Natalie Cantlay

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Natalie Cantlay

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Adoption from Winter

Name: Natalie Cantlay
Nicknames: The Golden Goddess
Age: 21
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Class: Middleweight

Ring Attire
Rear View
Natalie and Sisters
Alignment: Tweener
Nationality: British


Endurance: *** - Quite high tolerance for her size, and plenty of stamina.
Strength: ** - Not going to out-power anyone with more than her stomach or thighs.
Speed: ** - Similarly, not a speedster.
Defence: **** - Can annoy an opponent half to death with clever application of her defensive tactics.
Technique: ***** - Incredibly adept at using leverage, flexibility, and positioning.
Strikes: ** - Can kick a fool in the face, but doesn't care for much else.
Submissions: ***** - Knows how to apply her body to dominate an opponent in a ground scuffle.
Powerhouse: * - Does not even try.
Aerials: * - Again, no.
Counters: **** - Part of her frustration tactics involves turning holds against her into those on the opponent.

Wrestling Style: Control and Flexibility

Wrestling Strategy: Combining a dominant personality with a body that she knows how to utilize to its fullest, Natalie is a unique ground-based wrestler who thrives on psychological warfare combined with the perfect application of holds that leave opponents with limited opportunities to threaten her in any way. Once she has these holds, she settles in, letting them work as much on an opponent's psyche as it does on their bodies when there's little left to do but try to pry their way out the hard way. All rely on an opponent's being flat to the mat, so she must get them there, which she tries to do in the most graceful, but simple and straightforward, way possible, content to simply trip them or kick the back of their legs.

Preferred Attacks: Submission

Preferred Match: Submission, I quit, Humiliation, hentai match.

Attitude Towards Hentai: "I love making people cum while they yell out my name for more~"

Favored/Signature Moves:
Triangle Chokes
Headscissors (usually with hands held)
Figure-Four Smothers
Foot Smothers
Lotus Locks

Golden Throne: Reverse Facesitting- Often demands kisses.
The Jougs: Figure Four headlock- work on the opponent's head, and of course, Natalie wants her opponents to touch them.

Personality: An absolute princess (in her own mind, anyway), Natalie had carried an underlying need to be worshipped for her looks and similar offerings since she was a teen, so motivated by the attention of a young friend. Her interest has been so focused on this aspect of life that she might have been ill-adjusted to normal relationships and hobbies had it not been for wrestling and its fulfillment.

Dainty and aristocratic in most aspects of life, one who might meet Natalie outside of the ring or gym might find that she is a successful wrestler odd, but she takes this same attitude into the ring with her. Utterly offended by brutes and other more violent wrestlers, Natalie displays patience, intelligence, and a surprisingly deep understanding of what her body can do in every situation to be used against opponents. She takes a touch of a cold, calculating approach to these match situations and in life, ensuring that she maneuvers to get what she wants.

Needless to say, she is dismissive of most people not willing to admit to her greatness or adhere to her standards of fulfillment, but it is not impossible for her to bond with someone. She merely has high expectations of each and every person who wants to enter her social circle.

History: Born into reasonable wealth, Natalie was a bored child with few challenges and few particular interests that held her attention for very long and surely destined for a life as a trophy wife given her looks until an experience in her teens struck her more than she could describe. Engaged in a simple evening chat in her room with another young, rich friend, Natalie became especially keen on this friend, Monica, and her decision to rub on Natalie's leg while they talked in bed and compliment her on her skin. The contact kept Natalie up the entire evening, and eventually, woke up to force Monica to do more. Monica, utterly receptive, started Natalie down an entirely different path.

They would find excuses to meet up this way for years but soon Monica drifted away, leaving a rich girl without her entertainment. Natalie used money to find her fun, but she repeatedly felt as if her clients went through the motions, and it was simply not good enough. She scoured the internet instead, trying to find a means to enjoy herself in such a way, as settling down into a more common life made her feel old.

It was there that she found all manner of wrestling, most of it sensual in nature, that involved plentiful women having their bodies adored. Naturally prone to getting what she wanted, she nabbed a part of her inheritance to hire a few women experienced in this way to show her the means, the methods, and to become engaged in this world herself. Quickly she became addicted, and quickly, she became equally dominant. But engaging in this career in private stopped scratching her itch, after a time.

Thus, she used her funds again, this time to travel to the offices of LAW to prove herself worthy of doing her work on the biggest stage.

Fun Facts
1. Natalie was born March 4, 1997
2. Natalie is Bi
3. Favorite season is winter
4. She have four younger sisters.
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Re: Natalie Cantlay

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Official Match
1. Natalie Cantlay (Debut) vs Karbon Mannering in a submission match: viewtopic.php?f=67&t=3945

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