Hades! (checking interest for a potential hardcore/deathmatch event)

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Hades! (checking interest for a potential hardcore/deathmatch event)

Unread post by Vcom7418 »

Last time I organized an event was a while ago with Bloodsport, and as successful as it was, I think that stip is better left alone for when people wanna do it by themselves.

In the meantime, with a slight influx of hardcore/deathmatch themed wrestlers, I want to check interest for a potentail full Deathmatch themed event - Hades. (Note: Even if your character isn't a specifically deathmatch wrestler, but do partake in hardcore matches, they'll still be welcome at the event)

Preferably, this is the event for people who primarily partake in hardcore wrestling, and preferably, the event will feature a bit of the bizzare from the world of Deathmatch wrestling (such as Piranha or exploding deathmatches). Additionally, I would like there to be a tag match of some kind on the card, since Deathmatch cards in Japan usually consist of exclusively tag matches (though in our case, we don't need to go this far, I feel)

For now, the event (if there is enough buzz) might take place in late spring, probably in May, especially since we have 3 events going on right now with Hentai, Lightweight tourneys...and naturally, WAL 2022.

Please leave which characters you would like to use, as well as types of matches you'd like to happen, in the comments below!

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Re: Hades! (checking interest for a potential hardcore/deathmatch event)

Unread post by The Riders »

Thereisa Nidermeyer- Fluorescent light tubes Match

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Re: Hades! (checking interest for a potential hardcore/deathmatch event)

Unread post by LowDefinition »

Hot dang, Vcom you madlad, I would absolutely love to join this since one of my main girl is quite hardcore focused! Obviously going to go with Yuzuha here! If I can go with others, that would be Annette and Kanata (If convinced well enough). As for matches that I'd like to see... Hmm, Public Hanging match, Electrified Wires, Barefoot Deathmatch, oh I could totally go on and on with this!
I maybe Low Definition but my girls are... High Definition.

Open for match ideas and stuffs, hit me up in Discord (cause that's mainly where I am when I'm not posting) LowDefinition#5144

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Re: Hades! (checking interest for a potential hardcore/deathmatch event)

Unread post by RedShinigami »

Can't hurt to try.
Finella is a underground wrestler whose body is covered in scars xD
So yeah I would say electric ropes match while the participants are chained.
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Re: Hades! (checking interest for a potential hardcore/deathmatch event)

Unread post by pu-level-up »

OK, with this event I may actually make the hardcore-focused wrestler I had in mind.

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Re: Hades! (checking interest for a potential hardcore/deathmatch event)

Unread post by Bare »

Oooh I like the sound of this.

Obviously Morgan Romero

Matches: Doomsday Chamber of Blood, Last Ride Match, Anus Explosion Death Match, Electrified Barbwire Death Match, Weaponized Steel Cage Match. (As well as open to any custom made match ideas)

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Re: Hades! (checking interest for a potential hardcore/deathmatch event)

Unread post by skip-stop »

Oh, damn, that's my stuff!

And I'll throw three of my characters there, one for each weight category.

Heawyweight - Astrid "Golden Dragon" Arvidsson

Middleweight - Charlotte "Sand Lizard" Ravel'

Lightweight - Nerissa "Echidna" Labong

And now we will move on to the types of matches, ehehe.

All my characters are open to absolutely any type of hardcore.

Classic hardcore. Deathmatch. Texas Deathmatch. Hardcore Last Woman Standing. Falls Count Anywhere. Iron Woman. Street Fight. Etc.

I will support any idea with exotics.

Explosive Barbed Wire. Russian Chain Match. Electric Barbed Wire. Hardcore Barefoot. Fluorescent Lamps. Etc.

Is that not enough? Pfffft. I'm a big hardcore fan and I have matches for special occasions. I came up with some of them myself, or at least I don't remember seeing such a thing anywhere. Need some examples? You are welcome.

Match type: electric chair
Victory conditions: it is necessary to tie the opponent to the electric chair and turn on the electric current
Special conditions: anything goes; the electric chair and the switch are located near the ring; weapons are scattered around and under the ring; electric current is not fatal, but unpleasant enough

Match type: devil's cup
Victory conditions: it is necessary to fill the 200 milliliters cup with the opponent's blood
Special conditions: anything goes; outside the ring, there are two cups on the table, signed with the names of the wrestlers

Match type: cat in a sack
Victory conditions: ???
Special conditions: none of the wrestlers know who their opponent is before the start of the match; the rules of a standard match are applied initially; each wrestler tells two any conditions before the start of the match; the conditions will be announced when the wrestlers meet each other in the ring

Oh, I almost forgot! I have two matches specially for Nerissa!

Match type: street photo
Victory conditions: take a photo with the defeated opponent and post it on the social network
Special conditions: attire - free style; place - street yard; anything goes; wrestlers must post a joint photo in their accounts right before the start of the match

Match type: hardcore iron hentai woman lustful pit
Victory conditions: opponent's orgasm is one point, the woman with the most points after one hour will be declared the winner
Special conditions: anything goes; there is a lustful pit under the ring; after every orgasm in the center of the ring opens the hatch; the woman who was forced to cum will be thrown in the lustful pit where for two minutes she will be humiliated by three very lustful BDSM women

And, believe me, these are not all the ideas that I have.

It is in hardcore matches that I can fully unleash my talents. So, yeah, I send all my respect to Vcom for this wonderful idea :3

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Re: Hades! (checking interest for a potential hardcore/deathmatch event)

Unread post by CaptainL »

I have a team that'd be well suited for an event like this in the Street Dogs. Besides them, Viper Hoshiwara and the Heartbreakers would be good fits.

In terms of match types, people have brought up some very good ideas already. I'd like to add that I've always thought a dog collar match would be a fun one. A Taipei deathmatch or a scorpion deathmatch (ie. to win you have to throw your opponent into a tank of scorpions) would be fun too, and to really lean into old school joshi, a double hell deathmatch (where two sides of the rings have barbed wire ropes and two sides have no ropes with something dangerous on the outside) is an obvious choice. I'm willing to discuss things when the time comes though.

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Re: Hades! (checking interest for a potential hardcore/deathmatch event)

Unread post by TheRacker »

I'd love to participate with Erna in such an event.

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Re: Hades! (checking interest for a potential hardcore/deathmatch event)

Unread post by Knocked »

TORA in THE House in an obvious pick. She'll probably vouch for a type of match with no ring in place, instead using a bunch of wrestling mats in its stead surrounded by bicycle barricades.

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