Martial LAW

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Re: Martial LAW

Unread post by LowDefinition »

I'd definitely toss in Yuzuha, Aira, and Haruna in this. They'd be preferred but I'm open to having others in my roster to take part.
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Martial LAW

Unread post by winner3 »

Update: I'm very happy to see that there's been so much interest. While I very much appreciate so many users listing out which of their characters are available/characters they're looking for matches with for Martial LAW.

However, I'd like to keep the focus on match-ups so that it's easier for me to keep track of the card and to keep it updated. When you post to this thread, please request a specific match. I'll confirm with all the players involved before adding it to the card. Having your RP partners post in this thread or reach out to me to confirm their participation in the match will speed up this process

Tentative Martial LAW Card
Melody Serperior vs Kat Hart
Mary Green vs. Lauren Fredricks
Anna Nova vs Rose Gold - Mercy Match
Raina Jaeger vs Rylie Marshall - Heck in a Cell for the LAWLESS Title
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Re: Martial LAW

Unread post by SuckerPunch »

I uh. Don't have a match in mind! But if someone has one, feel free to DM me!

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Re: Martial LAW

Unread post by Rymiscuius »

My Karolina Ray Reinhardt Vs Liru’s Aoki Nariko plz

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Re: Martial LAW

Unread post by Liru »

^ ^ ^ Karolina Ray Reinhardt and Aoki Nariko will be having a Standard Match!
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Re: Martial LAW

Unread post by LevelXZombieGamer »

Anna Nova will be facing off against Rose Gold in a Mercy Match
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Re: Martial LAW

Unread post by Bare »

If there’s room on the card id like to request Raina Jaeger vs Rylie Marshall for the Lawless title in a hell in the cell style cage match please ^^

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Re: Martial LAW

Unread post by TheWanderer »

Just an add on to Bare’s response. I have confirmed with Woo and Bare that Jonathan will escort Rylie to ringside. That is all.
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Re: Martial LAW

Unread post by SimplyWoo »

Confirming the above two posts.

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