Vanessa Jones - The Sadistic Student

121-169 lbs / 54.6-76.657 kg
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Vanessa Jones - The Sadistic Student

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Ring-name: The Sadistic Student
Name: Vanessa Jones
Nationality: British
Age: 20
Weight: 105 lb
Hight: 5'4
Foot Size 7 UK
Measurements: 37-29-40
Medical Notes: None At The Moment.
Alignment: Erotic Heel
Entrance Music: Eye of Chaos - Once Human
Relationships Status: Open Relationship
Ring attire:
Past Training:10th-degree black belt in judo, street/backyard wrestling

Matches kind:Bed Wrestling, Cage Fight, Pro Style, Hentai fight and Handicap, Mixed, Sexfight (depending on the guy)

Tactics: her only goal is to inflict as much pain to the point her opponent cannot take it anymore or just like her mother she will knock them out completely regardless if they tap or submit.

Common Finishers:
The Spiders Sleeper hold - Vanessa will jump onto the back of her opponent and always aim to bring them to the floor just like a classic rear naked choke hold when she has her arm around there throat she would use her legs to trap the opponent's arms to there body ensuring they have no way out as she chokes or smother the life out of them.
K.O. Finishers:
The Spider's Web


This hold is a combination of multiple small holds crated into one finisher, firstly Vanessa will get her opponent on to there gut allowing her to set their legs within hers looking them up tightly then she will simply place one of the opponent's arms into a hammerlock along wrap her arm around there throat cutting off air then she will simply pull on the opponent bending their spine and hold them there until they are out cold the danger with this hold is the more the opponent struggles the more dangerous it is to self-inflicted damage to themselves. Also, this hold can be modified at the drop of a hat making it very hard to counter.
Vanessa is a very rude spiteful human to many thou under all that nastiness is actually a young woman who just wishes to become the strongest in all that she does in life, The problem is the way she goes about it as of right now she attends college to Major in human biology and Anatomy she has a genuine interest in the Sciences thou this has also lent its self in her concocting some of the most painful wrestling moves and holds within LAW.

She has a lot to live up to inside of LAW due to her mother been also a wrestler there too who holds Vanessa to almost impossible standard putting a lot of stress and strain on Vanessa adding as a factor to her vicious nature.


Inflicting pain on to her opponent
Heavy Metal
Jem Holland
Strong good looking men or women she can control to her will.
"The Judo Fighter" Jenner Sky
Losing at any thing
Waiting for any(She is very impatient)
Consider nice or good (she thinks been good or nice is a weakness)
Wins: 0
Losses: 5
Rosetta Stein: The Succulent Via Verbal Submission caused by Hentai Octopus Hold.

Isis Arafa - Fight like an Egyptian Via forced orgasm.

Sonja Kralj Via MMA Knockout.

Naomi Fujimoto Via Knockout.

A lesson in respect lose via Knock out to Samuela Healtway

Draws: 0

The daughter of Lex "Hellbound" Jones
Sonja Kralj


Lex "Hellbound" Jones

Friend - Sonja Kralj

"The Judo Fighter" Jenner Sky {Updated}
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