Lin Tia - Manager for UFG Representatives

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Lin Tia - Manager for UFG Representatives

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Name: Lin Tia
Sex: Female
Age: 28
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Pink
Height: 5’4(without heels)
Weight: 115 lbs.
Nationality: Japanese

Personality: Lin as a front has a professional and insightful approach that very little can see through at first glance. However beneath that is a sadistic woman who enjoys causing the humiliation and defeat of the men she hires on to UFG. She’s managed to keep her league under strict guidance and makes sure to only hire fighters her scout can confirm are worth bringing in to compete. She currently has intentions on seeing where LAW is going and if she could use it in any way, using her professional face.

History: A few years ago, Lin acted as an assassin, doing jobs at her choice due to the effectiveness she showed, making it almost a bid to hire her to take down a target. During that time she worked well but couldn’t help but feel something was missing, as she was capable of eliminating every target before they had the chance to fight back, even when they were aware of her.

It was after giving a target a fleeting chance to fight back to save himself that she experienced her love for fighting. After that job, she has more or less dropped the profession of assassination to form her own league that she named Ultimate Fighting Girl. Every bit of money that went into it came from her, making sure she could mold it in her image while she sent her personal agent Ento to gather women that qualified her requirements.

Most often she simply invites highly skilled men from both the professional and underground organizations, preferring the second as there’s less questions as her roster is being built up and seeing that those who fight with less rules tend to be stronger. Recently she had come across LAW, and seeing the growing popularity figured this may be a good opportunity to plant some of her competitors into the roster and see how well they could integrate into proper leagues. She tries to limit rules to make things easier for her girls, but keeps up with other managers to avoid stepping on anyone’s toes if avoidable.

Lin in her usual clothes
Fun Facts:
- Her measurements are: 97(H)-60-88
- Lin often applies pheromones to her in order to throw off men she’s with to have an advantage, either in a fight or in discussions
- She sometimes participates in UFG, concealing her identity and making sure no one connects her to the owner of UFG, even having a face to act the part so she can be public in LAW as well

Allies: Sherri, Linea, Ento

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