Do or Die

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Do or Die

Unread post by winner3 »

This event will be a Supercard (an event you can think of as being a mini-PPV or a special episode) consisting of mixed wrestling (and male vs male if requested) matches.

If you need an explanation on what PPV's are and why we do them, please consult any of the explanations made in my past announcement posts. I'll link one here. You can also find more information in the announcement of Supercards in my announcement post.

  • Similar to PPV matches, you can request a match/slot on the card for this event. Please read all the rules and requirements before making your request for a thread on the card
  • All matches must be between two characters (or more) and feature at least one male LAW talent as a competitor in the match
  • This event will be used to gauge interest in future events, tourneys, titles, etc. for the mixed division at LAW. Please consider participating and voicing what you'd like to see for the mixed division if you'd like to see more things happening with mixed wrestling and M v M at LAW
  • Please feel free to add context to your matches to describe what the mixed division means to them and how they'd like to see it succeed (or fail).
    You're encouraged to do threads/social media posts/articles prior to/leading into your matches at this event to build them up. All information about this event is public knowledge in kayfabe/in canon

  • Because I'm genuinely trying to gauge interest and activity concerning mixed wrestling at LAW, this will be one of the very, very few events with no requirement to have completed threads to have a character enter/appear. But before you get too excited, please read the next bullet point
  • Please be advised that if you have a match from an official LAW Event or PPV from a year ago or more that's still in progress, you may be asked to complete the match before your requested match can be added to the card
  • In order to make my life easier, if you'd like a match or segment booked for this event, please make a post in this thread requesting your match. It'll make it much easier for me to keep track of things. Thank you

The tentative date for this event is March 18th

As always, if you have any questions or if you would like to request an exception or an amendment for any of the rules I've laid out, please talk to me and let me know. I hope users will find this event engaging, exciting, and fun :)

Update: I'm very happy to see that there's been so much interest. While I very much appreciate so many users listing out which of their characters are available/characters they're looking for matches with for Martial LAW.

However, I'd like to keep the focus on match-ups so that it's easier for me to keep track of the card and to keep it updated. When you post to this thread, please request a specific match. I'll confirm with all the players involved before adding it to the card. Having your RP partners post in this thread or reach out to me to confirm their participation in the match will speed up this process

Tentative Do or Die Card
Alice Gaster vs Kyo Akamatsu
"Pretty Boy" Blake vs Hiro Takahashi
Rylie Marshall vs Drake Benton - Falls Count Anywhere Match
Natalie McCathy vs. Oscar Orelash - Falls Count Anywhere
Jonathan Steele vs Cecilia Lombard - Falls Count Anywhere/Cinematic Match
Finlay Zeffer vs Nela Ribeiro
Noelle Silva vs Izuku Midoriya
The Fashion Icons vs PATRIOT
Cyrene D'Artagann vs The Cobalt Comet
Bruce "King" Torvalds vs Shimmerlace Snuggleblossom - Best 2 out of 3 Reverse Hentai
Gold Ace vs Laurent LaCroix - Standard Match with Hentai Allowed
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If you have a request or a question for winner the admin, please send me a site PM here
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If you just need plain old winner, please reach out via Discord and I'll try to answer when I can - winner3#6867
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Re: Do or Die

Unread post by SimplyWoo »

I am definitely interested in this event. My ladies would be up for it, standard or submission matches and I even have a male character if someone would like to get their lady squeezed lol.
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Re: Do or Die

Unread post by MappleMan7 »

This sounds right up Oscar's alley with recent events surrounding him. I would just need to organize/ confirm some things with possible opponents before actually getting into it

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Re: Do or Die

Unread post by Pegasus »

I can offer up Mary or Natalie for a match depending on who I’m working with.
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Re: Do or Die

Unread post by Bare »

I gotta ask that finlay or deku or both get to participate in this event. Anyone needing matches/winner if anyobe needs to be paired up i gotchu.

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Re: Do or Die

Unread post by The Riders »

I be down for Deku

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Re: Do or Die

Unread post by xalex »

i would love to do something for the event too^^would love to use deval, ava nagi or kyle^^
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Re: Do or Die

Unread post by Highfly »

Dan is available. Would love for a mixed tag match of him and Irelia against another mixed tag team.

He can wrestle solo as an alternative though if there is not interest in a mixed tag match.

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Re: Do or Die

Unread post by Monsy »

Can lend my roster with whoever someone wants.

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Re: Do or Die

Unread post by Underdoggo »

I would love to have Kyo Akamatsu enter this.

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