Social Media Queen - Cecilia Hermandez

LAW's Developmental/Training program for rookies and characters new to wrestling. Participation is optional. Characters can "train" under or be assigned to trainers and other wrestlers. Young Lionesses can "graduate" from the program when you feel they are ready. No weight limits. Full explanation here
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Social Media Queen - Cecilia Hermandez

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Name: Cecilia Hermandez
Age: 18
Eyes: light brown, but by the use of contacts appear pink
Hair: light brown but uses hair dye to make it pink
Height: 5'9
Weight: 164ibs
Nationality: Mexico City, Mexico
Twitter handle: @LC_Founder_CH
Entrance Music:Social media remix

Wrestling Information

Strategy: Lying and cheating to win, an did that falls go with brutality
Style: Nasty and ruthless
Preferred Attacks: Superkick , Stinkface , Various Smother holds , Hairpulling , DDT , Knife Edge Chop , Choking thought kissing or by using her hands , Wedgie , Low Blow , Boobplex ,
Preferred Matches: Open to anything that will get her followers.


Endurance: 3/5
Strength: 3'5/5
Speed: 2/5
Technique: 3/5

Finishing Moves

The CANCELATION (Burning Hamer)

Social Downfall (one winged angel)

Outdoor clothes


Best Feature
wrestling attire

Cecilia is an narcissistic plain and simple as her need for attention , the use of others to reach her goals and an lack of empathy make that more then obvious.

In her mind she is what people think of when they think of an female wrestler. As she has in her own words the looks , the ability and the social media pressange to become the biggest name in wrestling since that hack from the 80's or that redneck from the 90's.


Cecilia had dreamed of becoming an internet influencer growing up as the simple fact of just making it through life just by posting pics sounded like an perfect job. However as she got older she realized it was not as easy as she thought it would be as an child , but that would not stop her from following her dreams. As the Latina believed she was perfect to become the next big thing on the web as nobody could match her in terms of beauty and glamor according to herself. So she tried to get an following while still in high school.

Sadly she be proven wrong as nobody really seemed to care what an entitled brat thought mattered or not as her follower count was nonexistent . As she would get 10 new followers per week , but also lose them within an few days as she was not sticking out of the pack as she tried everything to get noticed. Which did not really worked as she was just another cog in the machine as she became part of the mob so to speak.

Still when she was 16 something happened that did cause her to stand out , and also get her kicked out of school. As one day she showed up to school having pink hair , and an whole new persona. Which caused the group she wanted to be an part of . The so called queen bee's to mocked her fierly for an whole month until something began to chance. As one day an post was posted on different social media as in the image lay an defeated member of the queen bee's lay defeated on the ground with her clothes ripped and scratches on her face as the caption read. ''Welcome to the loser club. Total members 1 , but we are recruiting'' as the account belonged to someone going by Belleza Verdadera.

Then 4 days later another post was posted with another member laying defeated on the group as the same caption was posted , but now there were 2 members. This account became popular quickly among the school , and beyond as clips were added as people could see how the girls were destroyed until only one was left of the queen bees. As for the last post of the account just had an link to an youtube clip as it showed Cecilia absolutely destroying the last girl of the queen bees. Still now with proof of who was behind it she was quickly expelled from school. However she got the followers she so craved as she kept posting clips of the other matches for an while. Still she soon ran out of materiaal , and with that she also quickly lost followers. It was at this point that she was approached by someone from LAW international who offered her an spot in the lioness program. Telling her that she could become an huge start , and get the attention she so craved by signing up. As she would train for an year before finally being allowed to work on the show as she planned on starting an new loser club very soon.

So please do keep following her , and soon you be receiving updates on the Law Lioness Loser Club or #LLLC for short. Do be an dear and follow me on all social media , and buy the merch when it becomes available.

Fun Fact:

Always brings her phone and selfie stick with her to the ring.
Part of the Young Lioness program
Trained for an year as she was not yet 18 when she signed up

Please follow me to stay informed of all the news about #Loser_Club


LAW Information
Number of matches:1
Wins: 1
Loses: 0
Draws: 0

Match History

2 And once again chaos is brewing as all the young lions are waking up for another great day of improving themselves. If they don't end up killing each other first.ongoing
1 Cecilia would win in her debut match against Ana after hitting the bluenette with an botched version of her finisher the CANCELLATION to win by pinfall
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