel Vs Sayako Jun
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Re: Martial LAW

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Confirming the match Eirina Makishima vs. Alaina Sanders-Haines in a submission match.

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Re: Martial LAW

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Me and The Riders have agreed to Maxine Rossi vs. Freya Ederne.
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Re: Martial LAW

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Hello, All

I'm proud to announce that the Martial LAW event has launched

Please find the threads and the matches here: viewforum.php?f=174

This event sees wrestlers represent their weight class to take on wrestlers from other weight classes

The weight class that accrues the most victories by the time the event are over will earn a tournament exclusive to their weight class (i.e. a heavyweight tourney if heavyweights win the most matches at Martial LAW, a middleweight tourney if middleweights win the most matches, and so on)

If I've gotten any details of your matches wrong or if anything looks off, please let me know as soon as possible so that I might correct it ASAP

I hope everyone has fun with the event :)
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