Sylense "The Sylent Killer"

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Sylense "The Sylent Killer"

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───── ✞"The Sylent Killer"✞ ─────

Name: Sylense
Age: 24
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Height: 6'2"/187 cm
Weight: 180 lbs/81 kg
Nationality: Silence

Alignment: True Neutral
Occupation: Manager/Trainer

───── ⸸⛧⸸ ─────

Fighting Info
Sylense's archetype has a characteristic of viciousness, wholly potent in technical skill and brute strength. Nimble on her feet, fierce in the strike, and resolute in the submission. Sylense has experience in BJJ, judo, and kickboxing. Her tall but slender frame means she utilizes her reach to pull off venomous kicks or punches that can end a fight in mere seconds. However, Sylense is also a skilled grappler who is always bold in taking the game to the ground. Effective offense and defense is her bread and butter. Kneebars, armbars, and sleeperholds are fundamental compartments of her ammo. She is never one to talk during a match, let alone any taunts or smack talk. Her fighting does the talking, giving her a ruthless reputation in the ring.

Signature Moves:
† 爪ㄖ尺ㄒ乇爪

† 𝔪𝔢𝔪𝔢𝔫𝔱𝔬 𝔪𝔬𝔯𝔦
As one can preconceive from her name, Sylense is not much of a talker. Stoic, calm, or aloof well and truly describes the woman's demeanor at least on the surface. Her sometimes vulgar choices of attire and goth appearance come off to some as reprehensible. However, this reserved nature is not entirely incessant. Those who uncover and traverse the ice are rewarded with an individual who holds her own set of quirks. Sylense is an astute intellectual with a deeply analytical nature that allows her to be an effective mediator. What she lacks in speaking, she makes up for in listening.

In her position as the manager of an eccentric entourage of horny wrestlers, she remains a patient and constructive person to even more specialized clients. Sylense's strong sense of empathy allows her to connect and form the most unlikely of bonds or relationships. Despite this gentle giant nature, she holds a sense of protection for her clients and has the capability to back up her words. One would not want to incur her wrath if disturbed, especially while she is reading. Aside from her trademark uncouth attires, Sylense is a well-meaning individual who just happens to run an odd job.

Sylense had always shown an interest in the world of combat. Every chance there was, she would tune in to professional fights throughout multiple sports. Alongside her education, Sylense was intent on training skills in combat. It was an exciting world where she loved analyzing the strategies, reading the tactics, and learning the ins and outs.

However, she was never able to nor did she get a chance to prove herself in the big leagues. Despite there being evidence of talent and effort placed in rigorous training, there was a major climb to the top that she simply was not able to overcome. This eventually led to Sylense's premature retirement in order to finish out university, but there still lingered a deep infatuation for the combat sport. Graduating at the top of her classes with degrees in sports and management, however, opened an opportunity for Sylense to do something she loved in a different capacity.

She subsequently took work in office and librarian roles, before receiving an offer to work at LAW. While certainly excited by those prospects, it was a rather stark hesitancy that initially held her back. This was due to the fact that she would be managing a fledgling roster of fighters that fought in a completely different manner to her ownself. On top of that, their personalities were all over the place and could've been a nightmare to manage. Yet, despite these initial doubts, Sylense took the offer. Even with complete apathy to their more raunchy ways of combat, she could not pass up a chance to live a dream. If it meant managing a group of whimsical beings like herself, so be it.

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