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Stage Name: GASTER (stylized with all capitals)
Real Name: Clara Diane Gaster
Sex: F
Age: 20 (November 29th, 1997)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Nationality: Shadow Dimension of the Multiverse (Actually British)
Alignment: Tries to play a Heel (Lawful Evil), acts as a Face in matches and backstage (Chaotic Good)
Entrance music: Sting and Undertaker V3 Mashup by Mr. Mashup (Former)
Steinway to Heaven by Danny Baranowsky (Current)

Wrestling Information:
Strategy: Utter annihilation of the enemy (AKA: Mostly relies on her speed to deal as much damage as possible. Has very low endurance, so in the few instances she had won, tried to finish the match as fast as possible)
Over the course of 2017, improved her endurance, allowing more possible strategies for matches. Nowadays, prefers to wear down her opponents via holds, while mixing up big momentum based attacks in between
Style: Jill of all trades: Her wrestling school taught her a lot of general moves, be they high-flying, power based slams, or general drops. Is very adept at Chain, Mat and Technical wrestling
Preferred Attacks: Suplexes, DDTs, Springboard and Top Rope Splashes, Boston Crab (single, regular, reverse), Camel Clutch, Cross Armbar, Fujiwara Armbar, Figure 4 Leglock/Headscissors, bodyscissors, Crossface Chickenwing.
Preferred Matches: Anything except hentai (is ok with softcore)
Favorite Matches: Normal, Table (for a weird reason), Smother-based.

Endurance: 2/5
Strength: 2/5
Speed: 3/5
Defense: 2/5
Technique: 5/5

Favoured moves: Clotheline, Slingblade, Neckbreaker, Springboard and Top Rope Splashes.

Signature Moves: Dragon Suplex
Sunset Flip Powerbomb

Finishing moves:
Shadow’s End – Lifting Inverted DDT (Finn Balor’s Reverse Bloody Sunday)
Destiny's End - Destino
Dead End - Romero Special


Physical Appearance: Relatively moderate sized in terms of height and weight. Has black hair.
Personality: As GASTER: An evil overlord who wants to conquer the Earth by means of beating Earth’s greatest heroes (wrestlers). Will intentionally semi-corrupt people’s nicknames to a slightly different one.

As Clara: A very introverted girl. Rarely is the one to start conversations, and even then, stumbles in words a lot when talking to unknown people or about topics that don’t interest her. Is an idealist.

Note that she only acts as GASTER in the ring on the mic, or in promos she films in her apartment. Backstage, while will attempt to trash talk people as her character, will mostly result in her real personality to come through.

Regardless of fighting as GASTER or herself (which is very rare), despite her character, will rarely, if ever cheat or hurt her opponents more than she needs too, and while wants to win, isn’t in a rush to do so.

Past/History: Clara was born on November 29th, 1997 in Newcastle, England, to a very middle-class upbringing. And got relatively good grades at school. Became interested in wrestling when she turned 8 after she was introduced to it by a close person via a DVD of Wrestlemania 21, with Undertaker quickly becoming her favorite wrestler. When she turned 13, she started having plans on becoming a pro wrestler herself, and eventually joined a wrestling school.

Although she didn’t have many friends, she spend a lot of her time online on gaming forums and social media. There, she met a girl named Melody, becoming pen pals with her.

After a long time of distant writing to each other, Melody told her that she would be visiting Newcastle with her friend soon. They finally met in person in 2012, with Clara leading the 2 of them on the excursion around the city, capping it off with a visit to an indy wrestling event, thus introducing the pair to pro wrestling.

By the time she was 17, she was allowed to be used on a couple indy feds, although mostly as an enhancement talent against girls and women who were much more experienced or talented than her. While she enjoyed the actual wrestling (even making a couple of friends with more nicer people on rosters) she felt like it was slightly boring to her to simply wrestle and lose, and not helping the fact was her inability to say anything during interviews.

With that, at the end of 2015, she tried a hand at creating a stage character (previously taking part in drama classes), and eventually created an evil overlord persona known as GASTER, with her wearing a creepy looking mask during her matches. She enjoyed cutting promos in character on a lot of wrestlers in various feds, even if she lost the actual matches.

She still kept in touch with Melody and discovered that she and her friend, Navi were also training to become pro wrestlers, planning to join a Japanese wrestling scene. Deciding to join her friends, her parents gave her permission to travel to Japan to try out and eventually join various companies with recommendations from her trainers.

Soon enough, she found out that both Melody and Navi signed up for the soon-to-be open organization LAW. After signing up, and having a try out with the company, she was offered a contract with the companies lightweight division.

Wrestling Attire: Entrance attire is the same as her pic, wearing a hoodie and a mask during her entrance.
Takes off the hoodie during the match, wearing a simple yellow sports bra underneath.

- Wrestling
- Video Games
- Doctor Who
- Various Cartoons and Anime (Especially Steven Universe)
- Her mask

- Bullies
- Rude people
- Too talkative people
- Breaking her character during promos

Fun Facts:
- Is a fan of Broken Matt Hardy, incorporating some lore of his character into her own.

Primary Entrance Attire (by MedleyAssault)
Primary Ring Attire (by Sbel, gift from DizzyKnight)
Secondary Ring Attire (Birthday gift from Asuka Hisashi) (Unmasked) (by MedleyAssault)
Commissioned Ring Attire (reskinned from Ring Dream by DizzyKnight)
Rolled up by Asuka Hisashi (by Sbel)
Trapped in a bearhug by the Queen of Cool Style! (By SoulEaterSaku)
Training with Lyanna Eon (by MangaPym)
LAW Information

Record: 0-0-0



Friends: Melody Serperior
Navi Florges
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