"Diehard" Anna DeMarco

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"Diehard" Anna DeMarco

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Name: Anna DeMarco
Age: 20
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Sandy Blonde
Height: 5'3
Weight: 110
Nationality: American
Alignment: Heel


Personality & Past

Anna is a big brat, always stamping her foot to get what she wants and will readily resort to violence if that is what it takes. When she doesn't get her way, she will take any means to change that, even if it means stealing or worse. She isn't interested in friends, only allies that will get her further in her goals, even going as far as abandoning them or turning on them if they become a liability. In the ring, she will resort to any means necessary to pick up the win, no matter what the rules say. She likes to think of herself as the dirtiest player in the game, taking any shortcuts she can find to get ahead.

Secretly, she does have a bit of a soft side, enjoying various tropey anime and having a sweet tooth, but she will curbstomp anyone that tries to reveal this side of her to the public, wanting to keep up her bad girl persona. In addition, she refuses to speak about her past to anyone, keeping that personal as she doesn't see why anyone needs to know about her private life or her past.

Anna was once quite a different girl than what she turned out to be. She used to be a prep student, straight As, the whole deal, but her attitude took a turn when school started getting the better of her. Despite her positive attitude, Anna started to grow tired of all the pressure of school and extracurricular activities, trying to keep up all her commitments started to affect her grades and led her getting rejected by her dream school. Anna was crushed, and even though she still had a number of offers from other smaller state colleges, she started heading into a downward spiral. She had gone from "Most Likely to Succeed" to "Class Delinquent" She started bullying freshmen, getting into fights, and even put together a small gang of other ne'er do wells that specialized in school vandalism.

Just a few days before she was set to graduate, a prank gone wrong led to her facing expulsion, and what was worse was her own comrades had sold her out, not wanting to face the same fate as their so called leader. Angered and betrayed, Anna made the decision to run away from home and find a new calling. While not easy to make it on the road as a 17 year old, she soon discovered a bright new passion: pro wrestling. She had found work in a dive bar waiting tables when one night a local promotion held several matches, and Anna was enthralled, wanting to give it a go herself despite having no formal training. Once she turned 18, she started travelling anywhere she could find people taking casting calls for bookings, not able to afford proper training so she opted for more on the job experience. She found herself on the losing side more often than winning but each match gave her new experiences and ideas to try out. She eventually saved enough of her booking fees to travel to Japan, hearing about the LAW promotion, ready to show a whole new country the firecracker known as "Diehard" Anna DeMarco


Strategy: Punch. Kick. Cheat if she must. Anna has never thought much about her matches, just doing anything she can to score the W. One of her favorite sayings is "Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat" and she takes that phrase to heart. She always keeps a few hidden weapons somewhere on her person, most often a pair of brass knuckles. Another of her most common tactics is to undo the turnbuckle pad when no one is looking so it can be used against her opponent.

Preferred Attacks: Punches, curb stomping, corner choking, low blows, knee strikes, DDTs

Preferred Matches: Standard, Street Fights/No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere


General Stats
-Endurance: 4/5 - Might not look like it but she can keep herself going
-Strength: 3/5 - Able to lift most girls her own size and sometimes bigger fighters with the right leverage
-Speed: 4/5 - Can evade most strikes to save her own skin
-Defense: 2/5 - Is better at taking hits than blocking them
-Technique: 2/5 - Rarely thinks her moves through

Wrestling Stats
-Strikes: 3.5/5 - Can throw some workable punches and kicks
-Submissions: 2.5/5 - Has picked up a hold or two over the years
-Power Moves: 3/5 - Given the right situation, Anna can give some good strong slams
-Aerial Moves: 2/5 - Loves to fly, but often crashes and burns
-Counters: 1.5/5 - More able to endure than escape


Signature Moves

Tornado DDT


Using the exposed turnbuckles

Rainbow Mist


Lights Out: Brass Knuckles to the face

Jumping Double Knee Facebreaker

Lifting DDT

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